assignment 1

Name _Kelly Legg____
Assignment #1_UFT
Marsh, Reginald
Why Not Use the "L"?
I just sprinted 8 blocks to hop on the L after a long day on the floor, the trading floor. I hate it
there ever since the crash I don’t know how to make ends meet. It’s the worst feeling going
home looking my wife and two kids in the eyes and saying “I don’t know when we can get more
food.” I feel just horrible about everything, we had such a beautiful life together and it is all in
shambles. I keep thinking to myself, Am I going to end up like this man across from me,
sleeping on the subway to just have a warm place to sleep or can I make it through and
continue my lavish life with my wife and kids? Only time will tell but I don’t know if I have time.
As I sit my feet tingle and I wonder, how can I make it through I want to make it through for my
wife and kids but how? I look at the lady sitting and wonder how can she still afford to dress like
that, what does her husband do, how can I get job like that? I consider asking the woman with
the paper for the jobs section but then I think to myself what's it matter, I’m going to jump
tomorrow anyway.
If I were to use this activity in my class I would place a picture of the Battle of Gettysburg
on the board and have the kids look at the painting for two minutes and just think and
answer the questions below. After their thinking time I would tell them to choose one
person in the painting and write their thoughts and then explain why that person would
be thinking that in a historical context. After they are done writing their responses I would
then ask for several volunteers to the questions below and then read their subjects
1. What is happening in this painting?
2. Why is it happening?
3. What were the effects of what is happening in this painting?
1. Gets your students thinking in a different way
2. Teaches students about perspective
3. Uses visual aids