ELC3336 Final Project Report Template rev1

ELC 3336: Microprocessor Systems
Final Project Report Content Template
Expected length: Approximately 1-2 pages of text (not including charts and figures).
1) Abstract
a) A paragraph summary of the main point and conclusions of the project
2) Introduction
a) What is this project about?
b) What is the function that your project is performing?
3) Algorithm or Hardware Technology Details
a) How does your code work?
b) Include a high-level block diagram flow chart of your software flow.
c) Include information about the sensors and/or hardware are you using. (Be specific and
include part numbers.)
d) Include a schematic of how the sensors or hardware are connected to the Xplained Mini
4) Experimental Design
a) How are you testing your function?
5) Results
a) Provide graphs, tables, pictures as appropriate
6) Analysis and Conclusions
a) Are there performance tradeoffs to be considered?
b) Summarize the results
c) Based on your work, what future areas would you explore?
d) References- As appropriate: Academic citations, Parts suppliers, Application notes, etc.
S. Koziol
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