Hoop-Dreams Questions


“Hoop Dreams” Questions

How would you describe Arthur’s and William’s...







2. What ambitions do Arthur and William have?

List causes for the following events in Arthur’s and William’s lives: their hopes to play in the NBA the opportunity to attend St. Joseph High School their difficulty adjusting to St. Joseph High School

4. What do you think will be the effects of their opportunity to attend St. Joe’s?

From the middle section of the film. List causes for the following events:

Arthur having to leave St. Joe’s and attends the public high school

William being able to stay at St. Joe’s

William getting letters and phone calls from colleges

Arthur’s and William’s low grades and ACT scores college coaches’ efforts to recruit good high school athletes

6. How would you describe the scene at the high school basketball tournament at

Assembly Hall?

7. Why does the University of Illinois seem like “a whole different world” to Arthur and his family?

8. Think of Arthur’s background. What do you think will happen to Arthur in the future? How will he do (athletically and academically) at the junior college in Missouri?


9. What do you think will happen to William in the future? Will he experience academic and/or athletic success? Why or why not?