Amazon EC2 Instance Types

Amazon EC2 Instance Types
Over the years, Amazon has expanded the hardware use to their clients in a variety of ways to help
support their clients infrastructure and they have found a way to make it affordable and reasonable for
any business that would like to expand and scale out their infrastructure. In most cases, companies that
moves from On Prem to cloud usually starts their infrastructure to a similar setup in the on prem
environment, Which will heavily utilize ec2 Instances. But not knowing what ec2 instance type to use
with their environment could become very costly. Which is the reason that there should be a broad
understanding of ec2 instance types.
Currently, there are 11 different types of EC2 instances. These types may increase or decrease based off
Amazon. Amazon has places these instance types into 5 categories. These categories were created to
help sort out the options of each usage case for the ec2 instance types. Once you add the instance
types in to the categories, it will sort out as below.
General Purpose
o T2
o M5/M4
Compute Optimized
o C5/C4
Memory Optimized
o X1e/X1
o R4
Accelerated Computing
o P3/P2
o G3
o F1
Storage Optimized
o H1
o I3
o D2
Note: For EC2 instances that has one type, The higher number represents the new instance type that will
replace the previous instance type.
The T2
The M5/M4
The C5/C4
The X1e/X1
The R4
The P3/P2
The G3
The F1
The H1
The I3
The D2