Respiratory Management Quiz 1


NURS 143

Quiz #2

Respiratory Assessment and Diagnostic Tests

Name: ___________________________________

John Brown is 72 year old smoker with hypertension and chronic kidney disease who has required multiple appointments with his primary care physician over the last three months for worsening shortness of breath. He now has an appointment with a pulmonologist for pulmonary function testing.

1. What modifiable risk factor does John have for COPD?

2. Name a priority nursing diagnosis that would be appropriate for John.

3. What physiologic changes related to John’s age increase his risk for pulmonary disease? Select one. a. Relatively larger tongue b. Decreased cilia movement c. Increased available alveoli d. More flexibility of the thoracic cage

4. Which assessment finding should the nurse report right away? Select one. a. Oxygen Saturation of 86% b. Resonance over right upper lobe when percussed c. Intermittent non-productive cough d. Clubbing of the fingertips

5. Your patient tells you, “I can’t wait to get out of the hospital and smoke a cigarette”. How would you reply? Use your own words.