The Prisoner of Zenda - ch 1 - 2019-1

The Prisoner of Zenda – Chapter 1 – 2019
The Prisoner of Zenda – Chapter 1
egg spoon
different from
worthy of respect
an ambassador
be in a position to
the royal family
the Elphbergs
a straight nose
the Times newspaper
joyous occasion
prepare for
the Alps
get into politics
call on
favourite son
‫ملعقةةةةةصللالبةةةةة ل ا ةةةةة‬
‫امسلوقلعنل اقشرة‬
)‫س رل(اقبلأوروبي‬
‫الغصل ألامان ص‬
‫الغصل ألس ان ص ل‬
‫م ارزلبااس ف‬
‫مختلفلعن ل‬
‫جديرلباالحتر م‬
‫سل ر‬
‫شخب ص ل‬
‫زوجصل ألخ‬
‫ألسرةل امااكص ل‬
‫عائلصلإال رج ل‬
‫أحلاد ل‬
‫أنفلمستق م ل‬
‫جريدةل اتايمز ل‬
‫مناس صلبه جص ل‬
‫ليُجهزلاـ ل‬/‫يستعدل‬
‫ج الل ألاب ل‬
‫يعم لبااس اسص ل‬
‫يزورل(شخص) ل‬
‫صحلي ل‬
‫بنل ُلملض‬
position in society
riding horses
sound interesting
reply / replied /......
make a promise
have an interest in
in fact,
social problems
I took (his) advice
the French capital
‫مكانصلفيل امجتمع ل‬
)‫كونت سصل(اقبلأوربي‬
‫ما عدا‬
‫متعددل الغات ل‬
‫الغول اليطاا ص‬
‫الغصل الرنس ص‬
‫ركوبل اخ‬
‫مسئوا ات‬
‫ي دولممتعال‬
‫بااتأك د‬
‫يلعلد ل‬
‫اديهل هتماملبـ ل‬
‫ ل‬..‫فيل احق قص‬
‫شك ل‬/..‫مظهر‬
‫حتلاالت ل‬
‫حدثلهام ل‬
‫رحلص ل‬
‫مشكالتل جتماع ص ل‬
‫أخذتلبنب حته ل‬
‫اعاصمصل الرنس ص ل‬
‫ط ُموح ل‬
‫أخلغ رلشق ق ل‬
‫حل لتتويج ل‬
The Prisoner of Zenda – Chapter 1 – 2019
get on the train
stare at
hunting lodge
wealthy trader
country home
lie against a tree
‫يستق ل اقطار‬
‫أن قصلفيلمل سها‬
‫ُحر س ل‬
‫احدود ل‬
‫فندقلصغ ر‬
‫ب تل اب د ل‬
‫خندقلمائيل(يُح طلبقلعصلمثال) ل‬
‫يناملمستند لإايلشجرة ل‬
‫هائ ل‬
‫لمتشدد ل‬-‫صارمل‬
‫ل ستغر ب ل‬-‫دهشصل‬
get off the train
in two days' time
run / ran / run
step back in surprise
set off
medium height
‫ينزل من القطار‬
‫جو ز تل اسلر ل‬
‫فيلخاللليوم ن‬
‫ي قي ل‬
‫يتر جعلفيلدهشص‬
‫لمستريح ل‬/‫مسترخل‬
‫يتب لبـ ل‬
‫ي دأل ارحلص‬
‫قبرل–لمنزللريليلحديث ل‬
‫اظ ل‬
‫احقائب ل‬
‫متوسطل اطول ل‬
‫متطابق ل‬
Chapter One
I was eating breakfast in the dining room of my brother's house one sunny morning, thinking about
what I would do that week, when my brother's wife Rose came into the room.
"Rudolf, you're 29 years old," she said. "Are you ever going to do anything useful?"
"Rose," I answered, putting down my egg spoon, "why should I do anything? I have nearly
enough money to do anything I want to (no one ever has quite enough money to do that, of course),
and I enjoy an important position in society: my brother's Lord Burlesdon and you are a countess."
"But you've done nothing except..."
"Be lazy? It's true. I'm a member of the Rassendyll family and our family don't need to do
This annoyed Rose, because her family were rich but less important than the Rassendylls.
At this moment, my brother Lord Burlesdon (who we were happy to call simply Robert) came
into the room.
"Robert, I'm so happy you're back!" cried Rose.
"What's the matter, my dear?" Robert asked her.
"She's angry because she thinks I don't do anything," I explained to my brother.
The Prisoner of Zenda – Chapter 1 – 2019
At this point, I should explain that I had not been lazy all my life. I had studied hard and
learned a lot when I was at a German school and German university. I spoke German as well as I spoke
English, and I also knew how to speak French, Italian and Spanish. I was good with a gun and a strong
swordsman. I was also very good at riding a horse.
"It's not just your red hair that makes you different from your brother," said Rose. "He also
realises his position in society has responsibilities. You only see opportunities in yours."
"To a man like me, opportunities are responsibilities," I explained.
"Good, because I have some news for you," said Rose." Sir Jacob Borrodaile tells me he'll
offer you a real opportunity. He's going to be an ambassador in six months' time, and he says he's
happy for you to work for him. I hope you'll take this job, Rudolf."
My sister-in-law has a way of asking people to do thing which is impossible to refuse.
Moreover, I thought this job sounded quite interesting, so I said, "If in six months' time I'm in a
position to take this job, then I'll certainly say yes."
"Oh, Rudolf, how good of you!" said Rose.
"Where will he be working?" I asked.
"Sir Jacob doesn't know which country it will be, but he's sure it'll be a good embassy."
"For you I'll do it, even if it's a terrible embassy," I replied.
Now I had made my promise to Rose, but there were still six months to go before the job
would start, and I began to think about what I could do in this time. I decided that I would visit
Ruritania, a small country in the middle of Europe.
My family have always had an interest in that country because in 1733, Countess Amelia
Rassendyll married a member of the Ruritanian royal family, the Elphbergs. In fact my brother has
paintings of her and her descendants on his walls: many of them have the same red hair and straight
noses as the Elphbergs; I am the latest one to have the appearance of the Ruritanian royal family.
My decision was helped a few days later when I read in The Times newspaper that Rudolf the
Fifth was to become King of Ruritania in the next three weeks, and that amazing celebrations were
planned for this joyous occasion. I thought how fantastic it would be to see such an event and began
to prepare for my journey.
I do not like to tell people where 1go on my travels, so I told Rose that I was going walking in
the Alps. I did not want her to think I was being lazy either, so I told her I was going to write a book
about social problems in the country.
"You're going to write a book? That would be such a good thing to do, wouldn't it, Robert?"
said Rose.
The Prisoner of Zenda – Chapter 1 – 2019
"Yes, indeed. Writing a book's the best way to get into politics," agreed Robert, and he should
know, as he has written many books himself.
"You're right," I said to them both.
However, I had no plan to really write a book, which shows how little we know about the
future. Because here I am now, writing a book as I had promised to do, even if the book has nothing to
do with the social problems in the Alps. But let me begin near the start of my journey to Ruritania.
My Uncle William always said that no man should ever pass through Paris without spending
twenty-four hours in the city, so I took his advice and booked a night at The Continental Hotel. As soon
as I had checked in, I called on some old friends that I knew in the French capital: George Featherly,
who worked at the embassy, and Bertram Bertrand, who was now a famous journalist in the city. That
evening, we all ate in a restaurant and they told me all about the latest exciting events in Paris.
"We've had quite a few important people visiting the city recently," said Bertram.
"Anyone I'd know?" I asked.
"Well, I met Antoinette de Mauban today," Bertram replied. "You've probably heard of her.
She's a lady who's well known for her wealth and ambition. But she's leaving Paris today, we don't
know where she's going to next."
"So why did she come to Paris?" I asked.
"She was a guest of the Duke of Strelsau," said George." I met him at the embassy yesterday.
He's the half-brother to the King of Ruritania. People say he was his father's favourite son. He's gone
back for the coronation, although I don't think he'll enjoy it very much because he probably wishes he
were the King. I don't think he likes being only a Duke."
"I hear he's a clever man, though," said Bertram.
"He's extremely clever, I'd say," agreed George.
The next day, George came with me to the station and I bought a ticket to my next stop,
Dresden. I did not tell him that I was going to Ruritania. If I had, the news would have gone immediately
to Bertram and then it would have been in all the newspapers within days.
Just as I was about to get on the train, George suddenly smiled and walked away to talk to a
beautiful, tall and fashionably dressed woman of about thirty who was standing at the ticket office
with two younger women. I thought these must be her servants.
"You have an important person to travel with," George told me when he returned a few
minutes later. "That's Antoinette de Mauban and she's also going to Dresden."
Paris was soon behind me. It was a long and boring journey and I wondered if I would see
Antoinette de Mauban in the dining car when I ate in the train that evening, or perhaps at breakfast the
The Prisoner of Zenda – Chapter 1 – 2019
next morning. However, I did not see the lady again until the following day, when both she and I got on
the next train from Dresden to Ruritania. She was further up the train, however, and did not see me.
A few hours later, the train arrived at the Ruritanian border where we stopped so the guards
could check our passports. I was surprised when the guards stared at me and my passport for some
time before letting me into the country. Once in Ruritania, I bought a newspaper and read that the
King's coronation was to be in two days' time, which was much earlier than I had thought. The
newspaper described the excitement in the country and in particular the capital city, Strelsau, where
it said all the hotels were full with people who wanted to see the event. On reading this, I decided it
would be best to stop at Zenda, a small town eighty kilometres from the capital, and about ten
kilometres from the border. Here I could walk in the hills and see the town's famous castle, then I
could take the train for the day to Strelsau to see the coronation. As I got off the train at Zenda, I saw
Antoinette de Mauban, who remained on the train for its journey to the capital, but she did not look at
I was welcomed at the inn in Zenda by an old woman who ran it with her two daughters. She
said she was not very interested in what happened in the capital, but she loved the Duke of Strelsau,
who she called Duke Michael. He was the man who was responsible for the land around Zenda and its
castle. In fact, the hotel owner said she wished the Duke was the new King and not his brother.
"We all know Duke Michael," she explained. "He's always lived in Ruritania and he cares about
the people, so people like him. As for the King, well, he's almost a stranger. He's been abroad for most
of his life and not many people even know what he looks like. Now the King's staying in a hunting lodge
in the forest, very near to Zenda. From there he'll travel to the capital for his coronation."
I was interested to hear this, and decided I would walk in the forest the next day so that I
might see him.
"I wish he'd stay there in the forest," continued the woman. "People say he only likes hunting
and good food. He should let the Duke become our King. And there are many others who think the
"Well I don't like Duke Michael," said her older daughter. "They say the King has red hair, just
like you!"
"Many men have red hair like me," I laughed.
"How do you know the King has red hair?" the old woman asked her daughter.
"Johann, the Duke's servant, told me," she explained. "He's seen the King at the hunting
"But why's the King here, if it's the Duke's land?" I asked.
"The Duke invited him, sir," explained the old lady. "The Duke's in Strelsau, preparing for the
The Prisoner of Zenda – Chapter 1 – 2019
"So they are good friends?"
"I don't know if you can be good friends if you want the same thing."
"What do you mean?"
"Duke Michael would like to be King, too, I'm sure."
"Well!" I said. "I feel quite sorry for the Duke, but it's right that the older brother becomes
"Who's talking of the Duke?" said a deep voice from outside the door.
"We have a guest, Johann," called the old lady, as a man entered the room. When he saw me,
he took off his hat and stepped back in surprise, as though he had seen something amazing.
"What's the matter, Johann?" asked the old lady. "This gentleman's come to our country to
see the coronation."
"It's the red hair," said one of the daughters. "We don't often see it in our country unless
you're part of the King's family, the Elphbergs. Many of them have red hair."
The man continued to stare at me, but said, "Good evening, sir. I'm sorry, I didn't expect to
see any new guests here."
"Don't worry," I said. "It's late and time I went to bed. I wish you all a good night. Thank you,
ladies, for our conversation." I stood up to go to my room, when Johann suddenly said, "Sir, have you
ever seen our King?"
"No, I've never seen him, but I hope to do so on Wednesday at the coronation."
Johann said no more, but I felt his eyes on me as I walked up the stairs.
The next morning, Johann seemed much more relaxed. When he heard that I was going to Strelsau, he
said I could stay at his sister's house. She was married to a wealthy trader and she had invited him to
stay with them for the coronation, but he was unable to go. I was very happy to have this opportunity
and accepted his offer, so he said he would contact his sister at once and tell her to expect me that
I decided, however, that I still wanted to see the forest where the King was staying, so first I
planned to walk for sixteen kilometres through the forest to the next station along the line, where I
could catch a train to the capital.
I did not tell Johann about this plan, as I did not think it would be important if I arrived at his
sister's later in the day. So I sent my luggage on to the station and said goodbye to the old lady and
her daughters, and set off up the hill towards the castle. After that, it was a short walk to get into the
Half an hour later, I reached the castle. It was very old but well built, with a moat all around
it. Behind it was a large modem mansion, which was used by the Duke of Strelsau as his country
home. The mansion was reached by a wide road, but the old castle could only be reached by a
The Prisoner of Zenda – Chapter 1 – 2019
drawbridge between it and the mansion. I was pleased to see that the Duke had such a well-defended
house, even if he were not to become King.
Soon I reached the dark forest and I walked for about an hour, pleased that the tall trees
gave me cool shade: not much sun reached the ground through the many leaves. It was a beautiful
place and after a time I decided to rest by lying against one of the enormous trees. It was so quiet and
peaceful in the forest that I soon fell into a deep sleep, forgetting all about the train I should have
caught to Strelsau and my luggage that would be waiting at the station. I was just dreaming about
living in the Castle of Zenda when a voice woke me:
"Why look at him! It's amazing! He looks just like the King!"
I opened my eyes slowly and found two men looking at me. Both carried guns and were
dressed for hunting. One of them was short but looked very tough with light blue eyes, and he looked
like a soldier. The other was younger, thin and of medium height, and he looked like a gentleman. I later
found out that my guesses were both correct.
The older man walked up to me and raised his hat to me politely, so I stood up.
"He's about the same height as the King, too!" he said. "This really is extraordinary. What's
your name, sir?"
"Perhaps you can tell me what your names are first?" I asked them.
The gentleman stepped forward with a smile and said, "Of course. This is Colonel Sapt, and
my name's Fritz von Tarlenheim. We both work for the King of Ruritania."
I shook their hands and told them, "I'm Rudolf Rassendyll. I'm a traveller from England and was an
officer in the Queen's army."
"Well, we're officers for our King, so we understand each other well!" said Tarlenheim.
"Rassendyll, Rassendyll," said Colonel Sapt quietly. "I know! Are you one of the Burlesdons?"
"My brother's the new Lord Burlesdon," I explained. "So, do I really look like the King?"
"You could be twins," said Fritz.
"Although you look like identical twins, you do not have identical personalities or skills. You
two seem very different. If you were an officer for the Queen's army, Rassendyll, you must be good
with a sword!" laughed Sapt.
"Is the King not a fighting man?" I asked.
"The King likes to live well," said Fritz. "Let's say he prefers eating to action, but he's a kind
man and he's our King. We'd do anything for him."
"Perhaps we are alike then," I said, "because I like to have an easy life, too!"
At this moment, a voice came from the trees behind us.
"Fritz? Where are you, Fritz?"
The Prisoner of Zenda – Chapter 1 – 2019
Fritz looked worried, and then said quietly to me, "It's the King! He's coming here now."
A young man then came out from behind a tree in the forest and stood in front of us. As I
looked at him, I gave out a loud cry at the same time as he stood back in amazement to see me. Except
perhaps for a centimetre or two difference in height, we looked so alike that the King of Ruritania
might have been me, Rudolf Rassendyll, and I might have been him, the King of Ruritania.
Choose the correct answer:
1-The setting (time and place) of The Prisoner of Zenda is ------------- in the 1890s (the late
nineteenth century).
a) Africa
b) Asia
c) Europe
d) Antarctica
2-Rudolf is ------------- years old when the events of the story start.
a) 39
b) 29
c) 25
d) 35
3- In the late 19th century, people travelled using -----------.
a) planes
b) submarines
c) cars
d) horses and trains
4- In the late 19th century, people communicated between cities quickly-------------.
a)by post or by telegram
b) by email
c) by telephone
d) using social media
5-Rudolf is different from Robert as Rudolf -------------.
a) has a higher position
b) has more money
c) has a bigger house
d) doesn't take his duties to society seriously
6- Rudolf can speak several languages, ride a horse and -----------.
a) climb mountains b) fight with a sword
c) fly planes
d) write poetry
7- Rudolf doesn't need to work because he -----------.
a) won the lottery
b) Robert left him a lot of money in his will
c) belongs to a rich important family
d) robbed a bank
8- Rose wants Rudolf to take a job in a/an -----------, working for Sir Jacob Borrodaile.
a) company
b) restaurant
c) office
d) embassy
9- ----------- married a member of the Elphberg family many years ago.
a)Countess Amelia b) Rose
c) Antoinette
d) Princess Flavia
10- Rose Rassendyll was a -----------.
a) princess
b) queen
c) duchess
d) countess
The Prisoner of Zenda – Chapter 1 – 2019
11- ----------- of Amelia Rassendyll's descendants look like the royal family of Ruritania.
a) None
b) Many
c) A few
d) Two
12- Rudolf told Rose that he was going to go walking in -----------.
a) the West Indies
b) the Himalayas
c) the Alps
d) the Amazon
13- Rose was ----------- when Rudolf said that his family didn't need to do things.
a) patient
b) delighted
c) enthusiastic
d) annoyed
14- Rose's family were rich but less ----------- than the Rassendylls.
a) happy
b) important
c) respectable
d) deceitful
15- Robert Rassendyll was known as -----------.
a) Count Robert
b) Prince Robert
c) Duke Robert
d) Lord Burlesdon
16- Rose accused Rudolf of being -----------.
a) a murderer
b) a thief
d) a kidnapper
c) lazy
17- Rudolf Rassendyll travels to Ruritania to see the ----------- of the new King.
a) coronation
b) funeral
c) execution
d) removal
18- Rudolf told Rose and Robert that he was going to write a book about ----------- in the
a) homelessness
b) economy
c) social problems d) corruption
19- Rudolf speaks ----------- as well as he speaks English.
b) Spanish
c) Italian
d) German
20- Many members of the Ruritanian royal family have -----------.
a) big ears
b) red hair
c) long faces
d) one eye
21- George Featherly works at the British embassy in -----------.
a) Paris
b) Strelsau
c) Dresden
d) Zenda
22- The Duke of Strelsau is said to be a/an ----------- man.
a) unhappy
b) poor
c) impatient
d) clever
23- Duke Michael has always lived in -----------.
a) Mauritania
b) Ruritania
c) Lithuania
d) Croatia
24- A ----------- goes round the Duke's castle.
a) moat
b) lake
c) river
d) sea
The Prisoner of Zenda – Chapter 1 – 2019
25- Colonel Sapt ----------- the name of Rassendyll.
a) likes
b) hates
c) recognises
d) forgets
26- Rassendyll and ----------- look almost exactly alike.
a) Sapt
b) Fritz
c) Bertrand
d) the King
27- The owner of the inn thinks that Duke Michael should be the King because the real King only
likes ----------- and good food.
a) jumping
b) fighting
c) hunting
d) sleeping
28- Rassendyll decided to walk through the forest where the King -----------.
a)was crowned
b) was staying
c) was killed
d) was hiding
29-When Rassendyll met Sapt, Fritz and the King, they were all surprised because ---------.
a) Rassendyll was wearing funny clothes
b) Rassendyll was making strange movements
c) Rassendyll was standing on his head
d) Rassendyll looked almost exactly like the King
30- In Paris, Rassendyll met his friends, -----------.
a)Joseph and Robert b) Max and Johann
c) George and Bertram
d) Sapt and Fritz
31- Rassendyll and Antoinette de Mauban took the same ----------- to Dresden.
a) plane
b) train
c) ship
d) shuttle
32- Rassendyll believes that opportunities are -----------.
b) unimportant
c) responsibilities
d) worthless
33- Rassendyll agreed to work for Sir Jacob because Rose persuaded him to do so and
because the job sounded quite -----------.
a) interesting
b) profitable
c) boring
d) ridiculous
34- Rassendyll thinks that Rose has a way of asking people to do things which is impossible to -------.
a) accept
b) refuse
c) allow
d) change
35- Rassendyll has to wait for ----------- before he can work for Sir Jacob.
a) a fortnight
b) six weeks
c) six months
d) 2 years
36- Robert had paintings of Countess Amelia's ----------- on his walls.
a) nieces
b) nephews
c) grandparents
d) descendants
37- Many of Amelia's descendants had ----------- and red hair.
a) long legs
b) straight noses
c) wide eyes
d) big mouths
The Prisoner of Zenda – Chapter 1 – 2019
38- Rassendyll was the ----------- of Amelia's descendants to have the appearance of the
Ruritanian royal family.
a) first
b) second
c) latest
d) third
39- Rassendyll read about the coronation of Rudolf the fifth in the -----------newspaper.
a) Guardian
b) Al-Ahram
c) Times
d) Telegraph
40- Robert believed that writing a book was the best way to get into -----------.
a) politics
b) physics
c) economics
d) mathematics
41- Rassendyll had an uncle called William who believed that no man should every pass through
------- without spending 24 hours in the city.
b) London
c) Paris
d) Dresden
42- In Paris, Rassendyll booked a night at the -----------.
a) Grand Hotel
b) Hilton Hotel
c) Windsor Hotel
d) Continental Hotel
43- Bertram Bertrand was a famous ----------- in Paris.
a) doctor
b) ambassador
c) journalist
d) lawyer
44- Duke Michael was half-brother to-----------.
a) Lord Burlesdon
b) Princess Flavia
c) Rose
d) the King of Ruritania
45- ----------- was a wealthy, ambitious, French lady.
a) Amelia
b) Antoinette de Mauban c) Rose
d) Flavia
46- People say that Michael was his father's ----------- son.
a) favourite
b) adopted
c) eldest
d) worst
47- Michael doesn't like being only a Duke; he wishes he were -----------.
a) a prince
b) a count
c) the King
d) an ambassador
48-Rassendyll didn't tell George he was going to Ruritania. If he had, the news would have gone
immediately to ---------- and then it would have been in all the newspapers within days.
a) Robert
49- Rassendyll changed trains at -----------.
a) Zenda
b) Dresden
c) Paris
d) Strelsau
50- Rassendyll was hoping to see ----------- on the train, but he didn't.
a) Sapt
b) Antoinette
c) the King
d) Fritz
The Prisoner of Zenda – Chapter 1 – 2019
51-----------invited Rassendyll to stay with his family in Strelsau.
a) Sapt
b) George
c) Josef
d) Johann
52- Countess Rose was Rassendyll's -----------.
a) brother-in-law
b) mother-in-law
c) sister-in-law
d) step sister
53- ----------- worked as officers for the King of Ruritania.
a) Johann and Sapt b) Sapt and Fritz
c) Max and Frits
d) Robert and Max
54- Johann was a/an ----------- to the Duke of Strelsau.
b) advisor
c) consultant
d) lawyer
55- Because Michael ----------- people, they liked him and wanted him to be King.
a) hated
b) disrespected
c) killed
d) cared about
56- At the Ruritanian border, the guards ----------- Rassendyll and his passport before letting
him into the country.
a) ignored
b) stared at
c) shot
d) threw away
57-Antoinette de Mauban remained on the train for its journey to Strelsau, but Rudolf
Rassendyll got off the train at --------.
a) Dresden
b) Zenda
c) London
d) Paris
58- Zenda is a small town 80 kilometre from ----------- and about 10 kilometres from the
a) Paris
b) Dresden
c) he castle
d) the capital
59- On his first night in Ruritania, Rassendyll stayed at a/an ----------- in Zenda
a) inn
b) house
c) flat
d) palace
60- The inn in Zenda was run by a/an ----------- and her two daughters.
a) grandmother
b) old woman
c) young lady
d) old man
61- ----------- was responsible for the land around Zenda and its castle.
a) Johann
b) The King
c) Sat
d) Duke Michael
62- The King was almost a stranger because he had been ----------- for most of his life
a) hiding
b) ill
c) abroad
d) pretending
63- Unlike her mother, the innkeeper's older daughter didn't like ----------.
a) The King
b) Duke Michael
c) Sat
d) Rassendyll
64- How did the innkeeper's older daughter know that the King had red hair?
a) she saw him on TV
b) she had a meeting with him
The Prisoner of Zenda – Chapter 1 – 2019
c) Rassendyll told her
d) Johann told her
65- Michael invited the King to stay in the ----------- before the coronation.
a) inn
b) castle
c) hunting lodge
d) palace
66- While the King was in the hunting lodge, Michael was in Strelsau, -----------.
a) preparing for the coronation
b) fighting enemies
c) hunting animals
d) helping poor people
67- According to the innkeeper, why can't the King and Michael become friends?
a) Michael is half-brother to the King
b) Michael wants to become King, too
c) Michael is the younger brother
d) Michael is the Duke of Strelsau
68- Rudolf Elphberg, not Michael, is going to be crowned because it is right that the older
brother becomes -----------.
a) Prince
b) Duke
c) Lord
d) King
69- As soon as Johann saw Rassendyll at the inn, he ----------- as though he had seen
something amazing.
a) lost consciousness
b) fell to the ground
c) stepped back in surprise
d) ran out of the inn
70- Red hair is not often seen in Ruritania unless the person is part of the ---------- family.
a) King's
b) Rassendyll
c) Tarlenheim
d) Marshal's
71- At the inn, Rassendyll told Johann that he had never ----------- before.
a) stayed in an inn
b) seen the King
c) hunted animals d) been to Paris
72- Rassendyll planned to walk for 16 km through the forest, hoping to ----------.
a) reach the station in time b) meet Johann
c) see the King
d) see wild animals
73- The castle of Zenda could only be reached by a ----------- between it and the mansion.
a) Steel bridge
b) wide road
c) rope
d) drawbridge
74- In the forest, Rassendyll fell into a deep sleep under a tree and dreamt about living in ----------.
a) London
b) the Castle of Zenda
c) the royal Palace d) Strelsau
75- Rassendyll was once an officer in -----------.
a) the French army b) the Queen's army
c) the Ruritanian army
d) a police station
76- Although Rassendyll and the King looked like identical twins, they had different ---- and skills.
a) jobs
b) appearance
c) features
77- The King of Ruritania prefers eating to -----------.
a) fiction
b) action
c) hunting
d) personalities
d) watching TV
The Prisoner of Zenda – Chapter 1 – 2019
78- Except for a centimeter or two difference in ------, Rassendyll and the King looked so alike.
a) personality
b) length
c) width
d) height
79- The King liked to live well and so did ----------.
a) Sat
b) Fritz
c) Rassendyll
d) Johann
80- Rassendyll was -----------; he spoke several languages.
a) monolingual
b) bilingual
c) trilingual
d) multilingual
81-What special event is going to take place in Ruritania?
a) There will be a war
b) there will be a new Duke of Strelsau
c) There will be a new King
d) Sapt is going to become Ruler
82-Who is the Duke of Strelsau?
a) He is the true King of Ruritania
c) He is the King's half-brother
b) He is the King's father
d) He is Rudolf Rassendyll's brother
83-Why does Fritz Von Tarlenheim say that he understands Rassendyll well?
a) They are both officers for a King or Queen
b) They both want to be King
c) They both look like the King
d) They both want to meet the Duke
84-As well as how he looks, in what way is Rudolf Rassendyll like the King?
a) They are not kind men
b) They both have an easy life
c) They both like fighting
d) They are both English
85-What is the reason that Rassendyll gives for being lazy?
a) because he comes from an important family
b)because he doesn't have a good job
c) because he never helps in the house
d)because he never wants to travel
86-Which of these is not a reason that Rassendyll decides to travel to Ruritania?
a) he has six months before his job starts
b) his family has relatives there
c) Rudolf the fifth is to become King there shortly d) he wants to be the ambassador to Ruritania
87-Robert Rassendyll knows well that writing a book is the best way to get into politics because he --
a) has written many books himself.
b) has never read any books
c) has never written any books
d) has never owned any books
88-George met ------- at the British Embassy in Paris.
a) Rassendyll
b) Duke Michael
c) Antoinette
d) Fritz
89-George said to Rassendyll, "You have an important person to travel with." Who was that
a) Duke Michael
b) Lord Burlesdon
c) Bertram
d) Antoinette de Mauban
The Prisoner of Zenda – Chapter 1 – 2019
90-All the hotels in Strelsau were full of people who wanted to --------.
a) see a movie
b)support Michael
c)see a football match
d) see the coronation
91-The large modern mansion was used by the Duke as his -----------.
a) country home
b)summer house
c)royal house
d)rest home
92-The mansion was reached by ---------.
a) a highway
b)a motor way
c) a wide road
d) a narrow street
93-It was so quiet and peaceful in the forest that Rudolf Rassendyll -----------.
a) fell into a deep sleep
b)decided to stay there for a few days
c) wanted to climb up some trees
d) wanted to cut down some trees.
94-In the forest, Rudolf Rassendyll forgot all about the train he should have caught to ----- and
the luggage that would be waiting at the station.
a) Dresden
b) Strelsau
c) Paris
95------------- is the narrator of the story.
a) Rudolf Rassendyll b) Robert Rassendyll
c) Fritz
d) Sapt
96-Sir Jacob is an important English man who is about to become a/an -------.
a) engineer
b) ambassador
c) King
d) Duke
97- Countess Amelia Rassendyll married a member of the Ruritanian royal family, the
Elphbergs, in -------.
a) 1633
b) 1733
c) 1833
d) 1933
98-Instead of writing a book about social problems, Rassendyll wrote a book about his
adventures in Ruritania, which shows that ---------.
a) we know little about the future
b)Rassendyll kept his promise to Rose
c) Rassendyll knew what was going to happen
d) Rassendyll wanted to be like his brother
99-Rassendyll enjoys an important position because his brother is Lord Burlesdon and his ------ is a countess.
a) mother
100- ---------- were so faithful to the king that they would do anything for him
a) Sapt and Fritz
b)Sapt and Michael
c)Michael and Fritz d) George and Sapt
The Prisoner of Zenda – Chapter 1 – 2019
Answer the following questions:
1-Do you agree that people who have a lot of money should do nothing? Explain your point of
I don't agree because everyone should have something to do and work is very important to people
whether they are rich or not.
2-Do you think a person like Rassendyll is very serious about work or life? Why/Why not?
No, I don't think so. Rassendyll has a lot of money and believes that money is everything. He doesn't
take his duties to society seriously.
3-"To a man like me, opportunities are responsibilities." What do you think Rassendyll means by this
He means that if an opportunity comes, he takes it but he doesn't look for work or responsibilities.
4-Why do you think the guards at the Ruritanian border stare at Rassendyll and his passport?
They were surprised to see that Rassendyll looked almost exactly like the King.
5-Why do you think the castle was well-defended and had a moat around it?
Perhaps because Michael had a lot of enemies and he needed to protect himself well.
6-What kind of person do you think Rudolf Rassendyll is?
He is a person who doesn't care about responsibilities and doesn't take his duties to society
seriously. He likes to have an easy life
7-Rassendll's position in society gave him opportunities? Do you agree? Why?
Yes, I agree. Because of his position, he was offered a job in an embassy, working for Sir Jacob Borrodaile.
8-Do you think there might be a problem with the fact that Rudolf looks very much like the
Yes, I think so. Being almost exactly like the King might make people mistake him for the King.
9-If you were Rassendyll, would you prefer to travel to Ruritania or to stay in England to do
useful work? Why?
I would stay in England and do useful work because only work makes a person worthy of respect.
10-Do you think Rassendyll was lucky to look exactly like the King of Ruritania? Why?
I don't think so because looking exactly like the King might cause him a lot of problems and
endangers his life.
11-Which character is wiser in your opinion: Fritz or Sapt? Say why?
Sapt is wiser because he is older and has more experience of life. This helps him to make the right decisions.
The Prisoner of Zenda – Chapter 1 – 2019
12-What kind of things do you think upper-class members in 19h century England did?
I think they liked to have an easy life, travelling and eating good food, without doing anything useful.
13-Where do you think upper-class members in 19th century England get their money from?
Their money might come from investments ‫ استثمارات‬in businesses or from rents ‫ ايجارات‬they
collected on land that they owned.
14-If you were Rassendyll, would you have a life of leisure‫ للح اةلر حصلوترف‬or try to do something
useful? Why?
 I would certainly try to do something useful because life is not worth living‫ اللتستحقلأنلت ُعاشل‬if you just
spend it doing nothing.
15-Do you think Rose was right to get annoyed when Rassendyll said his family didn't need to
do things because they had an important position and were very rich? Why?
Yes, I think so, because I believe that a position in society is not measured ‫ ال لت ُقاس‬by how much
money you own but by what useful things you do in life.
16-What do you think Rassendyll means when he says that 'no one ever has quite enough
money to do what they want to'?
I think he means that no matter how much money ‫ مهمالكانلمقد رل ألمو لل‬people have, they always want
more. There is never enough of it.
17-Being Rassendyll's sister-in-law does not give Rose the right to interfere‫ لتتدخ ل‬in his own
personal affairs‫لشئونهل اشخب صل‬. Do you agree or disagree with this statement? Why?
I disagree because I think this is not interference. Rudolf is her brother-in-law and she is just giving
him good advice about his life because she cares about him.
18-Robert was Lord Burlesdon. What do you think is the significance‫أهم صل‬/‫ لمغزي‬of being a 'lord' in 19th
century England?
'Lord' is a title‫ اقبل‬given by the Queen of England to a person as a reward for the good things they
have done for their country. Lords usually enjoyed a high position in society as well as political power ‫ل‬
‫سلطصلس اس صل‬.
19-Do you think Rassendyll was right to always boast about ‫ ليتلاخرلبـل‬his brother's high position
(being Lord Burlesdon)? Why?
No, I don't think he was right. Robert must have worked so hard to get that position, but Rassendyll
had really done nothing useful.
20-Rassendyll was good with guns and a strong swordsman. He was also very good at riding a
horse. When do you think he learnt these skills?
He must have learnt them while he was serving in the Queen's army.
The Prisoner of Zenda – Chapter 1 – 2019
21-What do you think are two things that make brothers different from each other?
Physical appearance‫( شك ل اجسمل‬the way they look) and their achievements‫ نجاز تل‬.
22-How do you think Rose proved ‫لأث تتلللل‬to be very persuasive‫?لمقنعصل‬
Rose had a way of asking people to do things which is impossible to refuse. She could persuade
Rassendyll to work for Sir Jacob.
23-We understand from this chapter that being well-educated and having a lot of money is not
enough. Explain this, giving two examples.
 Being well-educated and having a lot of money is not enough because a person has to do something
useful. Robert realized that his position in society had responsibility. Rudolf Rassendyll only liked to
have an easy life and did nothing useful.
24-Why do you think Rudolf Rassendyll lied to his family about where he was going?
He did so because he didn't like to tell people where he went on his travels and to avoid Rose's
critical remarks about his being lazy.
25-Robert says that 'writing a book is the best way to get into politics ‫لأفض لطريقصلالدخولل ايلمجالل‬
‫ اس اسصل‬.' What do you think?
I think this is true because when you write a book, people get to know you and you could become a
famous person and then it would be easy for you to get into politics.
26-Why do you think Rassendyll took his Uncle Williams's advice about spending 24 hours in
Perhaps because at that time, Paris was visited by many important people and there were exciting events.
27-Talking about the new King of Ruritania, the innkeeper said 'Not many people even know
what he looks like.' What does this tell us about the new King?
This tells us that he was always away from his people and didn't care about them.
28-When Johann says, 'Sir, have you ever seen our King', what do you think he really means?
He means that Rudolf Rassendyll looks almost exactly like the King of Ruritania.
29-During his sleep in the forest, Rudolf Rassendyll dreamt about living in the Castle of Zenda.
What does this tell us about the castle?
This tells us that the castle was such an impressive‫ لر ئع ل‬/‫ ُم هر ل‬building that it had a remarkable
effect‫ أثرلملحوظلوالفتلالنظرل‬on Rudolf Rassendyll.
30-Although Rudolf Rassendyll and the King looked almost exactly like each other and both
liked an easy life, there were still some striking differences‫ لهامصلوملحوظصل‬between them. Explain.
They didn't have identical personalities or skills. Rudolf Rassendyll was a strong swordsman, but the
King preferred eating to action.
The Prisoner of Zenda – Chapter 1 – 2019
Model Answers:
Choose the correct answer:
1- As soon as the King saw Rassendyll in the forest, he stood back in --------.
a) amazement
b) horror
c) fear
d) anger
2-Fritz believed that the King was a ------- man and that he and Sapt would do anything for him.
a) cruel
b) serious
c) kind
d) wise
3-Rassendyll accepted Johann's offer to stay at his --------in Strelsau on the day of the coronation.
a) uncle's house
b) brother's house c) mother's house d) sister's house
4-The Castle of Zenda was very -------- but well built.
a) Big
b) modern
c) dark
d) old
Answer the following questions:
1) Was Rassendyll right not to bear responsibilities in England? Why?
2) If Rassendyll hadn't been so rich, what do you think would have happened?
3) When Johann saw Rassendyll at the inn, he stepped back in surprise. One of the innkeeper's daughters
explained that that was because of Rassendyll's red hair. What do you think was the real reason?
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