The Great Gatsby By F. Scott Fitzgerald Intro Notes

The Great Gatsby
By F. Scott Fitzgerald
Intro Notes
1st person narrative
Dual hero
Mystery story
Nick Carraway
Daisy Buchanan
Tom Buchanan
Pammy Buchanan
Jordan Baker
Jay Gatsby
Myrtle Wilson
George Wilson
Myer Wolfsheim
Reflects and determines the values of the
people who live and work there.
• Setting reveals character
– East Egg = Daisy’s house. Home of the Ivy League; old money; secure w/
their money = no need to show it off.
– West Egg = Nick’s house, Gatsby’s house. Nick lives here b/c he’s too poor
to afford a house in E. Egg. Gatsby lives here b/c he lacks the social
credentials to be accepted in E. Egg.
– Valley of the Ashes = Wilson’s garage, Michaelis’s restaurant, the billboard
of Dr. Eckleburg. Contrast to both Eggs. Characterized by dust. Its
inhabitants are symbolically “dumped on” by the rest of the world. Stands
as a symbol of the spiritual dryness, the emptiness of the world of the
– New York City = offices where people work, Tom and Myrtle’s “love nest”,
the Plaza Hotel. NYC is a symbol of what America has become in the
1920s = a place where anything goes, where money is made, and
bootleggers flourish.
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