Japan 1.2

1.2 Japanese expansion in South-east Asia, 1931-1941
Causes of expansion
1930 Japan had modernized and gone a long way towards achieving equality with the West
o Boost by the success in wars against China and Russia
o Sees themselves Japan’s destiny to be the leader of the region
Political instability existed in China
Political instability in China
Manchuria crisis 1931
o Chinese nationalism grew because they were outraged by foreigners in China
 GMD (Nationalist Party in China), Jiang Jieshi
 National unification
 Communists, Mao ZedongJiang Jieshi to form United Front
 Launched Northern Expedition, consolidate central government control
and wrest power from the warlords
 Clash of civil war between nationalists and Communists
Japanese domestic issues before 1932: Political crises and the growing influence for the
If Jiang defeated Zhang, the warlord in Manchuria, impeding Japan’s special interests in
o Japan sent Kwantung Army to disarm Zhang
o Zhang was assassinated in 4 June 1928
o Result: army could ignore the government with impunity
 Undermined liberal democracy in Japan
Japanese domestic issues: Economic Crisis
Global economic crisis 1929
o Makes
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