0. CIA4U Facts

Separating fact from fiction (helping you decide if this course is for you):
1. CIA4U is NOT about the CIA
2. CIA4U is a very relevant course to our lives and definitely very interesting
3. CIA4U is an excellent course to take if you are planning on going into the social
sciences or business programs  As a matter of fact, MOST university programs
require students to take first year economics, and many other students choose to
take economics because it is a course in which effort directly correlates to marks
4. CIA4U is a ‘U’ course, not an ‘M’ course  it is NOT a business course
5. CIA4U is more challenging and requires greater effort than a business course
The most important points that your decision will depend upon:
6. Being a ‘U’ course, there will be note taking and a lot reading, lecturing, and
discussions, NOT a lot of hands-on work/activities. Gratification is in the topics
learned, NOT the activities
7. The topics are what they are  they can’t be simmered down; rather you have to
challenge and elevate yourself. The good news is that economics is a very intuitive
subject  it’s about us and the decisions we make in life and why we make them
8. In CIA4U, topics build on one another, most topics in this course are interdependent
 if you are strong in an area, you will likely be strong on the rest of the topics;
similarly, if you fall behind or are weak in an area, you will likely struggle on the rest
of the topics
9. Related to point #8, CIA4U involves a steep understanding/learning curve initially
Ponder over these in deciding if this course is for you, especially if marks are of
primary importance to you!!