Khanate Analysis

Name: ____________________________________
Khanate outline
Name of khanate: _______________________________________
1. Where was this khanate located? Where was the capital?
2. Who were the major leaders? What kind of population did they rule over?
3. What cultural characteristics and events are associated with the khanate?
4. Did the Mongol population maintain their culture or assimilate?
5. How did the khanate decline?
6. Did Mongol presence have a long-term impact on the region?
Analysis Questions
1. What does the khanates’ different cultures suggest about the Mongols’ approach as rulers?
2. In what ways did assimilation strengthen the khanates? In what ways did it weaken them?
3. How would you characterize the relationship between the four khanates? Give an example to
support your answer.
4. Do you believe Mongol assimilation was the main cause of the collapse of the Mongol
Empire, or do you think there may have been other reasons that contributed to its collapse?
How did cultural differences between the khanates contribute to the dissolution of the Mongol
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