GG Chapters 1 - 3 Study Guide Answers for test


The Great Gatsby Reading Comprehension Questions Chapters 1 – 3 Chapter 1


Who is the narrator and what advice does his father give him?

Nick Carraway – not to judge others


Explain what East Egg and West Egg are.

West Egg Less fashionable East Egg More fashionable Nick/Gatsby live here Tom/Daisy live here


Who lives next to the narrator? Describe his house.

Gatsby – Hotel de Ville imitation, huge mansion, 40 acres lawn/garden


Who are the Tom Buchanan’s and where do they live?

Daisy – cousin to Nick Live in East Egg Tom – college acquaintance of Nick


Describe Tom Buchanan.

Strong, arrogant, wealthy, racist, sexist, cruel


Describe Jordan Baker, and why she is at the Buchanan’s.

Slender, athletic, stuck-up, nosy Friends with Daisy; doesn’t have much family; in town for golf tournament


How is Jordan Baker shown as possibly being immoral?

At this point – Nick remembers hearing a negative story about her, but can’t remember what it is.


Describe Daisy and tell what her most alluring quality is.

Superficial (phony), snooty, unhappy, in her own world, aloof (distant) Most alluring quality - voice


What did Daisy say when her daughter was born? 10.

According to Jordan Baker, who phoned Tom during dinner?


At the end of Chapter One, why does Gatsby reach out toward water?

Reaching out for green light across the water Chapter 2


Describe the Valley of Ashes? Who lives here?

Industrial area, dirty, poor George and Myrtle Wilson


Describe Myrtle and George Wilson.

Myrtle – heavy set, unfaithful, dominant over husband, tries to be someone she’s not George – weak, pale, faithful to wife, owner of garage


Does Tom try to keep his affair with Myrtle a secret? How do you know? 15.

Where does Tom take Myrtle and what goes on at this location?

New York Apartment – party According to Myrtle’s sister, Tom can’t get a divorce because Daisy is Catholic (untrue)


What gossip about Gatsby does Nick learn at the party?

Cousin/nephew to Kaiser Wilhelm (German leader during WWI)


What shows Myrtle’s lack of sophistication?

1. Buys dog off the street 2. Buys perfume at drugstore 3. Buys gossip magazines 4. Tries to act rich but doesn’t do a good job


What happens to Myrtle at the party? Why does this happen to Myrtle?

Tom slaps her and breaks her nose. She continued to say “Daisy” over and over Chapter 3


What does Nick mean when he says that he is one of the few who was invited to Gatsby’s party?

Everyone else just shows up


What is one rumor about Gatsby heard at this party?

1. He has killed a man. 2. German Spy


Who is “owl eyes?”

-- been drunk for a week -- in Gatsby’s library -- impressed that books are real


What is the contrast between Gatsby and his parties?

Gatsby does not drink/anti-social Everyone else drunk/very social


What term of formality does Gatsby use when addressing Nick?

Old sport


What does Nick discover about Jordan later that summer? What is significant about this?

Dishonest – moved golf ball and left convertible top down on borrowed car (it rained) and lied to owner