HAT for Entering Spiffs

HAT for Entering Spiffs
If you have ever sold anything in the past you know how difficult it can be to always stay motivated.
nTherm realizes that the job the Call Center agents are tasked with can be cumbersome so we have
instituted daily cash spiffs to help keep agents motivated to stay on the phones and push for sales from
8:30am to 5:00pm.
The calling of Spiffs is left up to the Director and Manager of the Call Center. Daily spiffs are only valid on
confirmed commercial sales made. Residential sales do not qualify for daily spiffs. Below are the steps
need to enter and track the daily spiffs.
Rep Fills out Spiff Ticket
Verifier verifies that the sale was indeed a Commercial sale
Search the phone number in VICI to obtain the address
Enter the address into Melissa.com/lookups (click on Address check on 2 down on the left side)
Click submit
Halfway down the page you will see address type – Business or Residential
If the address type is Business then the Spiff ticky qualifies. If Residential Spiff Ticky does not qualify.
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