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September 1, 2018
Pakistan backs Iran over US nuclear
deal row
As Prime Minister Imran Khan on August
31, 2018 vowed to further strengthen
Pakistan-Iran ties, the government
expressed unequivocal support for
Iran`s position on its troubled nuclear
deal with the West that has been
abandoned by the United States and
urged the other parties to the
agreement to remain committed to it.
Talking to Iranian Foreign Minister Javad
Zarif, who is the first foreign leader to
visit Pakistan after the assumption of
office by the PTI-led coalition
government, PM Khan recalled the
`inseparable bonds` connecting Pakistan
and Iran together and said that during
his government he would make all
efforts `to cement these relations in
various areas to the benefit of both
All international agreements to be
reviewed: PM
Prime Minister Imran Khan on August
31, 2018 said his government would
review all international agreements it
inherited from the last Pakistan Muslim
League (PMLN) government and asked
critics to bear with him for three months
for performance.
He stated this during a meeting with a
select group of anchorpersons at the
Prime Minister House.
The prime minister was quoted as
saying: `Give our government three
performance.` He claimed that in three
months, there would be a marked
difference in the way the country was
currently run.
Minister rules out placement of
Pakistan on FATF blacklist
Ruling out placement of Pakistan on the
Financial Action Task Force`s (FATF)
blacklist, Finance Minister Asad Umar
said on August 31,m 2018 that the
negotiated action plan with the FATF
would be implemented.
September 2019 was the deadline for
compliance, observing that Pakistan
would finally be out of the grey-list.
27 deficiencies in five broad categories
had been identified in Pakistan`s antimoney laundering and terror financing
regime, adding that the basic areas
identified were currency smuggling,
hawala and financing to proscribed
FATF or no FATF, it is in our own national
interest,` he remarked.
A national executive committee had
been formed to deal with the issue
which included representatives from the
Securities and Exchange Commission of
Pakistan (SECP), National Accountability
Bureau (NAB), Federal Investigation
Agency (FIA) and other relevant
institutions. He said the first review
meeting of the committee would be held
on Sept 8.
Japan to give Rs2.3bn for weather radar
capability will get a boost with the
installation of a new weather
surveillance radar in Multan, using the
Japanese grant assistance of Rs2.3
billion for which an agreement was
signed here on August 31, 2018.
With the installation of this fifth weather
surveillance radar, the weather
coverage will go up to 80 per cent,
benefiting 90pc of the population. So far,
Japan has supported installation of four
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weather radars in Islamabad, Karachi,
Dera Ismail Khan and Rahim Yar Khan,
bringing total weather radars operating
in Pakistan to eight.
Besides this, the Japanese government
scholarships for human resource
The agreements for the two projects
were signed by Ambassador of Japan to
Pakistan Takashi Kurai and Additional
Secretary of Economic Affairs Division
Ahmad Hanif Orakzai inthe presence of
Japanese State Minister for Foreign
Affairs Kazuyuki Nakane, Finance
Minister Asad Umar, Director General of
Pakistan Meteorological Department Dr
Ghulam Rasul and Chief Representative
of JICA Pakistan Office Yasuhiro Tojo.
Shehryar sworn in as minister of state
for interior
Pakistan Tehreek-i-Insaf (PTI)leader
Shehryar Afridi on August 31, 2018 took
the oath as the minister of state for
interior, increasing the total number of
cabinet members to 22.
administered the oath to Mr Afridi in a
ceremony held at President House.
Pakistan closes consulate in Jalalabad
The embassy of Pakistan in Kabul has
closed the Pakistani Consulate General
in Jalalabad City in Nangarhar province
to protest local officials’ intervention in
activities of the diplomatic office.
“The Embassy wishes to inform that the
Consulate General will remain closed
until the security arrangements are
complete to the satisfaction of the
embassy,” the Pakistani embassy said in
a press release on August 31, 2018.
The intervention of the local authorities
is termed a “violation of Vienna
Convention of Consular Relations 1963”,
said the statement.
“The Embassy of Pakistan in Kabul
deeply regrets undue intervention of
Governor Hayatullah Hayat in the
functioning of the Consulate General of
the Islamic Republic of Pakistan in
Jalalabad is complete violation of the
Vienna Convention of the Consular
Relations 1963.”
Turkey to buy advanced Russian air
defence system, alarms Nato
President Recep Tayyip Erdogan on
August 31, 2018 said Turkey will buy
some of Russia`s highly-sophisticated air
defence systems `in the shortest time` a
purchase that has alarmed Ankara`s
Nato partners.
`Turkey needs S-400s and its deal has
been done,` Erdogan said in the western
city of Balikesir. `God willing, we will buy
them in the shortest time.
In April, Russian President Vladimir Putin
agreed to speed up the first deliveries of
the S-400s, which had previously been
scheduled for the end of 2019 or the
beginning of 2020.
The S-400 is the latest generation
surface-to air defence system developed
by Russia and is considered by Nato
countries to pose a threat to their
Genocide survivor, psychiatrist among
Magsaysay Award winners
Six people were honoured on August 31,
2018 as this year`s winners of the Ramon
Magsaysay Awards, known as Asia`s
version of the Nobel Prize, including a
Cambodian genocide survivor who
helped document the Khmer Rouge
atrocities and an Indian psychiatrist who
led the rescue of thousands of mentally
ill street paupers.
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The others who received the prize at a
ceremony in Manila were a Filipino who
led peace talks with communist
insurgents, a polio stricken Vietnamese
who fought discrimination against the
disabled, an East Timorese who built
care centres for the poor amid civil strife
and an Indian who tutored village
students to help them pass exams.
Australia unveils starfish-killing robot
to protect Barrier Reef
A robot submarine able to hunt and kill
the predatory crown-of-thorns starfish
devastating the Great Barrier Reef was
unveiled by Australian researchers on
August 31, 2018.
Scientists at Queensland University of
Technology (QUT) said the robot, named
the RangerBot and developed with a
grant from Google, would serve as a
`robo reef protector` for the vast World
Heritage site off Australia`s nohheastern
The RangerBot has an eight-hour battery
life and computer vision capabilities
allowing it to monitor and map reef
areas at scales not previously possible.
`RangerBot is the world`s first
underwater robotic system designed
specifically for coral reef environments,
using only robot-vision for real-time
navigation, obstacle avoidance and
complex science missions,` said
Matthew Dunbabin, the QUT professor
who unveiled the submarine.
Malaysia thrash Pakistan 2-0 in Asian
Games squash
Malaysia thrashed Pakistan 2-0 in the
semifinals of the 18th Asian Games
men’s team event in Jakarta on August
31, 2018.
In the first match, Tayyab Aslam was up
against Nafizwan. Nafizwan, who is at
the twilight of his career, never gave
Tayyab any chance to settle down and
simply outclassed the Pakistani top seed
to win the encounter in straight games.
The Malaysian won the first game 11-8,
took the second 11-6 and won the third
11-6 to give Malaysia 1-0 lead
September 2, 2018
PM-led economic council formed to
advise govt
Prime Minister Imran Khan has
constituted an 18-member Economic
Advisory Council (EAC) with the
induction of a few world-renowned
economists to ensure the availability of
best possible professional advice to the
government on economic policies.
Unlike past practices, the new EAC will
be headed by the prime minister himself
to ensure that the best possible
professional advice is available to the
government to inform, optimise and
implementation of its economic and
financial policies.
The first meeting of the council will be
convened next week.
In the past, EACs were headed by
finance ministers with no definite
agenda for regular meetings. It was
observed that EAC met even once in four
months and its advice was not
considered seriously. Consequently,
EACs have become mere debating
Contrary to this, it was decided this time
that a permanent secretariat will be
established for the EAC in the finance
Pentagon cancels $300m aid to Pakistan
The US military said it has made a final
decision to cancel $300 million in aid to
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Pakistan that had been suspended over
Islamabad`s perceived failure to take
decisive action against militants.
The so-called Coalition Support Funds
(CSF) were part of a broader suspension
in aid to Pakistan announced by
President Donald Trump at the start of
the year, when he had accused Pakistan
of rewarding past assistance with
`nothing but lies & deceit`. The Trump
administration says Islamabad is
granting safe haven to insurgents who
are waging a war in Afghanistan, a
charge Pakistan denies.
US defence secretary Jim Mattis had an
opportunity to authorise $300 million in
CSF if he saw concrete Pakistaniactions
to go after insurgents. Mattis chose not
to, a US of ficial told Reuters.
The disclosure came ahead of an
expected visit by US Secretary of State
Mike Pompeo and the top US military
officer, General Joseph Dunford, to
New CDA chairman appointed
Afzal Latif, a Pakistan Administrative
Services (PAS) BPS-21 officer, has been
appointed chairman of the Capital
Development Authority (CDA).
His predecessor, Ishrat Ali, is also a BPS21 officer from the PAS. He has been
immigration and passports, under the
Interior Division, with immediate effect.
According to notifications, Mr Latif was
the Establishment Divisionadditional
secretaryand has been appointed
member of the CDA board.
In the second paragraph of one of the
notifications, it is stated that Mr Latif has
been appointed CDA chairman.
Pakistan shuts Jalalabad consulate
Pakistan has announced closure of its
consulate in Jalalabad, citing `undue
interference` by the governor of
Afghanistan`s Nangarhar province in its
working and other security concerns.
While notifying the decision to the
Afghan foreign ministry, the Pakistan
embassy in Kabul stated: `The embassy
wishes to inform that the consulate
general will remain closed until the
security arrangements are complete to
the satisfaction of the embassy.
Calling the intervention of Governor
Hayatullah Hayat a complete violation of
the Vienna Convention of the Consular
Relations 1963, the Kabul embassy
asked the Afghan authorities to honour
the diplomatic privileges enjoyed by the
consulate under international treaties.
`The Embassy of Pakistan in Kabul deeply
regrets undue intervention of Governor
Hayatullah Hayat in the functioning of
the Consulate General of the Islamic
Republic of Pakistan in Jalalabad, which
is a complete violation of the Vienna
Convention of the Consular Relations
1963,` the statement read
Article 31 of the Vienna Convention
pertaining to inviolability of the consular
premises states: `The authorities of the
receiving State shall not enter that part
of the consular premises which is used
exclusively for the purpose of the work
of the consular post except with the
consent of the head of the consular post
or of his designee or of the head of the
diplomatic mission of the sending State.
Pakistan Navy ship ASALT visits Jeddah
PNS ASLAT visited Jeddah, Saudi Arabia,
being the last Port Call of her Overseas
Deployment to Mediterranean and
European Countries.
In line with Pakistan's foreign policy,
Pakistan Navy has always been
instrumental in furthering naval
diplomacy in the form of goodwill visits
and naval exercises with friendly
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countries, says a statement issued on
September 1, 2018.
In this regard, PNS ASLAT on overseas
deployment to Mediterranean and
European Countries reflected Pakistan
Navy’s reach in western hemisphere,
while pursuing Pakistan's Foreign Policy
US slaps sanctions on two Pakistani
The US on September 1, 2018 slapped
sanctions on two Pakistani companies by
placing them on the export entities list
for activities related to nuclear and
missile trade.
The two companies - Technology Links
Pvt Ltd and Techcare Services FZ – have
been placed under the Entity List by the
Export Administration Regulations
In a federal notification, the US
Department of Commerce said that the
entities added to the EAR list have been
determined by the US government to be
acting contrary to the national security
or foreign policy interests of the US,
reported Indian news agency PTI.
The move comes days ahead of the visit
of Secretary of State Mike Pompeo to
The EAR determined that Technology
Links Pvt Ltd, located in Pakistan, be
added to the Entity List based on the
company’s involvement in the supply of
items subject to the EAR to nuclear and
missile-related Entity List parties in
Pakistan without the required licence,
the federal notification said.
US sends new commander to persuade
Taliban to join talks
The new US commander for
Afghanistan, Lieutenant General Austin
S. Miller, takes charge of his command
on Sunday, which requires him not only
to high the insurgents but also to
persuade them to join peace talks.
As the in-charge of the Nato-led
Operation Support, General Miller will
also maintain regular contacts with the
Pakistani military establishment.
He told his confirmation hearing in June
this year that he had `very, very high
expectations` of Pakistan working
together with Afghanistan and the
United States to eliminate terrorist safe
He will also command more than 13,000
American troops based in Afghanistan
and will supervise the Nato-led mission
to train and advise the Afghan military.
His most difficult task, however, will be
to persuade the Taliban to join peace
talks, as Laurel E.
Miller, a former US representative for
Afghanistan and Pakistan, pointed out.
China first nation to achieve UN poverty
cut targets
For the first time, in 1976, The Comrade
Deng Xiaoping used the term "well off"
and well-off family" to explain
characteristics" in a meeting with the
Masayoshi Ohira.
At that time, China sent its officials to
Japan, Western Europe and the USA to
observe and learn their experiences of
economic and social development.
Today, the world is mesmerized by the
tremendous transformation achieved by
this great nation in the area of social
development and economic well being.
China is the first country to achieve
poverty reduction targets of the UN
Millennium Development Goals.
The poverty reduction journey of China
has been classified into five phases:
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i) (1947-77) Poverty reduction in broad
ii) (1978-1990) From "reforms and
opening up" to "building a well off
iii) (1990-2000) From "well off society
with adequate food & clothing" to "the
overall well-off society"
iv) (2002-2012) From an "overall well-off
society" to "building a well-off society in
an all-round way"
v) (2012-2020) "building a moderately
well-off society in all aspects" to
"completing the process of building a
moderately well-off society in all
All the specified phases pose complex
corresponding reforms to cope with
these challenges.
Iraq hosts military chiefs from Iran,
Russia and Syria
Senior Iraqi military commanders hosted
their Russian, Iranian and Syrian
counterparts in Baghdad on September
1, 2018 to discuss security cooperation
and information-sharing in the Middle
East, where the Islamic State group
continues to carry out attacks.
The Iraqi defence ministry said it had
received delegations led by their
respective deputy chiefs of staff, to
coordination in terms of security and
intelligence between these countries".
Russia is fighting rebels and militants in
Syria alongside President Bashar alAssad's forces, while Iran is a key ally of
both Baghdad and Damascus.
The four countries had created joint
operations rooms to coordinate the fight
against IS, now driven out of all urban
centres in Iraq and largely confined to
desert holdouts in Syria.
In a rare address last month, the militant
group's leader Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi
urged his followers to continue their
Japan win Asian hockey gold and
qualify for Olympics
History was made on September 1, 2018
as the Japan men's hockey team won
their first-ever Asian Games gold medal
after beating Malaysia.
The Speedy Tigers, who were leading 52 at one point, lost on penalties after
drawing 6-6 in regular time at the GBK
Hockey Field in Jakarta, Indonesia.
Stephen van Huizen's team raced to a 31 lead in the first quarter, with Razie
Rahim's penalty corner goal and Tengku
Ahmad Tajuddin's brace sandwiching
Seren Tanaka's goal.
champions India on penalties two days
ago, were unable to repeat the feat and
lost 3-1 in the penalty shootout to equal
their best achievement of winning silver
in 2010. As for Japan, coupled with their
women's hockey team's 2-1 against
India on Friday, they became the second
nation to win both hockey gold medals
at the same Asian Games since South
Korea in 1986 and 1994.
September 3, 2018
PM launches countrywide drive to plant
10bn trees in five years
Prime Minister Imran Khan on
September 2, 2018 launched a
countrywide drive to plant 10 billion
trees across the country in five years to
counter challenges of global warming
and deforestation.
The prime minister was accompanied by
Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Chief Minister
Mahmood Khan, Adviser to the PM on
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Climate Change Malik Amin Aslam,
Special Assistant to the PM on Political
Affairs Naeemul Haq, and officials from
the forest department.
The prime minister inaugurated the `10
billion tree tsunami` drive by planting a
sapling of deodar in the Makhniyal area
where he had also kicked off the `billion
tree tsunami` project of the KP
government in 2015.
The first day of the drive was observed
as `Plant for Pakistan Day` when around
1.5 million saplings were planned to be
planted in a single day across the
US spells out terms of engagement with
As the United States and the new
Pakistani government prepare for their
first face-to-face talks in Islamabad on
September 5, 2018, the Trump
administration has made it clear that
Pakistan will have to back the US
strategy in Afghanistan if it wants good
relations with Washington.
The strategy as defined by both the State
Department and the Pentagon this week
is to use a combination of military and
diplomatic pressures to force the Taliban
to work with Kabul for restoring peace in
Washington believes that a working
relationship between the Taliban and
Kabul can lead to an honourable
withdrawal of US troops from
Washington sent its first clear message
to Islamabad last week when US
Secretary of State Michael Pompeo
telephoned Prime Minister Imran Khan
and asked the latter to take `decisive
action against all terrorists operating in
Initially, Islamabad disputed the US
version of this conversation, but later
withdrew its objection.
Pak Navy ship completes goodwill visits
Pakistan Navy Ship, PNS ASLAT visited
Jeddah, Saudi Arabia being the last Port
Call of her Overseas Deployment to
Mediterranean and European Countries.
In line with Pakistan's Foreign Policy,
Pakistan Navy has always been
instrumental in furthering naval
diplomacy in the form of goodwill visits
and naval exercises with friendly
In this regard, PNS ASLAT on overseas
deployment to Mediterranean and
European Countries reflected Pakistan
Navy’s reach in western hemisphere,
while pursuing Pakistan's Foreign Policy
objectives. PNS ASLAT Port Call to
Jeddah was aimed to further strengthen
the existing bonds of friendship and
brotherhood between Pakistan and
Saudi Arabia. The visit was capitalised in
terms of professional and social
interactions with host Country. During
03 days Port Call, PN delegation headed
by Commodore Muhammad Faisal
Abbasi held meeting with Deputy
Commander Western Fleet of Royal
Saudi Naval Forces (RSNF).
During interaction, enormous goodwill
and warmth was expressed for the
people of Pakistan in general and
Pakistan Navy in particular. Moreover,
Damage Control & Fire Fighting Practical
training was conducted at Madrasat ul
Hareeq (RSNF DC & FF School) to
enhance interoperability and to
mutually benefit from each other's
Pak-Afghan authorities meet to resolve
Jalalabad Consulate issue
Afghan authorities met Pakistani
officials over the issue of security and
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intervention by provincial governor
Hayatullah Hayat in Pakistan Consulate
in Jalalabad and said that the issue was a
simple misunderstanding and would be
resolved soon.
During the meeting, the authorities
discussed the possible suggestions for
security of the consulate building. While
speaking about the issue, spokesman for
the Afghan Foreign Ministry said the
concern among staff at the Pakistani
consulate in Jalalabad however, soon
the problem will be solved.
Earlier, Pakistan had temporarily closed
the Jalalabad Consulate on Friday to
protest the Nangarhar governor’s
intervention. The decision was taken in
reaction to provincial governor
Hayatullah Hayat’s intervention in
activities of the consulate.
Gen Miller assumes Nato command in
US Army General Scott Miller assumed
command of Nato forces in Afghanistan
on September 2, 2018, arriving as
Washington faces growing questions
over its strategy to force the Taliban into
talks to end the 17-year conflict.
Miller, former commander of the US
military’s Joint Special Operations
Command, takes over at a time of mixed
hope and fear for the Western-backed
government in Kabul.
The United States is now a year into its
strategy of stepping up pressure on the
Taliban by increasing airstrikes and
sending thousands more troops to train
and advise Afghan forces, but clear signs
of success have so far proved elusive.
"It is time for this war in Afghanistan to
end," he said. Like Nicholson, Miller
spent years in Afghanistan before
assuming command of US and coalition
forces there and his career has followed
the different stages of what is now
America’s longest war.
Migrant crisis haunts European Union
German Chancellor Angela Merkel won
accolades for her stunning call on
September 4, 2015 to keep open
Germany’s doors to hundreds of
thousands of asylum seekers, many
fleeing war-torn Syria or Iraq.
Three years on, scenes of far-right
protesters chasing down foreigners in a
German city have shocked the world. All
of Europe has seen a sea-change since
the migration crisis erupted.
Britain is now just months away from
quitting the European Union, the farright is sharing power in both Italy and
Austria, while right-wing extremist
group AfD has become the biggest
If there is a common denominator for
these upheavals in European politics, it
is the migration crisis seized upon by
pro-Brexiters and far-right forces across
Europe as the public enemy in their
Russia trying to 'undercut' progress: US
Russia is not giving up on efforts to
destabilise Afghanistan and drive
divisions between the United States and
its coalition partners, US commander in
Afghanistan Gen John Nichloson told.
Nicholson, who relinquishes command
on September 2, 2018, cast doubts on
Russia's intentions in the region, despite
recent overtures from Moscow to help
the Taliban reconcile with the Afghan
The US and Afghan officials have
previously accused Russia of meddling in
Afghanistan by providing Taliban
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insurgents with both weapons and
training. Moscow has rejected the
allegations, saying it has only political
ties with the Taliban.
Still, Russia has faced growing suspicion
from the US and its allies, who say the
Kremlin has been increasingly working
to expand its influence in Afghanistan
and beyond.
Most recently, the US and Russia have
been competing over efforts to kickstart peace negotiations between the
Taliban and the US-backed Afghan
Russia was set to host both parties,
along with the US and other countries,
for talks starting September 4, but was
forced to postpone after Afghan
President Ashraf Ghani declined the
Archaeologists find neolithic remains in
Nile delta
Archaeologists in Egypt say they have
found one of the oldest-known villages
in the Nile Delta dating back to the
Neolithic era.
A joint Egyptian and French mission
discovered several storage silos
containing large quantities of animal and
plant remains, as well as pottery and
stone tools, the antiquities ministry said
in a statement on September 2, 2018.
The ministry said the find indicates that
humans inhabited the fertile Tell alSamara, in the northern province of ElDakahlia, as early as the fifth millennium
BC, far predating Egypt`s oldest known
Jakarta dreams of hosting Olympics as
Asian Games conclude
The 18th Asian Games closed in a
glittering ceremony in Jakarta on
September 2, 2018 as hosts Indonesia
dreamed of stepping up to host the
Olympics in 2032.
Thousands of athletes in ponchos
marched in heavy rain at the Gelora
Bung Karno stadium at the close of the
two-week tournament featuring 40
It added to the relaxed atmosphere of
the ceremony, which was mainly
devoted to music acts from Indonesia,
India and South Korea while booming
fireworks lit up the night sky.
Indonesia has denied expectations to
host a smooth Games, which with
17,000 athletes and officials is second in
size only to the Olympics.
Pakistan fail to reach ISSF World
Championship finals
On September 2, 2018, Minhal Suhail
and Zeeshan-ul-Farid secured 68th
position with the score of 809.7 points
(202.9, 201.2, 202.4, 203.2) in the
qualification round of 10 metre air rifle
event mixed team category.
Minhal scored 400 points (99.5, 98.8,
99.4, 102.3) and Zeeshan scored 409.7
points (103.4, 102.4, 103.0, 100.9). Thus,
they failed to reach the finals. Farrukh
Nadeem did not start in trap event
qualification round.
There are eight shooters of the country
in this championship: Khalil Akhtar and
Ghulam Mustafa Bashir in 25m rapid fire
pistol; Usman Chand, Abdul Sattar Satti
and Khurram Inam in skeet; Zeeshan in
10m air rifle, 50m rifle 3 positions, 50m
rifle prone, and 10m air rifle mixed team;
Farrukh in trap; and Minhal in 10m air
rifle and 10m air rifle mixed team.
The World Championship is being held at
the Changwon International Shooting
Range and Jinhae Naval Shooting Range
where about 4,000 athletes from 120
countries are competing.
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September 4, 2018
Pakistanis own $150bn properties in
UAE, SC told
The Supreme Court on September 3,
2018 sought details of at least 100
persons who had been issued notices by
the Federal Board of Revenue (FBR) for
not disclosing their assets and properties
abroad, after the court was informed
that the Pakistanis owned properties
worth $150 billion in the United Arab
Emirates (UAE) alone.
A three-judge bench, headed by Chief
Justice of Pakistan Mian Saqib Nisar,
asked FBR chairman Mohammad
Jahanzeb Khan that the information be
provided to the SC registrar directly at
his office in a sealed envelope. In case of
any leak, the CJP cautioned the SC
registrar and the FBR chairman that they
would be held responsible.
He added that the court did not want to
malign or stigmatise any individual.
The observation came when the FBR
chairman apprised the SC that it had
issued notices to individuals possessing
225 properties in the UK and Shabbar
Zaidi of A.F. Ferguson said properties
worth $150 billion inthe UAE were
owned by Pakistanis.
The court had initiated suo motu action
on reports about illegal money transfer
from Pakistan to other countries when it
came to its notice that a large number of
citizens were maintaining accounts in
other countries without paying tax on
the money or disclosing it to the relevant
A report furnished before the court also
highlighted top tax havens with
estimated $100 billion stashed in the UK,
the US and European Union in addition
to the money parked in real estate there,
besides $200 billion kept in Switzerland
(as per the statement of Swiss Foreign
Minister Micheline Calmy-Rey) as well as
Hong Kong, BVI, Bahamas, Channel
Island, Seychelles etc.
India agrees to allow Pakistan to
inspect Kishanganga project
India has agreed to allow Pakistan to
inspect the projects in the Jhelum basin,
including Kishanganga hydroelectric
project, in the near future and Islamabad
will allow New Delhi to carry out
inspection of the Kotri barrage over the
Indus under Article VIII (4) (c) of the
Indus Waters Treaty (IWT), it has been
According to the minutes of the115th
meeting of the Permanent Indus
Commission held between the two
countries from Aug 29 to 30 in Lahore,
`Pakistan also urged India to arrange for
the Special Tour of Inspection of the
projects in Jhelum basin including
Kishanganga HEP which is pending since
2014, on which ICIW (India`s
Commissioner for Indus Waters) gave his
assurance to arrange the same
During the meeting, the Pakistani and
Indian authorities were unanimous
about strengthening the role of the
Permanent Indus Commission.
Islamabad also highlighted the need and
asked New Delhi to share the
information about potential projects at
the planning stage for examination.
Qureshi, Rabbani renew trust in PakAfghan dialogue mechanism
Pakistan and Afghanistan on September
3, 2018 renewed their confidence in
Afghanistan-Pakistan Action Plan for
Peace and Solidarity (APAPPS) as the
most comprehensive mechanism for
bilateral dialogue on issues of concern to
the two countries.
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This was agreed during a telephonic
conversation between Foreign Minister
Shah Mehmood Qureshi and his Afghan
counterpart Salahuddin Rabbani. The
Afghan foreign minister had called Mr
Qureshi to greet him on his appointment
as foreign minister.
Mr Qureshi too had in one of his earlier
pressers expressed his desire to speak to
his Afghan counterpart and visit Kabul.
improvement in relations since the
launch of the APAPPS process in May
2018. It was noted that the framework
provided the most comprehensive
institutional mechanism to discuss all
mutual issues,` a statement on the
conversation issued by the Foreign
Office read.
Suspension of $300m payment not a
new decision: US
A day before an expected meeting with
the new Pakistani government, the
Pentagon on September 3, 2018
dispelled the impression that the United
States had cancelled its assistance to
In a statement, Pentagon spokesperson
Lt Col Koné Faulkner explained that the
suspension of security assistance to
Pakistan was announced in January 2018
and on September 1, 2018 the Pentagon
asked Congress to `reprogramme a
suspended amount of about $300
million that Pakistan was to receive from
the Coalition Support Fund (CSF).
`CSF is included in the suspension and it
remains in place. This is not a new
decision or a new announcement, but
acknowledgement of a July request to
reprogramme funds before they expire,`
he said.
The explanation sends a message to the
new Pakistani government that
Washington wants to give Prime
Minister Imran Khan and his team `some
space` to familiarise themselveswith the
issues they would be dealing with.
Any new decision affecting US-Pakistan
relations will only be made after
Washington has had enough interaction
with the Pakistani leadership to
understand how it operates.
Yet, the Pentagon official minced no
words in stressing how Washington
wants to rebuild its relationship with
ADB approves $100m loan to address
water shortages
The Asian Development Bank’s (ADB)
Board of Directors has approved a $100
million loan to address chronic water
shortages and increase earnings on
farms in Balochistan, Pakistan’s largest
and poorest province.
The Balochistan Water Resources
Development Sector Project will focus
on improving irrigation infrastructure
and water resource management in the
Zhob and Mula river basins.
Agriculture accounts for almost twothirds of Balochistan’s economic output
and employs 60% of the province’s 13
million population, but frequent drought
and poor water management has put
the industry, and those who rely on it, at
risk. Poverty rates in the province are
almost double the national average.
“Agriculture is the backbone of
Bolochistan’s economy,” said ADB
Principal Water Resources Specialist
Yaozhou Zhou. “This project will build
irrigation channels and dams, and
introduce efficient water usage systems
and practices, to help farmers increase
food production and make more
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UN court hears case over strategic
Indian Ocean islands
Mauritius told UN judges on September
3, 2018 that the Indian Ocean nation was
strong-armed by former colonial power
Britain into giving up part of its territory
as a condition for gaining independence
half a century ago, in a case that could
have an impact on a strategically
important US military base.
The claim came as judges at the
International Court of Justice began
hearing arguments in a UN General
Assembly request for an advisory
opinion on the legality of British
sovereignty over the Chagos Islands in
the Indian Ocean that include Diego
Garcia, home to a major US military
`The process of decolonisation of
Mauritius remains incomplete as a result
of the unlawful detachment of an
integral part of our territory on the eve
of our independence,` Mauritius
Defence Minister Anerood Jugnauth told
Mauritius argues that the Chagos
archipelago was part of its territory since
at least the 18th century and was
unlawfully taken by the UK in 1965,
three years before the island nation
gained independence. Britain insists it
has sovereignty over the archipelago,
which it calls the British Indian Ocean
The Chagossians have fought in British
courts for years to return to the islands.
In 2016, the Supreme Court rejected
their most recent appeal.
UAE names first astronauts to go to
The United Arab Emirates has selected
its first two astronauts to go on a mission
to the International Space Station.
Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashed alMaktoum named the new astronauts as
Hazza al-Mansouri, 34, and 37-year-old
Sultan al-Neyadi.
Sheikh Mohammed, the UAE`s vice
president and prime minister, last year
vowed to send four Emirati astronauts to
the space station within five years. The
UAE has its sights set on space with a
programme worth 20 billion dirhams
($5.4 billion), according to Sheikh
The astronaut programme would make
the UAE one of only a handful of states
in the Middle East to have sent a person
into space, as it looks to make good on a
pledge to become a global leader in
space exploration.
Reuters reporters jailed in Myanmar
secrets case
Two Reuters journalists accused of
breaching Myanmar’s state secrets law
while reporting on a massacre of
Rohingya Muslims were jailed for seven
years September 3, 2018, fuelling
international outrage a week after the
army was accused of genocide.
Wa Lone, 32, and Kyaw Soe Oo, 28, who
have been held in Yangon’s Insein prison
since their arrest in December, were
charged with violating the Official
Secrets Act, a draconian British colonialera law which carries a maximum
sentence of 14 years.
New UN rights chief Michelle Bachelet
said she was “shocked” by Myanmar’s
jailing of two Reuters journalists for
seven years and called for their
immediate release. “I was shocked,” the
former Chilean president told reporters
on her first day as UN High
Commissioner for Human Rights. “The
trial was a travesty of justice.” “I urge
unconditionally release Kyaw Soe Oo
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and Thet Oo Maung,” she said in a
Britain called for the “immediate”
release of two Reuters journalists jailed
in Myanmar on Monday, saying the
verdict had “undermined freedom of the
Egypt unearths one of oldest Nile Delta
One of the oldest villages in the Nile
Delta has been discovered after
archaeologists unearthed artefacts
dating to the fifth millennium BC.
Remains of the village were uncovered
by a French-Egyptian team at Tel
Samara, in northeastern Egypt. Similar
structures dating to the period between
4,200 BC and 2,900 BC “have never been
found in that region,” said Ayman
Ashmawy, the ministry’s antiquities
The only similar discovery has been the
village of Sais, in the Gharbia
governorate north of Cairo, Ashmawi
In the Dakahlia governorate northeast of
the capital, uncovered a number of silos
containing numerous animal bones and
vegetable residue. Archaeologists, who
had been working at the site since 2015,
also found pottery and stone tools at the
site according to the ministry statement.
The discoveries “confirm the presence of
stable communities in the humid areas
of the Delta from the fifth millenium
BC,” said Frederic Geyau, head of the Tel
Samara mission.
The findings have offered “a unique
occasion to learn more about the
prehistoric communities which lived in
the Delta” before the Pharaonic rule, he
Cook to retire from int’l cricket after
India series
Alastair Cook announced on September
3, 2018 he would retire from
international cricket after the fifth Test
against India, with England's leading Test
run-scorer saying he had "nothing left in
the tank".
The 33-year-old Essex left-hander has
amassed 12,254 runs at 44.88 including
32 hundreds, while his run of 158
consecutive Test appearances is a world
record. But the former England captain,
who has played in 160 Tests in total, has
struggled for runs recently and averages
a meagre 18.62 from nine Tests this
September 5, 2018
Arifur Rehman Alvi elected Pakistan’s
13th president
Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf candidate
Arifur Rehman Alvi September 4, 2018
was elected 13th President of Pakistan,
securing 353 electoral votes, as the
members of the Senate, National
Assembly and the provincial assemblies
cast their votes.
Three candidates, Arif Alvi, Fazlur
Rehman and Aitzaz Ahsan, were in the
run for the presidency. Alvi secured
overall 353 electoral votes while JUI-F
chief Maulana Fazlur Rahman, with the
support of opposition parties sans PPPP, secured 185 votes and PPP candidate
Aitzaz Ahsan bagged 124 votes, say the
provisional results of the presidential
The newly-elected President will take
oath of his office on September 9 after
the expiry of the five-year term of
According to the ECP’s results, total
voters in the presidential election were
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1,174 while 52 seats were vacant as their
results were withheld or members-elect
had not taken oath in the Senate and the
assemblies. The remaining 1,122 voters
were supposed to exercise their right to
According to the results received from
all the presiding officers, the number of
voters who actually exercised their right
to vote was 1,110 while 27 votes were
declared invalid by the respective
presiding officers. Thus the total number
of valid cast votes was 1,083.
Of the 430 votes cast in both the houses
of the parliament (the National
Assembly and the Senate), PTI’s
nominee received 212 votes, JUI-F’s
Rehman secured 131 and PPP-P’s Aitzaz
Ahsan got 81. Six votes were rejected for
being invalid.
Taliban announce death of Haqqani
network founder
Jalaluddin Haqqani, a one-time CIA asset
who went on to found a brutal militant
group that is now a top US target in
South Asia, has died after a long illness,
September 4, 2018.
Jalaluddin, whose eponymous Haqqani
network is known for its heavy use of
suicide bombers against Afghan civilians,
security forces, and US-led NATO troops,
was a key figure in entrenching jihad in
the conflict-ridden region over the past
40 years.
His group is at the heart of regional
tensions, with Washington and Kabul
long suspecting the Haqqanis of having
Jalaluddin, believed to have been born in
Afghanistan before migrating to
Pakistan’s tribal areas, first came to
prominence as an Afghan mujahideen
commander fighting the Soviet
occupation in the 1980s with the help of
the United States and Pakistan.
Known for his organisation, courage and
entrepreneurial skills, Jalaluddin was
nicknamed “kabari”, Pashto for scrap
metal dealer, for reselling parts of tanks
that had been destroyed on the
He became a CIA asset and received a
personal visit from US congressman
Charlie Wilson, who helped secure arms
for the mujahideen.
He became a minister in the Taliban
regime which took power in Afghanistan
in 1996 - one of the only major
mujahideen leaders to join the group and was close to its late founder Mullah
But after the US invasion of Afghanistan
in 2001 toppled the regime, he pulled
back from the public eye, making only a
handful of appearances in later years as
the fearsome reputation of the Haqqani
network began to grow.
The group, designated a terrorist
organisation by the US in 2012, has been
blamed for spectacular attacks across
Afghanistan since the Taliban, and is one
of the most merciless and effective
groups operating in the region.
The Haqqanis were described by US
Admiral Mike Mullen in 2011 as a
“veritable arm” of Pakistani intelligence.
Washington has long pressured
Islamabad to crack down on the group,
and recently cancelled assistance worth
hundreds of millions over Pakistan’s lack
of “decisive” action against militants.
Islamabad has repeatedly denied it is
sheltering militants on its soil.
Pompeo due today amid chill in Pak-US
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US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo is
reaching Islamabad on September 5,
2018 to meet officials of the new
government in Pakistan, but his brief
stay in the capital, analysts fear, could be
It would be the first high level visit from
Washington since the new government
assumed office. Secretary Pompeo
would be accompanied by Chairman of
the Joint Chiefs of Staff Gen Joseph
The trip, which has been preceded by a
public spat over the State Department
readout of Mr Pompeo`s phone
conversation with Prime Minister Imran
Khan and the US announcement about
ending Coalition Support Fund (CSF)
reimbursements, is taking place at a very
tense time in the Pakistan-US
The bilateral relationship has been on
the downslide for years now and the
slide has been accelerating with the
passage of time, but the positivity shown
by the PTI government, which as
compared to other political parties had a
tough position on the ties with the US,
created hopes of progress in ties. Those
hopes were boosted by the growing
realisation in Washington that its
Afghanistan policy announced last year
was not working and that they will have
to engage with the Taliban for a political
settlement of the conflict in Afghanistan.
But those hopes were shattered by the
readout row and the end to CSF
PM okays 46pc rise in gas tariff
Prime Minister Imran Khan on
September 4, 2018 gave a go-ahead for
increasing natural gas rates by an
average of 46 per cent as determined by
the Oil and Gas Regulatory Authority
(Ogra) in June and ordered steps to
control annual gas theft of Rs50 billion.
Presiding over a briefing on gas sector,
the prime minister asked the petroleum
division to get it approved from the
forum concerned and clear the backlog
of issues which have piled up when he
was explained about the need for gas
tariff increase.
Current Minister for Petroleum: Ghulam
Sarwar Khan
Current Finance Minister Asad Umar
Babar Awan resigns as PM`s adviser
A few hours after the filing of a
corruption reference against Adviser to
the Prime Minister on Parliamentary
Affairs Babar Awan by the National
Accountability Bureau (NAB) for his
alleged involvement in inordinate delay
in construction of the 525MW Nandipur
power plant, he resigned from his office
on September 4, 2018.
`Fulfilling Imran Khan`s promise to the
nation, I tender my resignation from the
office of prime minister`s adviser on
parliamentary affairs,` Mr Awan stated
in a handwritten resignation in Urdu
which he submitted to Prime Minister
Imran Khan.
Mr Awan, who became a member of the
prime minister`s cabinet just 16 days ago
(Aug 20), said that although he had
(only) been accused of causing delay in
execution of the power project, even
then he did not want to stick to his
PM forms energy, privatisation, CPEC
Prime Minister Imran Khan on
September 4, 2018 constituted
Committees for privatisation, energy
and China–Pakistan Economic Corridor
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According to a notification issued in this
regard, Imran Khan has created a sixmember Energy Committee which will
be headed by Petroleum Minister
Ghulam Sarwar Khan.
Finance Minister Asad Umar, Railways
Minister Sheikh Rashid, Abdul Razzaq
Dawood who is the Adviser to PM on
Commerce, Textile, Industry and
Production and Investment, PM’s
Minister for Planning and Development
Makhdoom Khusro Bakhtiar and the
Secretary Cabinet division will be part of
the Energy Committee.
Further, as per the notification, the
seven-member Privatisation Committee
will be headed by the Finance Minister
and will include Minister of Law and
Justice Muhammad Farogh Naseem,
Adviser to PM on Institutional Reforms
and Austerity Dr Ishrat Husain, Abdul
Razzaq Dawood and Khusro Bakhtiar.
The CPEC Committee will be headed by
Bakhtiar and will comprise of nine
Foreign Minister Shah Mahmood
Qureshi, Minister of Law and Justice
Farogh Naseem, Finance Minister Umar,
Minister of Petroleum Division Sarwar,
Railways Minister Sheikh Rashid and
PM's Adviser on Commerce, Textile,
Industry and Production and Investment
will make up the Committee.
Moreover, the Secretary of the Cabinet
division will also be part of the
Committee formed by the govt
Spain cancels bomb sale to Saudi Arabia
amid Yemen concerns
Spain said on September 4, 2018 it has
canceled the delivery of 400 laser guided
bombs purchased by Saudi Arabia, amid
fears that the weapons could be used
against Iran-aligned Houthi rebels in
The arms deal was originally signed in
2015 under Spain`s former conservative
government, but the new centreleft
administration of Prime Minister Pedro
Sanchez plans to return the 9.2 million
euros ($10.6 million) already paid by the
Special status given to India
undermining regional stability: think
The Strategic Trade Authorisation-1
(STA-1) status given to India by the
United States is undermining regional
stability and the global non-proliferation
regime, warned a think tank on
September 4, 2018.
The Strategic Vision Institute (SVI),
which specialises in strategic stability
issues, said in a press release: `The US tilt
towards India for its geopolitical goals,
including containment of China, marked
a paradigm shift in the American nonproliferation policy.
The US Department of Commerce had
on July 30 granted STA-1 status to India.
This allows licence exceptions for export
of certain critical dual-use, defencerelated and military technologies to
India from the US. The US move had
preceded the initiation of India-US 2+2
dialogue involving their foreign and
defence ministers for which Secretary
Mike Pompeowill visit Delhi after
completing his Islamabad trip.
Australia mints its most valuable coin
Australia has minted a gold coin
encrusted with rare pink diamonds
worth Aus$2.48 million (US$1.8 million)
to meet growing demand for high-end
collectables from the ultra-rich.
The two-kilogramme treasure, which
depicts a sailing ship, a gold prospector
and boab trees found in Western
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Australia, is considered legal tender and
will be sold to the highest bidder.
It is the most valuable coin ever made in
Australia and is expected to be sold to a
buyer from Asia or the Middle East.
The coin showcases rare pink stones
handset in the most famed of precious
metals, telling the inspirational rags to
riches tales of mining for these prized
resources.” Called “Discovery”, it was
modelled after the “Holey Dollar”, one
of Australia’s first coins, with a private
collector paying Aus$495,000 for one of
those in 2013.
A key attraction is the four pink
diamonds from the renowned Argyle
mine in Australia’s remote western
Kimberley region, including a 1.02-carat
emerald cut.
Jeff Bezos rockets to richest person on
As Amazon became the second US firm
to hit a trillion-dollar value on the stock
market, founder Jeff Bezos regained the
crown as the richest person on the
Amazon's share price has climbed during
the year, lifting the personal wealth of
the company's 54-year-old founder with
it. Forbes estimated his net worth about
$166 billion.
He has gone on record with a formula for
success that includes taking bold bets,
riding change and rebounding from
September 6, 2018
Pakistan, US agree to make fresh start
Pakistan and the United States on
September 5, 2018 sent out a clear
message that they were ready to reset
their bilateral relations, with Islamabad
emphasising that finally after several
years the diplomatic stalemate has been
Both sides agreed that it was time for
them to begin to deliver on all joint
commitments so as to build confidence
and trust. Pakistan recognised the shift
in the US Afghan policy where it now
wants to go into direct talks with the
Afghan Taliban and wants Pakistan to
The breakthrough came after two
lengthy meetings at the Foreign Office
and Prime Minister’s Secretariat, by the
visiting US Secretary of State Mike
Pompeo and US Chairman of the Joint
Chiefs of Staff General Joseph Dunford
with Prime Minister Imran Khan, Foreign
Minister Shah Mehmood Qureshi,
Foreign Secretary Tehmina Junjua, Chief
of the Army Staff (COAS) General Qamar
Javed Bajwa Bajwa and DG ISI Lt Gen
Naveed Mukhtar.
Secretary Pompeo welcomed the
smooth transition of power to a new
civilian government, stressing the
importance of strong democratic
institutions. Qureshi announced later in
a press conference that he was invited
by Pompeo to Washington to carry
forward the discussion held Wednesday
in Islamabad.
Task force formed to get ill-gotten
money from abroad
Taking a step forward to fulfil its promise
of retrieving ill-gotten wealth of
Pakistanis in foreign countries, the
government has formed a high-powered
task force comprising officials of the
Federal Investigation Agency, National
Accountability Bureau as well as
intelligence agencies.
In this regard, the government has
decided to enforce an anti-corruption
rule which offers informers 20 per cent
of the looted wealth recovered through
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information provided by them. The rule
exists in accountability laws but has
seldom been enforced.
The government also made another
significant decision to introduce uniform
curriculum not only in public and private
schools but also in religious seminaries.
These decisions were made in a federal
cabinet meeting held at PM Office on
Wednesday with Prime Minister Imran
Khan in the chair.
Sarwar sworn in as 37th governor of
Chaudhry Sarwar on September 5, 2018
took oath as the 37th governor of
Lahore High Court Chief Justice Yawar Ali
administered the oath at a ceremony
held on the lawns of Governor House.
Mr Sarwar was nominated as Punjab
governor on Aug 10 but he continued
holding his position as Senator because
party wanted him to poll his vote for Dr
Arif Ali, PTI`s presidential candidate.
Soon after the president`s election
process completed and results declared,
Mr Sarwar resigned from his Senatorship
on September 4, 2018 evening.
Shah Farman took oath as Khyber
Pakhtunkhwa (KP) governor
Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf leader Shah
Farman took oath as Khyber
Pakhtunkhwa (KP) governor
Peshawar High Court Chief Justice
Waqar Ahmad Seth administered oath
to Shah Farman at a ceremony held at
the KP Governor's House.
Shah Farman resigned as MPA on
September 4, 2018 after casting his vote
in the presidential election. He had
retained his seat in rural Peshawar in the
July 25 general election after remaining
an MPA for five years from 2013-2018.
He also contested for the second
provincial assembly seat, but lost by a
narrow margin to Awami National Party
(ANP)'s Khushdil Khan following
Shah Farman, who was a lawyer but
hadn't practiced in law, remained
provincial minister for public health
engineering and information in the
previous PTI-led government in the
Shah Farman was nominated by Prime
Minister Imran Khan for the position of
KP governor last month. He has replaced
Iqbal Zafar Jhagra, a nominee of Pakistan
Muslim League-Nawaz (PML-N) who
resigned after the defeat of the party in
the recent general election.
Mobile app, website launched to
promote tourism
On the directives of Senior Minister
Muhammad Atif Khan, the sports,
tourism, archaeology, culture, museums
and youth affairs department is
launching a new mobile App and website
to introduce Khyber Pakhtunkhwa as a
tourism brand to the world to attract
more tourists and visitors to the
This was told at a meeting held with
department`s secretary Shahid Zaman in
the chair on September 5, 2018.
Additional secretary Babar Khan,
officials of Management Information
System and others attended the
meeting, according to a press release.
The MIS team briefed the participants
on the launch of mobile App and new
The meeting was told that all data of
tour operators, hotels, restaurants
booking, tracking, tourist resorts, lakes,
weather in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa would
be uploaded on the website and mobile
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App to help tourists get information
about these facilities at home before
leaving for a particular destination.
Pakistan could have up to 250 Nwarheads by 2025: report
Pakistan’s nuclear arsenal could grow
from an estimated 140–150 to between
220 and 250 warheads within the next
seven years if the South Asian country
continues expanding its nuclear weapon
programme and delivery capabilities,
according to a report published on
August 31 by the Bulletin of the Atomic
Authored by members of the Federation
of American Scientists, the 12-page long
report points out that the country is
expanding its uranium-enrichment and
plutonium production facilities, as well
as developing several delivery systems,
says Jane's Defence Weekly.
“Pakistan continues to expand its
nuclear arsenal with more warheads,
more delivery systems, and a growing
fissile materials production industry …
We estimate that the country’s stockpile
could … grow to 220 to 250 warheads by
2025, if the current trend continues,”
states the report, pointing out that this
would make Pakistan the world’s fifthlargest “nuclear weapon state”
Black woman Democrat wins landmark
An African American woman on
September 4, 2018 pulled off an upset
victory in a Democratic primary contest
against a 10-term entrenched male
incumbent in Boston, the latest sign that
insurgent US candidates from the left
are gaining ground.
Ayanna Pressley, 44, won the
Democratic nomination for the US
Massachusetts's seventh district, one of
the most left-leaning in America and
which includes Harvard University.
Pressley has long been identified as a
rising star in the Democratic Party. In
2009, she was the first woman of color
ever elected to the Boston City Council.
She also worked for former senator John
‘No helmet, no fuel’ for Bangladesh
Motorcyclists without helmets have
been barred from buying fuel in Dhaka,
in an attempt to quell tensions after
major protests for better road safety in
the Bangladeshi capital last month.
The announcement by Dhaka police
came after tens of thousands of teenage
protesters and students gridlocked
Dhaka for nine days in late July and early
August, in a major challenge to the
authority of Prime Minister Sheikh
Hasina’s government.
Climate action could add $26t to world
Ambitious action on climate change
could contribute an extra $26 trillion to
the world economy by 2030,
international experts said on September
6, 2018, urging nations and businesses
to step up their engagement.
The economic benefits offered by a shift
to a low-carbon economy have been
“grossly” underestimated, according to
the Global Commission on the Economy
and Climate, a think tank grouping
former heads of government and top
economic and business leaders.
“Bold action could yield a direct
economic gain of $26 trillion through to
2030 compared with business-as-usual.
And this is likely to be a conservative
estimate,” the commission’s annual
report found. Dynamic action on climate
could also generate “over 65 million new
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low-carbon jobs” by 2030 and avoid over
700,000 premature deaths due to air
pollution, it said.
Pompeo, Mattis arrive in Delhi for
strategic talks
US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo and
Defence Secretary Jim Mattis arrived
Delhi September 5, 2018 to hold the
inaugural two-plus-two talks with their
Indian counterparts, focus of which will
be to deepen strategic ties and resolve
differences over India's defence
engagement with Russia and crude oil
import from Iran.
Reflecting the importance of the talks to
be held today (September 6, 2018),
Indian External Affairs Minister Sushma
Swaraj received Pompeo, while Defence
Minister Nirmala Sitharaman welcomed
her US counterpart Jim Mattis at the
Palam airport.
Swaraj and Sitharaman will hold the
twice-postponed dialogue with Pompeo
and Mattis. Chairman of the US Joint
Chiefs of Staff General Joseph Dunford is
also part of the US delegation.
The external affairs minister will have a
separate bilateral meeting with Pompeo
while Sitharaman will have a one-on-one
meeting with Mattis today (September
6, 2018) morning before the delegationlevel two-plus-two talks.
September 7, 2018
Chinese FM arriving today on three-day
Two days after US Secretary of State
Mike Pompeo`s transit visit, Chinese
Foreign Minister Wang Yi is reaching
Islamabad on September 7, 2018 (today)
on a three-day official visit.
The state-run news agency APP quoted
Chinese Foreign Ministry Spokesperson
Hua Chunying as saying during a regular
press briefing in Beijing that the Chinese
foreign minister would be visiting
Pakistan from Sept 7 to 9 at the
invitation of Foreign Minister Shah
Mehmood Qureshi.
counterpart, Mr Wang is likely to meet
Prime Minister Imran Khan and
president-elect Arif Alvi during his stay in
Islamabad to have discussions on
bilateral issues with focus on China
Pakistan Economic Corridor projects.
`Wang Yi will also meet the main leaders
of Pakistani side and exchange views on
bilateral relations, regional as well as
international issues of mutual interest.
The visit of the Chinese FM has acquired
significance as it is taking place days
after a similar visit by top US officials in
which both countries agreed to reset
their ties and reached an understanding
that the Trump administration and the
new Pakistani government would try to
deliver on each other`s expectations.
Five Punjab ministers get portfolios
The Punjab government on September
6, 2018 allotted portfolios to five
ministers who had taken oath along with
their 18 colleagues on Aug 27.
According to a notification, Hafiz Ammar
Yasir has been given the potfolio of
mines and minerals depanment; Raja
Rashid Hafeez literacy and non-formal
basic education; Sardar Husnain
Bahadar Dareshak livestock and dairy
development, Chaudhry Zaheeruddin
public prosecution and Hashim Dogar
population welfare.
Of total 23 ministers, 15 were given
portfolios same day, while three
ministers were given portfolios on Aug
PM forms three task forces
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Prime Minister Imran Khan on
September 6, 2018 formally formed
three task forces to meet the
government`s goals of austerity, civil
services reforms and completion of
merger of Federally Administered Tribal
Areas (Fata) with Khyber Pakhtunkhwa
(KP) province.
The Task Force on Austerity and
Restructuring of the Government
(TFARG) comprises 18 members and it
tasked with
recommendations to the government
how its (the government`s) expenses
could be curtailed and what steps are
required for restructuring of the
government departments.
The TFARG is headed by former
governor and adviser to the prime
minister on institutional reforms and
austerity Dr Ishrat Hussain.
The Task Force on Civil Service Reforms
(TFCR) is headed by Dr Ishrat Hussain.It
has 19 members, including Shahid
Kardar, Vice Chancellor of Beacon House
National University; Dr Sania Nishtar;
Suleiman Ghani, retired federal
secretary; Dr Nadeemul-Haq, former
Commission; Salman Raja, a lawyer; Ali
Cheema and Umair Javed of LUMS; Ejaz
Ahmed Qureshi, former federal
secretary; Naheed Durrani, managing
director of Sindh Education Foundation.
prime minister also approved the
constitution of a Task Force for
Identification of Impediments &
Facilitation of merger of Fata and Pata
with KP.
The force is consists of 11 members and
is headed by the adviser to the prime
minister on establishment as its
Balochistan governor Achakzai resigns
Balochistan Governor Muhammad Khan
Achakzai on September 6, 2018
tendered his resignation from office.
Mr Achakzai sent his resignation to
President-elect Arif Alvi.
Later, the Establishment Division issued
a notification about the acceptance of
Mr Achakzai`s resignation.
The Speaker of the Balochistan Assembly
Mir Abdul Qudoos Bizenjo had been
responsibilities till the appointment of
new governor.
Former PM Nawaz Sharif had appointed
Mr Achakzai as governor in May 2013.
Saqib given charge of PIA CEO
Aviation Division Secretary Saqib Aziz
was given the additional charge of the
chief executive officer of the Pakistan
International Airlines on September 6,
A notification issued by the federal
government on September 5, 2018 says
`the federal government has been
pleased to approve the grant of
additional charge of CEO of PIA to Saqib
Aziz (BS 22), secretary aviation with
immediate effect and until further
Mr Aziz already holds the charge of
chairman of PIA.
Canada revises travel advisory for
The Canadian government has revised
its travel advisory for Pakistan, and
removed Islamabad f rom the list of
`avoid non-essential travel` cities.
The Global Affairs Department while
revising the travel advisory for Pakistan
observed that there is decrease in risk
level for Canadians to travel to
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In the first step towards that direction,
the Canadian government has excluded
Islamabad from that category and
further steps will be taken in the light of
evolving security situation.
Saudi Arabia, Pakistan agree to boost
trade ties
Pakistan and Saudi Arabia have agreed
to work out proposals for enhancing
bilateral economic cooperation through
identifying specific areas in trade and
An understanding to this effect was
reached at the second meeting of PakSaudi Joint Working Group on Trade and
Investment. The JWG was constituted in
the 11th session of Pak-Saudi Joint
Ministerial Commission held at
Islamabad in January 2018.
Secretary Commerce Younus Dagha and
Saudi Deputy Minister for Foreign Trade
Abdulrahman Alharbi co-chaired the
session. The Ambassador of Saudi Arabia
to Pakistan Nawaf Saeed Al-Maliki as
well as other officials from various
ministries participated in the meeting.
Dagha invited Saudi government and
private sector to invest in oil refining,
petrochemicals and food processing
industry in Pakistan.
N. Korea`s Kim sets denuclearisation
time line, prompts thanks from Trump
North Korea`s Kim Jong Un has given his
first time line for denuclearisation,
aiming for the end of US President
Donald Trump`s first term, Seoul officials
said on September 6, 2018, prompting
thanks from Trump who said they would
`get it done together`.
Kim and South Korean President Moon
Jae-in will meet in Pyongyang on Sept
18-20 for a third summit and discuss
denuclearisation, Moon`s national
security adviser, Chung Euiyong, said a
day after meeting Kim.
The summit could provide renewed
denuclearisation between North Korea
and the United States, after Trump
cancelled a visit to Pyongyang by
Secretary of State Mike Pompeo last
month citing lack of progress.
Kim told South Korean officials his faith
in Trump was `unchanged` and that he
wanted denuclearisation of the Korean
peninsula and an end to hostile relations
with the United States before Trump`s
first term in office ends in early 2021,
Chung said.
But there was no indication that Kim had
offered concrete steps toward giving up
his nuclear arsenal, something some US
officials have said privately they doubt
he is willing to do.
Pompeo, Mattis skirt sanctions
potholes in India talks
US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo and
Defence Secretary James Mattis skirted
diplomatic potholes in their longdelayed talks with top Indian officials
here on September 6, 2018, where they
faced the implacable challenge of
isolating Russia and Iran from New
Delhi`s strategic ambit.
There was no deft balancing required,
however, for India to use the occasion to
slam Pakistan`s alleged role in fomenting
terrorism. Inevitably, China too was in
the crosshairs.
`We see the Indo-Pacific as a free, open
and inclusive concept, with Asean
centrality at the core and defined by a
common rules-based order that both
our countries are pursuing,` External
Affairs Minister Sushma Swaraj said in a
statement after the talks.
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India`s top court legalises same-sex
A constitutional bench of India`s
Supreme Court on September 6, 2018
legalised same-sex relations between
consenting adults, but the move poses a
challenge in a country where social
mores prohibit heterosexual ties across
hidebound castes or between religious
The five-judge bench termed the court`s
September 8, 2018
Police chiefs of Punjab, Sindh & KP
transferred in shuffle
The federal government on September
7, 2018 transferred and posted top
police officers in Punjab, Sindh and
Khyber Pakhtunkhwa.
Dr Syed Kaleem Imam, the inspector
general of Punjab police (PSP, BS-21),
who is serving as the Provincial Police
Officer in Punjab, has been transferred
and posted as the PPO in Sindh.
Amjad Javed Saleemi (BS-22), serving as
inspector general of Sindh police, has
been transferred and asked to report to
the Establishment Division with
immediate effect.
Muhammad Tahir (PSP, BS-21), serving
as the PPO of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, has
been transferred and posted as
inspector general of Punjab police. A
notification has been issued in this
regard by the Establishment Division.
The government has appointed
Salahuddin Khan Mehsud as chief of the
Khyber Pakhtunkhwa police. He has
replaced Mr Tahir who has been
transferred to Punjab.
Meanwhile, the Punjab government has
issued a notification saying that City
Police Officer Rizwan Omer Gondal (PSP,
BS-18) has been relieved of his duties in
Punjab and transferred to Islamabad. Mr
Gondal remained in news last week for
his involvement and subsequent
transfer after an incident revolving
around the former husband of first lady
Khawar Maneka.
Govt `proposes` Kartarpur border
opening to India
The government on September 7, 2018
said it was considering opening the
Kartarpur border crossing with India for
Sikh pilgrims to visit Gurdwara Darbar
Sahib without visa.
The government is considering opening
Kanarpur border and after that the
Indian Sikhs visiting the gurdwara will be
required to have a ticket. The Kartarpur
gurdwara is located in Narowal district
near the Indian border.
Three more advisers inducted into
Balochistan cabinet
Three more advisers have been inducted
into the Jam-led six-party coalition
government of Balochistan.
According to a notification issued on the
orders of the governor of Balochistan,
three advisers were appointed with
immediate effect on the advice of the
chief minister on September 7, 2018.
The new advisers are: Mir Abdul Rauf
Rind of the Balochistan Awami Party,
Malik Naeem Khan Bazai of the Awami
National Party and Abdul Khalig Hazara
of the Hazara Democratic Party.
With the induction of the three advisers,
the number of advisers in the
Balochistan cabinet has risen to four.
Fifth patrol vessel inducted into
maritime agency`s fleet
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The PMSS Kashmir, the fifth maritime
patrol vessel built in China for the
Pakistan Maritime Security Agency, was
inducted into the PMSA`s fleet on
September 7, 2018.
It was in response to evolving maritime
imperatives and national obligations
that a capacity enhancement plan was
pro-posed by the PMSA and
subsequently approved by the federal
The induction of another state-of-theart vessel into the PMSA fleet was of
unique significance as it showed the
agency`s commitment and resolve
towards safeguarding the ChinaPakistan Economic Corridor and
ensuring maritime security.
Noted playwright, broadcaster Nisar
Mohammad dies at 78
Noted Pashto film and playwright Nisar
Mohammad Khan passed away in his
September 7, 2018 after a five-year-long
battle with cancer. He was 78.
He worked on different positions in
Radio Pakistan and finally was appointed
as station director at Peshawar Centre.
He wrote several Pashto dramas for both
Radio Pakistan and Pakistan Television,
Peshawar centres.
He also directed many plays. He won the
best drama writer award in 2002. He
penned scripts and storylines for about
60 top Pashto movies. He also wrote two
exceptional books, one was on Life of
Hazrat Bilal (RA) and other was on
Pashto music titled Speen Tumbal.
He also wrote the stories of two famous
Pashto films, Orbal and Makhroor.
He set new trends in Pashto film making;
music and drama were his great
Mattis makes unannounced Afghan
US Defence Secretary Jim Mattis met
with top Afghan leaders during an
unannounced visit to Kabul on
September 7, 2018, adding his weight to
a flurry of diplomatic efforts to bring the
Taliban to the negotiating table.
His trip comes a little more than a year
after President Donald Trump unveiled a
revamped strategy for Afghanistan that
saw him commit thousands of additional
US forces to the war-torn country on an
open-ended basis.
Mattis, on his fourth visit to Afghanistan
since becoming defence chief in January
2017, has met with President Ashraf
Ghani and the new US commander for
American and NATO forces, General
Scott Miller. His arrival in Kabul comes at
a sensitive time in the 17-year war.
The grinding conflict has seen little
progress by Afghan or US forces against
the Taliban, the country’s largest
militant group. Six US soldiers have been
killed in Afghanistan so far this year, the
most recent happening on Monday in an
apparent insider attack
UN special envoy meets Yemeni FM,
tries to persuade Houthis to attend
talks in Geneva
The United Nations Special Envoy for
Yemen, Martin Griffiths, has discussed
issues including prisoners, humanitarian
access and the reopening of Sanaa
airport with Yemeni Foreign Minister
Khaled al-Yamani.
But Griffiths, who began consultations
with the Yemen government delegation
in Geneva on September 6, 2018, was
still awaiting representatives of the
Iranian-allied Houthi movement from
the capital Sanaa in order to hold peace
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talks, UN spokeswoman Alessandra
Vellucci said.
The United Nations said that Griffiths
was not expected to hold any talks at its
Geneva offices on Friday. But he was
seenholding talks at the hotel of the
Yemeni government delegation.
China allows Nepal to use its ports, ends
Indian monopoly on transit
China will allow Nepal the use of four of
its ports, the Nepalese government said
on September 7, 2018, as the landlocked
Himalayan nation seeks to end India`s
monopoly over its trading routes by
increasing connections with Beijing.
Wedged between China and India, Nepal
depends heavily on India for the supply
of essential goods including fuel and the
use of its ports for trade with other
But Kathmandu has sought access to
Chinese ports to reduce dependence on
India since a prolonged blockade of its
border crossings with India in 2015 and
2016 left the country short of fuel and
medicine for several months.
Officials from Nepal and China finalised
a protocol during a meeting in
Kathmandu on Friday giving Nepalaccess
to the Chinese ports at Tianjin,
Shenzhen, Lianyungang and Zhanjiang, a
statement from Nepal`s Commerce
Ministry said.
Overland trade is now routed mainly
through the east Indian port of Kolkata
which takes up to three months, officials
said. New Delhi has also opened the
southern port at Vishakhapatnam for
Nepali trade.
Iran, Russia, Turkey struggle to agree
future of Syria’s Idlib
Iran, Russia and Turkey were unable to
overcome their differences at a Tehran
summit on September 7, 2018 as they
held talks on an imminent offensive
against the last rebel stronghold in Syria,
amid warnings from the international
community of a looming humanitarian
Turkey's President Recep Tayyip
Erdogan openly disagreed with his
Russian counterpart Vladimir Putin at a
press conference in the Iranian capital
and warned of a "bloodbath" in Idlib
province, where an assault by Syrian
government forces is expected any day.
Iranian President Hassan Rouhani, who
hosted the meeting, also warned against
a "scorched earth" policy, but said
"fighting terrorism in Idlib is an
unavoidable part of the mission of
restoring peace and stability to Syria."
Russia and Iran are major allies of Syrian
President Bashar al-Assad, while Turkey
backs opposition fighters, including
some present in Idlib, who are seeking
his ouster.
AB De Villiers signs up to play in PSL
Former South African skipper and one of
the leading batsmen in world cricket, AB
de Villiers has consented to join the
Pakistan Super League (PSL) for its 2019
A press release by the PCB said:
`Pakistan Super League (PSL) is all set for
another thrilling edition with the signing
of South African legend AB de Villiers for
the 2019 season.
`De Villiers, who retired from
international cricket earlier this year,
brings a stellar record with him. With
more than 20,000 international runs to
his name, De Villiers is inarguably one of
the greatest modern-day cricketers to
have played the game.
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September 9, 2018
CPEC top priority, Qureshi assures
Chinese minister
The government on September 8, 2018
said it would continue to accord top
priority to the China Pakistan Economic
Corridor (CPEC).
The assurance was extended to Chinese
Foreign Minister Wang Yi by his host
Shah Mehmood Qureshi, who noted
that his government saw it as a
significant project for the socioeconomic
development of the country.
Mr Wang is on a three-day visit to
Pakistan the first by a senior Chinese
official since the Pakistan Tehreeki-Insafled government assumed office last
The visit is meant to engage with the
new government, re-emphasise the
importance of bilateral ties and learn
about its position on relations
particularly with regard to CPEC.
Diplomatic observers are taking a keen
interest in the project because of the
evolving regional situation in which new
alignments are emerging. Pakistan and
China, which have a longstanding
relationship, are seen to be getting
further closer.
Four more members to be inducted into
federal cabinet
Prime Minister Imran Khan has decided
to expand his cabinet with the inclusion
of four new ministers, taking the total
number of cabinet members to 25.
According to an official announcement
by the Prime Minister Office, the four
new members of the federal cabinet will
be former Senate chairman Muhammed
Mian Soomro, Syed Ali Haider Zaidi,
Murad Saeed and Umar Ayub Khan.
Mr Soomro will be made minister for
privatisation, Mr Ayub is to be allocated
the portfolio of energy and Mr Zaidi will
assume the charge of maritime affairs
However, the portfolio of Mr Saeed will
be announced later, says the official
Cabinet okays reunification of health
The Punjab government has decided in
principle to converge the bifurcated
health department into a unified entity
to improve governance, save resources
and end culture of blame-game.
It was bifurcated into specialised
healthcare and medical education as
well as primary and secondary
healthcare departments by the last
government in October 2015.
The Punjab cabinet, which met under
Chief Minister Usman Buzdar at his
office, constituted a committee headed
by health minister Dr Yasmin Rashid to
debate the issue and come up with
concrete recommendations for the
reunification of the department. The law
minister will also be included in the
The cabinet also decided to continue the
Pakistan Kidney and Liver Transplant
Institute and a committee was formed
consisting of health and law ministers
for suggesting measures to make the
institution more effective.
Balochistan cabinet
Two ministers were inducted into the
cabinet of Balochistan on September 8,
They are Mir Asadullah Baloch of the
Balochistan National Party-Awami (BNPA) and Sardar Abdul Rehman Khetran of
the Balochistan Awami Party (BAP).
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Acting Governor Mir Abdul Quddus
Bizenjo administrated the oath to the
new ministers at a ceremony held in
Governor House.
With the induction of two more
ministers the strength of the provincial
cabinet has risen to 16, 12 ministers and
four advisers to the chief minister.
Mr Alyani can induct two more ministers
and an adviser in to his cabinet, as
according to the 18th Amendment to
the Constitution, Balochistan`s cabinet
can have 15 ministers, including the
chief minister, and five advisers.
First tax recovery made under Panama
Papers investigation
Exactly two years after starting the
exercise, the tax authorities have
reported their first recoveries under the
investigations into assets held by
individuals named in the Panama and
Paradise papers.
Data from the Federal Board of Revenue,
shows that the Karachi and Islamabad
LTU have made the first recovery of tax
since the start of the exercise.
The FBR has recovered a total amount of
Rs6.2 billion out of total demand created
in 15 cases.
The recovery of the remaining amount
of Rs4.64bn remains under process.
The break up shows that in six cases
notices were issued to members of a
single leading business family by the
Islamabad LTU.
The tax demand raised from the family
was about Rs4.6bn out of which only
Rs15m has been recovered from them.
The single largest tax demand of
Rs3.164bn was raised from a Karachi
based individual, which has been
recovered in full by the Karachi LTU.
The second largest recovery of
Rs2.691bn was made from another
Karachi-based individual where the tax
demand was also recovered in full,
followed by another amount of Rs350m
from a third individual also based in
In Sept 2016, the FBR Intelligence
Directorate issued 444 notices to owners
of the offshore companies mentioned in
the Panama Papers.
Turkmenistan to double power exports,
eyes Pakistani market
Turkmenistan completed an upgrade of
its largest electric power plant on
September 8, 2018, which it hopes will
help boost exports and eventually allow
supplies to Pakistan, which would
require the construction of a new
transmission line.
The Central Asian nation, which sits on
the world`s fourth-biggest natural gas
reserves, has been hit hard by the
plunge in global hydrocarbon prices and
is seeking to diversify exports in order to
increase its hard currency earnings.
Launching the upgraded gas and steamturbine plant in the southern Mary
Kurbanguly Berdymukhamedov said it
would boost power exports by three
billion kilowatt hours (kWh) from the
current 3.3bn kWh a year.
`In the future, we plan to build a gas
turbine power plant on the TurkmenAfghan border together with Japan`s
Sumitomo,` he said. In addition to its
current customers Afghanistan, Iran and
Turkey Ashgabat plans to tap Pakistan`s
market by building a power transmission
line through Afghanistan, where it is
already laying a gas pipeline in the same
US govt misleading Americans on
Afghanistan: report
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The US government misleads its public
to justify the 17-year-old war in
Afghanistan, routinely using inflated
data to justify its stay, The New York
Times reported on September 8, 2018.
The report compares the US
government`s data with those provided
by various international aid agencies and
with NYT`s own research and concludes
that Washington does not want
Americans to know the real situation in
While the US government says the
Taliban control or contest 44 per cent of
districts in Afghanistan, the NYT report
claims that the insurgents actually
control or contest about 61pc area.
Since 2017, the Taliban have held more
Afghan territory than at any stage since
the American invasion in October 2001.
US to cut $25m in aid to hospitals
serving Palestinians
The United States plans to cut $25
million in aid to six hospitals primarily
serving Palestinians in Jerusalem, a State
September 8, 2018.
The official said the decision followed a
review of assistance to the Palestinian
Authority and in the West Bank and Gaza
“to ensure these funds were being spent
in accordance with US national interests
and were providing value to the US
“As a result of that review, at the
direction of the president, we will be
redirecting approximately $25 million
originally planned for the East Jerusalem
Hospital Network. Those funds will go to
high-priority projects elsewhere.”
Egypt sentences 75 to death
An Egyptian court handed a five-year jail
photojournalist Mahmoud Abu Zeid on
September 8, 2018 and confirmed death
sentences against 75 people in one of
the largest mass trials since the 2011
The same court that handed Shawkan a
five year term on Saturday also
confirmed death sentences initially
issued in July against 75 defendants,
including leaders of Morsi's outlawed
Muslim Brotherhood.
They include senior Brotherhood
members Mohamed el-Baltagui, Issam
al-Aryan and Safwat Hijazi.
Of the 75 defendants facing the death
penalty, 44 were in the dock while the
rest were tried in absentia.
Forty-seven were handed life sentences,
while 347 were given 15 years in prison,
and 22 minors received 10-year terms.
Five-year terms were handed to 215
people. The court also sentenced
Morsi's son, Ossama, to 10 years in jail.
Pakistan qualify for SAFF Cup semifinals after 13 years, beat Bhutan 3-0
Pakistan made it to the SAFF Cup semifinals for the first time since 2005 after
they beat a struggling Bhutan side 3-0 at
the Bangabandhu National Stadium in
Dhaka on September 8, 2018.
The Green Shirts` status in the last-four
was confirmed later when hosts
Bangladesh were knocked out on goal
difference after Nepal beat them 2-0 and
went through to the semis courtesy
goals by Bimal Gharti Magar and
Nawayug Shrestha.
Jose Antonio Nogueira`s men fared way
better than their opponent s in their
third and last Group `A` match after poor
performances with the ball in their first
two outings in the tournament.
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September 10, 2018
Pakistan, China agree to broaden CPEC
Pakistan and China on September 9,
2018 agreed to formally invite `third
country` investors to be part of the $60
billion China Pakistan Economic Corridor
and add social sector and regional
development schemes to the existing
portfolio of CPEC projects.
The understanding on addition of `two
major dimensions` to the CPEC projects
came about at a long meeting between
the Planning, Development and Reforms
Commission of Pakistan and the
National Development and Reforms
Commission (NDRC) of China on
September 9, 2018.
At the four-hour meeting, the Pakistani
team was led by Minister for Planning
Makhdoom Khusro Bakhtiar while the
NDRC`s vice-chairman, Ning Jizhe, led
the Chinese delegation.
Planning Secretary Zafar Hassan, CPEC`s
project director Hassan Daud and
officials of the NDRC and Chinese
Embassy also attended the meeting.
Sources said that Beijing wanted
involvement in the upcoming special
economic zones (SEZs) of countries
friendly to both Pakistan and China
because it wished to steer clear of
adverse criticism, particularly from the
US and India, about possibility of
secretive deals that `remain beyond
public eye`.
No country was specifically mentioned
in this regard and Central Asian,
European and other countries including
Turkey, Russia and Saudi Arabia could
invest in the nine SEZs proposed, said an
Arif Alvi sworn in as 13th president
Democratic transition of power
completed on September 9, 2018 when
founding member of the Pakistan
Tehreek-i-Insaf Dr Arif Alvi was sworn in
as the 13th president of Pakistan.
Dr Alvi has replaced Mamnoon Hussain,
who completed his fiveyear term on
September 8, 2018.
Chief Justice of Pakistan Mian Saqib
Nisar administered the oath to Dr Alvi at
a ceremony held at the Aiwan-i-Sadr in
presence of Prime Minister Imran Khan
and outgoing president.
Dr Alvi was elected from the NA-247
constituency in July 25 general elections.
According to the Constitution, his
election to the NA seat stands null and
void after he becomes the president.
After the oath-taking ceremony, Dr Alvi,
who was clad in black sherwani, was
presented a guard of honour by
contingents of the armed forces.
With the appointment of Dr Alvi as the
president, the democratic transition of
power in the country has completed as
all governors, chief ministers, federal
and provincial ministers have assumed
charge of their respective offices.
China, Pakistan taking part in
Australia`s largest maritime drill
China is participating for the first time in
Australia`s largest maritime exercise as
more than 3,000 personnel from 27
countries, including Pakistan, engage in
joint training off the strategic northern
port of Darwin.
Exercise Kakadu is hosting 23 ships and
submarines from across the Indo-Pacific
region, enabling them to establish
familiarity which helps to prevent
conflict on the high seas and to
coordinate disaster relief efforts.
The other countries taking part in the
exercise are Japan, Pakistan, South
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Korea, Thailand, Indonesia, Bangladesh,
Brunei, Cambodia, Canada, Chile, Cook
Islands, Fiji, France, India, Malaysia, New
Zealand, Papua New Guinea, The
Philippines, Singapore, Sri Lanka, East
Timor, Tonga, United Arab Emirates, US
and Vietnam.
Governor House Murree made
accessible to public
The Governor House in Murree has been
made accessible to the public on
September 9, 2018 after the Governor
House in Sindh opened its doors to
public for the first time.
Upon directives of Prime Minister Imran
Khan, the orders were given by
Governor Punjab Chaudhry M Sarwar.
In line with the decision, the public will
be able to visit the Governor House in
Murree from 10am to 6pm.
Earlier on September 7, Sindh Governor
House opened its door for citizens.
Governor Sindh Imran Ismail had said
that a complaint cell would be created at
Gate Number 4 of the Governor House.
Pakistan backs Afghanistan in antiterror fight
Pakistan on September 9, 2018 strongly
condemned the terrorist attack at a
public rally in Kabul resulting in the loss
of several precious innocent lives and
injury to many others.
condemnation of terrorism in all its
forms and manifestations and expressed
solidarity with the people and
government of Afghanistan in the fight
against terrorism
Gulf, US commanders to hold talks in
Gulf Arab army chiefs, including Qatar`s
military commander, will meet with US
Central Command officials for talks on
defence cooperation this week.
An official with Kuwait`s defence
ministry said army commanders of the
Gulf states including boycott-hit Qatar
would hold talks on September 10, 2018
(today) in a scheduled meeting of the
Gulf Cooperation Council Supreme
Military Committee in Kuwait City.
The 15-month Qatar boycott is the worst
political crisis to hit the oil-rich Gulf.
Kuwait has led mediation efforts in the
The Gulf commanders will also meet
representatives of the US Central
Command and those of the Egyptian and
Jordanian armies on Wednesday, the
Kuwaiti official said.
Third World rounds on US, allies as UN
climate talks wrap up
Developing countries rounded on the
United States and its allies at emergency
climate talks on September 9, 2018,
accusing the world`s richest nations of
stalling a deal aimed at preventing
runaway global warming.
Experts from around the world wrapped
up discussions in Bangkok geared
towards creating a comprehensive
rulebook for countries to implement the
landmark Paris Accord on climate
But talks foundered over the key issue of
how efforts to limit climate change are
funded and how contributions are
Delegates representing some of Earth`s
poorest and smallest nations said on the
final day of the summit that the US and
other Western economies had failed to
live up to their green spending
known ‘vegetarian’
Scientists have identified the world’s
first known omnivorous shark species,
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which can make seagrass as much as 60
percent of their diet.
Experts from the University of California
in Irvine and Florida International
University in Miami decided to
investigate the bonnethead sharks’
dietary habits after reading reports of
them munching on seagrass.
“It has been assumed by most that this
consumption was incidental and that it
provided no nutritional value,” said
Samantha Leigh, the study’s lead author.
fragments discovered
Chinese scientists have discovered a
heap of dinosaur fossil fragments in a
county in north China’s Hebei Province.
The fragments, scattered in Liqilong
Village in Fengning Man Autonomous
County, were found in October last year.
The excavation was approved by local
authorities in August and began on
September 4, 2018. Scientists suspect
that the dinosaur belonged to a new
species. They said that the fragments are
estimated to be 130 million years old,
and the dinosaur was about 7 to 10
meters long based on the thighbone
fossil fragments.
The excavation is still underway and will
last about two years.
Dinosaur fossils were found in the village
in 2014. Birds and fish fossils have also
been excavated in the county
Amir beats Samuel on unanimous
Amir Khan survived a second-round
knockdown to maintain momentum in
his comeback to the sport with a
unanimous points win over Samuel
The Briton, 31, floored his rival with a
straight right in the second round but
took an overhand right to go down and
stun those at Arena Birmingham. The
bell arrived to save Khan, who scored
another knockdown in the third before
the pace gradually slowed. He
maintained control late on for a 119-108
119-109 118-110 victory.
After his 39-second demolition of Phil Lo
Greco in April, this proved a far stiffer
test for Khan, who showed his
trademark hand speed early on. But, as
has been the case in the past, the
vulnerability of his chin remains a
question mark. Only seconds of the
second round remained when he quickly
stood back up after the knockdown, and
in the 10th round he was again tagged
heavily with a right hand moments
before the bell.
This is his second bout since his 23month break from the sport, and it was
watched closely at ringside by Kell
Brook, who remains keen on facing Khan
and says he will drop down to the 147lbs
welterweight division to secure a bout.
September 11, 2018
commitment to CPEC
Pakistan and China on September 10,
2018 reaffirmed their commitment to
the China-Pakistan Economic Corridor
(CPEC) and resolved to extend the multibillion dollar joint undertaking of the
two countries.
This commitment was reflected in the
statements issued from Islamabad and
Beijing after a claim attributed to Prime
Minister Imran Khan`s adviser on
commerce, textiles, industries and
investment Abdul Razzak Dawood left
the government red-faced and equally
embarrassed the Chinese.
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government ministers and advisers,
reported that the Pakistan government
was planning `to review or renegotiate
agreements reached under China`s Belt
and Road Initiative`. The publication
quoted Mr Dawood as having said: `The
previous government did a bad job
negotiating with China on CPEC they
didn`t do their homework correctly and
didn`t negotiate correctly so they gave
away a lot.
The adviser went on to say: `Chinese
companies received tax breaks, many
breaks and have an undue advantage in
Pakistan; this is one of the things we`re
looking at because it`s not fair that
Governor House to be open for public
on Sundays
The Punjab Governor, Chaudhry Sarwar,
has announced opening of the Governor
House for the public on Sundays, saying
that all national assets belong to the
people of Pakistan.
The historic building would initially be
opened for families on Sundays between
10am and 6pm. It would also be opened
for the schoolchildren on a formal
request to the administration.
The Governor House in Murree had
already been made accessible to the
In the first phase, the Governor House
parks, lake, zoo and swimming pool
were being opened so that people could
see the historic building.
COAS confirms death sentence to 13
Chief of the Army Staff Gen Qamar Javed
Bajwa confirmed on September 10, 2018
death sentence awarded to 13 hardcore
terrorists, who were involved in heinous
offences related to terrorism including
attacks on armed forces and lawenforcement
destruction of educational institutions
and killing of innocent civilians.
On the whole, they were involved in
killing of 202 people, including 151
civilians, 51 armed forces/Frontier
Constabulary/ police officials, and
injuring of 249 others.
Arms and explosives were also
recovered from their possession, it said,
adding that these convicts had been
tried by special military courts.
Seven convicts had been awarded
OGDC discovers oil, gas in Kohat
Oil and Gas Development Company Ltd
(OGDC), operator of the Chanda
development and production lease with
joint venture partners Government
Holdings Private Ltd (GHPL) and Zaver
Petroleum Corporation Ltd (ZPCL) has
discovered crude oil and gas from its
exploratory well Chanda No.
1, located in district Kohat, Khyber
In a filing with the PSX, the company
stated that the structure of Chanda Well
No.1 was tested during work over using
OGDCL`s in house expertise and in
collaboration GHPL and ZPCL teams.
The well has tested 7,000 barrels per day
of crude oil and 2.2 million standard
cubic feet per day of gas through 32/64`
choke at well head flowing pressure of
1150-1200 Psi from Hangu and
Lumshiwal formation.
The company notice further mentioned
that, earlier in Dec 1999, Lumshiwal
formation had tested only 150bpd of
crude oil and 0.89 mmscfd of gas
through 32/64` choke at well head
flowing pressure of 160-190 Psi.
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contribution to dams fund
Pakistan Army on September 10, 2018
came forward for the second time and
contributed over a billion (Rs1006
million) as donation to the Supreme
Court fund for Diamer-Basha and
Mohmand dams.
Chief of Army Staff General Qamar Javed
Bajwa presented the cheque in a
meeting with Chief Justice Mian Saqib
Nisar. The meeting was held at Supreme
Court Building on Monday. With the
cheque, COAS Bajwa also presented a
letter on behalf of Pakistan Army.
All ranks of Pak Army have contributed
to the fund.
Pakistan Army Officers including civilian
officers paid out of defence estimate
commissioned officers/ soldiers and
civilians paid out of defence estimate
(one day pay).
It is not the first time that Pakistan Army
donated to dams’ fund with such big
amount. Since the announcement of
fund and after chief justice’s donation,
Pakistan Army was the second
institution which donated the money.
In July, officers of Pak Army, Navy and Air
Force contributed their 2 days’ pay while
soldiers one day’s pay to the announced
fund for this national cause.
Yousafzai secures Shangla seat in repoll
Pakistan Tehreek-i-Insaf`s (PTI) Shaukat
Ali Yousafzai has secured Khyber
Pakhtunkhwa Assembly`s seat PK-23
(Shangla-I) once again by defeating
Pakistan Muslim League-Nawaz`s (PMLN) candidate Muhammad Rashad Khan
in a re-poll on September 10, 2018 as a
large number of women voters turned
out in Shangla district for the first time.
The Election Commission of Pakistan had
declared election in PK-23 null and void
as the turnout of women voters was less
than the specified 10 per cent of the
total cast vote in the general elections
on July 25.
The ECP had announced re-polling in the
constituency on Sept 10. Polling started
at 8am on September 10, 2018 and
continued till 6pm.
According to un official results, PTI`s
Yousafzai defeated PML-N`s Rashad
Khan by securing 41,960votes while the
latter obtained 22,113 votes.
UN rights chief takes on China, other
powers in maiden speech
UN human rights chief Michelle Bachelet
called on China on September 10, 2018
to allow in monitors after `deeply
disturbing` allegations of large reeducation camps in which Uighurs are
detained in Xinjiang province.
Her appeal for access came as Human
Rights Watch reported that the Turkic,
mostly Muslim Uighur minority in
Xinjiang face arbitrary detentions, daily
restrictions on religious practice and
`forced political indoctrination` in a mass
security crackdown.
Bachelet, a former Chilean president
making her maiden speech to the UN
Human Rights Council, said the panel
had brought to light `deeply disturbing
allegations of large-scale arbitrary
detentions of Uighurs and other Muslim
communities, in so call edre-education
camps across Xinjiang`.
UN expert urges countries to protect
right to privacy in digital age
A United Nations expert on September
10, 2018 expressed concern over
increasing risks to privacy emanating
from state surveillance and lack of digital
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security, including Pakistan`s `vague
criminal prohibitions` on encryption.
In a report prepared for the 39th session
of the UN Human Rights Council that
began on September 10, 2018 and will
end on Sept 28 the special rapporteur
wrote that many governments, including
in Pakistan, Russia, China, Iranand
Turkey, were neglecting or ignoring their
duty to protect online encryption that
helped ensure freedom of expression
and privacy.
The report highlighted that the right to
privacy was a fundamental human right
that was recognised in Article 12 of the
Universal Declaration of Human Rights,
Article 17 of the International Covenant
on Civil and Political Rights and in other
international and regional instruments.
However, it noted that many
governments had adopted laws or
proposed legislation that increased their
surveillance powers, often in ways that
fell short of applicable international
human rights standards.
Sudan's President Bashir swears in new
Sudan's President Omar al-Bashir swore
in a new prime minister on September
10, 2018 in a bid to ease an economic
crisis, and lambasted alleged efforts to
"block" his country from foreign
Outgoing irrigation minister Moutaz
Mousa Abdallah was sworn in at the
presidential palace, after Bashir fired the
incumbent prime minister and cabinet
on September 10, 2018.
The 31-member cabinet is to be slashed
to just 21 portfolios, as the country
grapples with an acute foreign exchange
shortage and inflation above 65 percent.
The long trade embargo severely
undermined Sudan's economy, which
was dealt another hefty blow when oilrich South Sudan seceded in 2011.
Djokovic equals Sampras’ Grand Slam
Novak Djokovic was thrilled to match
Pete Sampras with a 14th Grand Slam
title at the US Open on September 10,
“Pete Sampras is one of the biggest
legends ever to play the game,” Djokovic
said after earning a third US Open crown
with a 6-3, 7-6 (7/4), 6-3 victory over
Juan Martin del Potro.
The victory puts Djokovic three Slam
wins away from Nadal’s 17 and six
behind Federer’s record 20.
It will also see him rise to number three
in the world behind Nadal and Federer
— the rankings again reflecting the “Big
Three” status they have shared for so
Djokovic had tumbled down the
rankings, slowed last year by an elbow
injury and a loss of confidence that
accompanied a 54-week title drought.
September 12, 2018
US to support efforts for Pak-India talks
The United States will be `very
supportive` if conditions are created for
productive talks between India and
Pakistan, says senior US diplomat Alice
G. Wells.
Ms Wells, who heads the bureau for
South and Central Asian affairs at the
State Department, also said at a news
briefing on September 11, 2018 that the
United States had sent a two pronged
message to Pakistan: a desire to engage
constructively and an emphasis on the
need for Pakistan to implement its
promises to fight all terrorist groups.
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Asked if Pakistan had sent a message
through US Secretary of State Michael
Pompeo on India Pakistan dialogue and
if that was raised during Mr Pompeo`s
meeting with the Indian foreign
minister, she did not say if such a message was received and delivered.
Islamabad and New Delhi last week. In
Islamabad, he met Prime Minister Imran
Khan, other members of the new
government and Army Chief Gen Qamar
Javed Bajwa.
In New Delhi, he participated in the Twoplus-Two talks between India and the
United States. The US military chief, Gen
Joseph Dunford, accompanied him on
both the visits.
Former Three-Time First Lady of
Pakistan Kulsoom Nawaz Passes Away
Former three-time first lady of Pakistan
and spouse of former Prime Minister
Nawaz Sharif Begum Kulsoom Nawaz
breathed her last in London September
11, 2018 after protracted ailment of
Begum Kulsoom Nawaz was 68 years of
age. She will be laid to rest at her family
residence, Jati Umra, Raiwind, where
her father-in-law, Mian Sharif, and
brother-in-law, Abbas Sharif, are also
Begum Kulsoom Nawaz who was getting
treatment at Harley Street Clinic,
London, had sudden deterioration in
health last day following which she was
put on ventilator and passed away in
that state. After the clinic authorities
certified her death, her body was shifted
to her London residence. Her funeral
prayers will be offered Thursday at
Regent Park Mosque, London.
Pakistan intensifies contacts with China
after CPEC misunderstanding
Pakistan has intensified contacts with
China after the ‘misunderstanding’ on
the China-Pakistan Economic Corridor
telling Beijing that CPEC was a matter of
‘life and death’ for Pakistan, official
sources said.
Islamabad had contacted the Chinese
foreign ministry ‘several times’ after the
Financial Times ‘misquoted’ Adviser
Razzak Dawood on CPEC.
One official said: “China understands
that we are committed to the CPEC
which is in our own benefit. They trust us
and have been positive.” He added: “We
have been able to clear our position and
will remain in contact with Beijing on the
issue. CPEC is a matter of life and death
for us.”
Earlier, the Foreign Office said Pakistan
remained committed to the successful
implementation of CPEC. In a statement,
the FO said, there was complete
consensus on the future trajectory of
CPEC and the two sides are in agreement
to expand cooperation in other areas
including socio-economic development,
poverty alleviation, anti-corruption,
agricultural cooperation and industrial
development as per the needs and
priorities of the government of Pakistan.
The Financial Times reported that
Pakistan was planning to review or
renegotiate agreements reached under
China’s Belt and Road Initiative.
The projects concerned are part of the $
62 billion CPEC plan. They include a huge
expansion of the Gwadar port on
Pakistan’s south coast, as well as road
and rail links and $30bn worth of power
Six federal ministers inducted into
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Six ministers were inducted into the
federal cabinet on September 11, 2018,
taking its strength to 27.
Syed Haider Ali Zaidi, Ali Muhammad
Khan Mahar and Umer Ayub Khan took
the oath as federal ministers, while
Muhammad Shabbir Ali and Murad
Saeed took the oath as state ministers.
President Dr Arif Alvi administered the
oath to the new ministers at the
Presidency at a ceremony attended by
federal ministers, lawmakers and senior
government officials. Prime Minister
Imran Khan, however, did not attend the
Under Article 92 of the Constitution, `the
total strength of the cabinet, including
ministers of state, shallnotexceed11
percent of the total membership of
Majlis-i-Shoora (parliament).` As the
total membership of the two houses of
the parliament is 446, therefore, the
cabinet size cannot exceed 49, which
means Mr Khan has constituted more
than 50pc of his cabinet with the
inclusion of four new members.
Punjab cabinet gets four advisers, five
special assistants
The Punjab cabinet swelled to 43 as four
advisers and five special assistants were
inducted into it. The advisers included
Prime Minister Imran Khan`s private
secretary Awn Chaudhry.
11 new ministers had been added to the
cabinet in the second phase a couple of
days ago.
MPAs Abdul Haye Dasti, Faisal Hayat and
Muhammad Hanif appointed as advisers
to the chief minister, and they will look
after agriculture, livestock and health
departments, respectively.
The MPAs who have been appointed as
special assistants to the CM were
Rafaqat Gilani (Augaf and Religious
Affairs), Umer Farooq (Youth and
Sports), Ameer Muhammad Khan
(Forest) and Khurram Khan Leghari
The S&GAD has also issued a notification
assigning departments to the newly
appointed 11 ministers. The new
ministers included Pir Saeedul Hassan
Shah (Augaf and Religious Affairs),
Mehar Aslam (Cooperatives), Hussain
Jahania Gardezi (Management and
Professional Development), Muhammad
Ajmal (Social Welfare and Baltul Mal),
Muhammad Ikhlag (Special Education),
Ashifa Riaz (Women`s Development),
Shaukat Laleka (Zakat and Ushr), Zawar
Hussain Warraich (Prisons), Mian Khalid
(Disaster Management), Jahanzeb Khan
Khichhi (Transport) and Ijaz Masih
(Human Rights and Minority Affairs).
Three senior bureaucrats transferred;
10 relieved
The Punjab government on September
11, 2018 changed three most senior
bureaucrats and relieved 10 others to
allow them to join their duties in Sindh
and Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, and report to
the federal government.
Additional Chief Secretary Tariq Najeeb
Najmi was transferred and posted as
commissioner/chief commissioner vice
retired Capt Saeed Ahmad Nawaz, who
was directed to report to the S&GAD for
further orders.
Those who were relieved from duties in
Punjab, included Punjab Healthcare
Commission Chief Operating Officer
Muhammad Ajmal Khan, Board of
Revenue (Member Taxes) Asad Islam
Mahni, Urban Sector Planning and
Management Chief Executive Officer Dr
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Nasir Javed, officers on special duty
Khaqan Babar and Dr Nasir Iqbal Malik,
Forest Secretary Asadullah Khan, Chief
Economist Nabeel Javed, Transport
Secretary Haroonur Rafique, Primary
and Secondary Healthcare Secretary Ali
Bahadur Qazi and Higher Education
Secretary Khalid Saleem.
Ethiopia-Eritrea land borders reopen
after 20 years
Two land border crossings between
Ethiopia and Eritrea were reopened on
September 11, 2018 for the first time in
20 years, crowning a rapid reconciliation
between the former bitter enemies.
Ethiopia`s Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed
and Eritrea`s President Isaias Afwerki
attended ceremonies at the eastern and
western ends of the border.
The eastern border post between Bure
in Ethiopia and Debay Sima in Eritrea,
and the western border post between
Zalambessa and Serha, were among
those closed in 1998 as the neighbouring
Horn of Africa nations cut diplomatic ties
at the outbreak of a short but bloody
twoyear frontier fight.
Russia launches biggest-ever war
Russia launched September 11, 2018
what it called its largest ever military
drills, with hundreds of thousands of
troops taking part along with Chinese
soldiers in a show of force NATO
condemned as a rehearsal for “largescale conflict.”
The week-long war games dubbed
“Vostok-2018”(East-2018) “have kicked
off” in far eastern Russia, the defence
ministry said. Taking part in the drills are
around 300,000 soldiers, 36,000 military
vehicles, 80 ships and 1,000 aircraft,
helicopters and drones. Some 3,500
Chinese troops will take part in the
Russia’s previous military exercise in the
region, Vostok-2014, was almost half the
size, with 155,000 soldiers participating.
The country’s war games in Eastern
Europe last year, Zapad-2017, saw
12,700 troops take part, according to
Moscow. Ukraine and the Baltic states
said the true number was far bigger.
Number of hungry people has risen to
820m, says UN report
There is new evidence signaling that the
number of hungry people in the world is
growing and rose around 820 million in
2017, according to the United Nation`s
`State of Food Security and Nutrition in
the World 2018 report` released on
September 11, 2018.
The report also highlighted that there
was limited progress in addressing the
multiple forms of malnutrition, ranging
from child stunting to adult obesity,
putting the health of hundreds of
millions of people at risk.
With hunger on the rise over the past
three years, returning to levels from a
decade ago, the report warned that
more must be done and urgently if UN`S
Sustainable Development Goal (SDG) of
hunger eradication is to be achieved by
The annual UN report found that climate
variability affecting rainfall patterns and
agricultural seasons, and climate
extremes such as droughts and floods
are among the key drivers behind the
rise in hunger, together with conflict and
economic slowdowns.
Palestinians renew ICC push against
Israel despite US pressure
The Palestinians announced a fresh push
against Israel at the International
Criminal Court on September 11, 2018, a
day after the United States said it was
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closing their Washington mission partly
over the campaign.
Saeb Erekat, secretary general of the
Palestine Liberation Organization (PLO),
said it had submitted a new complaint
over an Israeli “war crime” against a
Palestinian village in the occupied West
Bank, expected to be demolished by the
Israeli army in the coming days.
September 13, 2018
12 provincial ministers sworn in
The Punjab governor on September 12,
2018 administered oath to the 12 newly
inducted provincial ministers at a
ceremony at Governor`s House.
Those who took oath as ministers are:
Pir Syed Saeedul Hassan Shah (Auqaf
Muhammad Aslam (Cooperatives), Syed
Husnain Jahania Gardezi (Management
Muhammad Ajmal (Social Welfare and
(Special Education), Ashifa Riaz (Women
Development), Shoukat Ali Laleka (Zakat
and Ushr), Zawar Hussain Warraich
(Prisons), Mian Khalid Mehmood
(Disaster Management), Muhammad
Jahanzaib Khan Khichi (Transpon), ljaz
Masih (Human Rights and Minority
MPA Muhammad Akhter (PP-219) was
also inducted in the Punjab cabinet and
is yet to be given a portfolio.
With the new induction, the cabinet has
swelled to 36 members, besides five
special assistants and four advisors.
The Article 130(6) of the Constitution
says the total strength of the cabinet
shall not exceed 15 members or 11 per
cent of the total membership of a
provincial assembly, whichever is higher.
State ministers for revenue, frontier
regions notified
Members of the National Assembly
Muhammad Hammad Azhar and Murad
Saeed were on September 12, 2018
awarded portfolios of state ministers for
revenue, and states and frontier regions,
According to a notification issued by the
Cabinet Secretariat, President Arif Alvi
on the advice of Prime Minister Imran
Khan allocated the portfolios to the two
It also said that MNAs Syed Haider Ali
Zaidi and Omar Ayub Khan were notified
as federal ministers of maritime affairs
and power division, respectively. Their
portfolios had already been announced
at the time of their nomination as
federal ministers a few days back.
Pakistan, Uzbekistan to enhance
defence co-op
Pakistan and Uzbekistan have resolved
to explore avenues in the field of joint
production ventures.
This was agreed in a meeting held
between Federal Minister for Defence
Ambassador of Uzbekistan Furkat
Sidikov in Rawalpindi on September 12,
2018. Additional Secretary, Ministry of
Defence Production, Maj Gen Ali Amir
Awan was also present on the occasion.
Both sides stressed the need for
exploring avenues in the field of joint
production ventures.
It was further emphasized that the
existing cordial relations between the
two countries be translated into active
cooperation in the defence production
sector. The Ambassador of Uzbekistan
shared that Pakistan is a resource rich
nation with a vibrant economy and great
potential for further growth.
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UN teams given first access to
Myanmar`s Rakhine
The UN began work on September 12,
2018 inside Myanmar`s violence-torn
northern Rakhine state, the first time its
agencies have been granted permission
to operate there since more than
700,000 Rohingya Muslims fled the area
last year.
The UN has been waiting for access to
the epicenter of the military`s `clearance
operations` against the Rohingya
minority since June when its refugee and
development agencies signed a deal
with the government.
This first step of the UN`s `confidencebuilding measures` is expected to take
two weeks and will cover 23 villages and
three additional clusters of hamlets.
EU lawmakers move against Hungary
over rule of law
European Union lawmakers voted on
September 12, 2018 to launch action
against the Hungarian government of
Prime Minister Viktor Orban for
allegedly undermining the bloc`s
democratic values and rule of law.
Hungary called the vote fraudulent and
vowed to challenge it.
The lawmakers voted 448-197in favour
of a report recommending the launch of
a so-called Article 7 procedure, which
could lead to the suspension of
Hungary`s European Union voting rights.
It is the first time in EU history that the
European Parliament had initiated and
approved such a motion, which needed
a two-thirds majority to pass and was
approved by 69.4 per cent of the
Putin suggests long-awaited peace
treaty to Japan
Russian President Vladimir Putin on
September 12, 2018 suggested that
Russia and Japan should sign a muchanticipated peace treaty formally ending
hostilities from World War II before the
end of the year.
Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe has
been pushing for a way forward in the
dispute, with the two leaders holding
numerous meetings and reportedly
getting as close to solving the row as
they have ever been.
Putin suggested that Russia and Japan
sign the treaty this year and solve the
territorial dispute later.
For the past several years Putin and Abe
have been discussing ways to solve the
longstanding dispute, including making
the four most southern of the Kuril
Islands, which Japan calls the Northern
Territories, a joint economic zone.
Detained Russian ship released by
South Africa
South African police said September 12,
2018 they had released a Russianregistered cargo ship which was
detained for three weeks on suspicion of
carrying illegal weapons and explosives
en route to the Nigerian city of Lagos.
The vessel, named Lada, had reportedly
left Madagascar before stopping at
Ngqura port outside the eastern city of
Port Elizabeth, where it was held after a
security check on August 19.
Russia deploys most advanced air
defences at army drills
Russia showcased its most sophisticated
air defence system on September 12,
2018, using it to repel a mock attack
from the sky as part of what it describes
as its largest-ever military drills.
The war games involved its state-of-theart S-400, Russia’s latest generation
surface-to-air defence system, which is
considered by NATO countries to pose a
threat to their aircraft.
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The exercise on the Telemba military
training ground - about 130 kilometres
(81 miles) north of the city of Chita in
Siberia - involved over 1,000 troops and
over 500 pieces of military equipment.
Russia’s defence ministry hailed the
drills as successful.
EU parliament approves copyright law
in blow to big tech
The European Parliament on September
12, 2018 approved a controversial EU
copyright law that hands more power to
news and record companies against
internet giants like Google and
Backing the draft were traditional
media, in urgent search of income at a
time when web users shun newspapers
and television and advertising revenue is
siphoned away by online platforms.
The dramatic vote in the French city of
Strasbourg confirmed the European
Union as Silicon Valley’s most powerful
critic and follows anti-trust decisions
that have cost Google and Apple billions.
Europe is also leading the political
charge on protecting data privacy, and
just ahead of the copyright vote warned
web firms it could hold them responsible
for terrorist propaganda. European
lawmakers were sharply divided on the
copyright issue, with both sides
engaging in one of the biggest rounds of
lobbying that the EU has ever seen. But,
despite uncertainty ahead of the vote,
MEPs meeting in Strasbourg ended up
passing the draft law with 438 votes in
favour, 226 against, and 39 abstentions.
Cancer to kill 10m in 2018 despite
better prevention
Cancer will kill nearly 10 million people
this year, experts said September 12,
2018, warning the disease's global
burden continues to rise in spite of
better prevention and earlier diagnosis.
An estimated 18.1 million new cancer
cases were predicted worldwide for
2018 - with 9.6 million deaths, said a
report of the International Agency for
Research on Cancer (IARC). This is up
from estimated 14.1 million new cancer
cases and 8.2 million deaths reported in
the agency's last assessment just six
years ago.
The toll is rising as populations expand
and grow older, and people in
developing nations adopt unhealthy,
associated with richer economies. An
increased focus on prevention encouraging people to get exercise, quit
smoking, and eating a healthy diet - led
to a drop in certain types of cancer in
some population groups, the IARC said.
Yet the overall number of new cases is
racing ahead of efforts to contain the
disease. "These new figures highlight
that much remains to be done to
address the alarming rise in the cancer
burden globally and that prevention has
a key role to play," said IARC director
Christopher Wild.
September 14, 218
Plan to turn heritage buildings into
parks, museums approved
The federal government on September
13, 2018 formally announced details of
its plan for turning Prime Minister
House, governor houses and several
other heritage buildings in use of
institutions and hotels.
Federal Minister for National History
and Literary Division Shafgat Mehmood
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said that government spent a total of
Rs1.15 billion annu-ally on these
Mr Mehmood, who also holds the
portfolio of education and professional
training, said Rs470 million was spent on
PM House, spread over an area of 137
acres, every year. The government
decided to convert it into a state-of-theart university, a committee having Dr
Attaur Rahman and Dr Tariq Banuri as
members was taking further steps to
establish the university.
CDA placed under administrative
control of interior ministry
The federal government has decided to
place the Capital Development Authority
(CDA) under the administrative control
of the interior ministry.
The civic body was till now under the
administrative control of the Capital
Division (CADD), but the cabinet on
September 13, 2018 decided to abolish
The government also decided that
CADD`s functions will be divided among
various ministries such as the education
department will be placed under the
federal education ministry and the
health department under the Ministry of
National Health Services.
Placing the CDA under the interior
ministry is expected to improve service
delivery as the Islamabad Capital
Territory (ICT) administration, police and
the Metropolitan Corporation Islamabad
are already under this ministry.
Haroon Sharif appointed BoI chairman
The federal cabinet on September 13,
2018 approved the appointment of
Haroon Sharif as chairman Board of
Investment (BoI) a one window facility
under the Prime Minister Office for
promotion of local and foreign direct
Minister for Information Chaudhry
Fawad Hussain confirmed that the
cabinet approved the induction of Sharif
as the BoI chairperson. He succeeds
Naeem Zamindar who was appointed by
the PML-N government in November
2017 from the private sector and
resigned in June this year.
BoIis required to assist local and
international investors and helps them
build joint ventures in the country.
The new chairman is a well-known global
expert of economic policy, international
development, economic diplomacy and
financial markets who worked as the
Regional Advisor to the World Bank
Group for promoting economic
cooperation in South and Central Asia
and was involved in the execution of
Islamabad-KabulDushanbe Expressway.
COAS, UK envoy discuss security
British High Commissioner Thomas Drew
called on Chief of Army Staff (COAS)
General Qamar Javed Bajwa on
September 13, 2018 here at the General
Headquarters (GHQ). During the
meeting matters of mutual interest
including regional security situation
were discussed. The visiting dignitary
also pledged to keep working for better
relations between the two countries.
Chief of Army Staff General Qamar Javed
Bajwa on September 13, 2018 visited
National University of Sciences and
Technology (NUST), Islamabad and
appreciated improvement in its standing
at the international level ranking.
The COAS said NUST was a leading
University in Pakistan, which would have
presence in all four provinces after
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establishment of Quetta Campus, said a
press release issued here by ISPR.
Turkish Legion of Merit awarded to PAF
Air Chief Marshal Mujahid Anwar Khan,
Chief of the Air Staff, Pakistan Air Force
was awarded the Turkish Legion of Merit
in recognition of his services for
promoting defence ties between
Pakistan and Turkey.
An impressive ceremony was held at the
Headquarters of Turkish Air Force at
Ankara. On arrival at Headquarters of
Turkish Air Force, a smartly turned out
contingent of Turkish Air Force
presented him the guard of honor.
Later the Air Chief called on General
Hasan Kucukakyuz, Commander of
Turkish Air Force. Both the dignitaries
professional interests.
During the meeting the Air Chief
thanked Turkish government for the
august award and said that two
countries enjoyed enviable brotherly
ties spread over years.
Veteran journalist Ashfak Bokhari
passes away
Veteran journalist Ashfak Bokhari
passed away on September 13, 2018
morning in Australia after a long illness.
He was 75.
Former president of the Karachi Press
Club, Mr Bokhari was suffering from liver
Two months back his son, Sunnil
Bokhari, who lives in Malbourne, took
him and his mother to Australia where
he remained under treatment since then
for his ailment without any recovery. On
September 13, 2018 at 11am when all
his immediate family members wife, son
and daughter were at his bedside, he
passed away.
Mr Bokhari had joined Dawn in April
1983, contributed regular columns for
EBR weekly and worked as assistant
editor looking af ter editorial pages
before his retirement in 2003.
Pakistan rejects allegations made in
India-US joint statement
Taking strong exception to an
unwarranted reference against it in the
India-US joint statement issued at the
conclusion of talks between US
Secretary of State Mike Pompeo and
Secretary of Defence Jim Mattis with
their Indian counterparts, Pakistan has
rejected the allegations as baseless.
`We have conveyed our position to the
US side,` Foreign Office spokesman Dr
Mohammad Faisal said at a weekly press
briefing here on September 13, 2018.
`What is more ironic is that many other
thorny issues involving the third country
were avoided in the joint statement by
the Indian side on the pretext of the
same diplomatic practice,` he said,
adding that the Mumbai attacks trial was
ongoing in an antiterrorism court and
the judicial process would take its
India, Israel amongst shameful
countries for HR violations: UN
The United Nations has listed India and
Israel, two best allies, among 38
shameful countries, which it said had
carried out reprisals or intimidation
against people cooperating with it on
human rights, through killings, torture
and arbitrary arrests.
Allegations of ill-treatment, surveillance,
stigmatization campaigns targeting
victims and human rights defenders
were also included on the list.
Authorities repeatedly charged human
rights activists with terrorism or charged
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them for cooperating with foreign
entities or damaging the state’s
reputation or security, it added.
“There is a worrying bias in the use of
national security arguments and
counter-terrorism strategies by states as
an argument for barring access by
organizations to the United Nations,”
the report said.
Spain to go ahead with bombs sale to
Spain will go ahead with the
controversial delivery of 400 laserguided bombs to Saudi Arabia, engaged
in a bloody conflict in Yemen,
announced a week ago that it would
block delivery of the weapons for which
longtime ally Riyadh has already paid 9.2
million euros ($10.7 million).
That announcement came after an air
strike in August on a crowded market in
part of Yemen held by Houthi rebels that
killed 40 children.
Current Spanish Foreign Minister: Josep
Current Spanish Defence Minister:
Margarito Robles
Riyadh-based airline to recruit Saudi
women as co-pilots
Riyadh-based carrier Flynas has
announced plans to recruit Saudi
women to work as co-pilots and flight
attendants for the first time, just months
after the kingdom lifted a decades-long
ban on female motorists.
Women are not legally barred from
working in the aviation sector, but jobs
as flight attendants with Saudi carriers
have largely been held by female foreign
workers from countries such as the
Nearly 1,000 Saudi women have applied
for co-pilot positions with Flynas in the
past 24 hours, as the ultra-conservative
Islamic kingdom relaxes gender
restrictions amid the far-reaching
liberalisation drive.
`Flynas is keen to empower Saudi
women to play an impodant role in the
kingdom`s transformation,` the low-cost
carrier said on Wednesday in its call for
September 15, 20118
M Qureshi heads to Kabul on first visit
Foreign Minister Shah Mehmood
Qureshi is set to visit Kabul on
September 14, 2018 (today) to meet
Afghan President Ashraf Ghani and
other senior officials during his maiden
trip to any country after assuming his
new responsibilities.
Mr Qureshi would meet President Ghani
and other senior Afghan officials during
his daylong visit to Kabul on September
14, 2018.
To underscore the importance of the
trip, he said it would be Mr Qureshi`s
first visit to Kabul (after becoming
foreign minister) and it showed that
Afghanistan was on top of Pakistan`s
foreign policy.
On Sept 3, Afghan Foreign Minister
Salahuddin Rabbani had phoned Mr
Qureshi to greet him on his appointment
as foreign minister. He also extended
him an invitation to visit Kabul.
Marked improvement in relations has
been observed since Islamabad and
Kabul agreed to operationalise the
AfghanistanPakistan Action Plan for
Peace and Solidarity (APAPPS) the new
bilateral ties framework that, according
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to the Foreign Office, provided the most
comprehensive institutional mechanism
to discuss all mutual issues.
Balochistan to take up NFC, CPEC issues
with centre
The coalition government and the
opposition in Balochistan have decided
to take up long-standing issues with
Islamabad which include delay in
announcement of the 8th National
Finance Commission (NFC) award,
western route of the China-Pakistan
Economic Corridor (CPEC) and other
problems facing the province .
An hours-long joint meeting was held on
September 14, 2018 with Chief Minister
Jam Kamal Khan Alyani in the chair.
The meeting observed that the previous
government had failed in protecting the
interests of the province in CPEC
projects, including the implementation
of western route, setting up of industrial
zones and other matters. The meeting
resolved to approach the federal
government to induct the Balochistan`s
point of view while revisiting the process
of CPEC projects. Terming the CPEC
projects important for of the province`s
development, participants of the
meeting decided to evolve a joint stance
on the implementation of CPEC projects.
Gilgit-Baltistan governor Ghazanfar Ali
Governor of Gilgit-Baltistan Mir
Ghazanfar Ali Khan resigned from his
post on September 14, 2018.
Mr Khan, who belongs to the Pakistan
tendered his resignation to President
Arif Alvi, the president has accepted Mr
Khan`s resignation.
Mr Khan was elected a member of the
GB Assembly from Hunza constituency in
the June 8, 2015 election.
In November 2015, he was appointed GB
governor by former president Mamnoon
Hussain on the advice of former Prime
Minister Nawaz Sharif.
After becoming governor Mr Khan had
vacated his GB Assembly`s seat which
was later won by his son, Mir Saleem
Khan, in a by-poll.
Ghazanf ar Khan has also served as the
GB`s chief executive from 2004 to 2009
during the regime of former president
retired Gen Pervez Musharraf.
He contested elections several times
from his hometown of Karimabad in
Hunza and was returned five times as a
member of the GB Assembly.
Mari Petroleum Company Ltd discovers
oil in Balochistan
Mari Petroleum Company Ltd (MPCL)
has made the first-ever oil discovery in
Formations in Balochistan.
The company informed the PSX on
September 14, 2018 that the Ziarat Joint
Venture had made a new oil discovery
well Bolan East-1 in Ziarat Block, near
Mach City in Kachhi district of
MPCL is the operator with 60 per cent
working interest while Pakistan
Petroleum Ltd (Europe ) holds 40pc
stake in the joint venture.
The company further observed in regard
to the oil discovery that the well was
spud-in on May 22, 2018 and
successfully drilled down to the depth of
1,500 metres, with the objectives to test
the hydrocarbon potential of Dunghanj,
Sindh appoints first non-Muslim AG
The Sindh government has appointed
the country’s first Christian Advocate
General (AG).
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Salman Talibuddin was appointed as
Advocate General of Sindh on the terms
and conditions as admissible under the
rules with immediate effect, reads the
notification of his appointment.
Talibuddin is currently serving as an
Additional Attorney General.
Previously, former advocate general
Zameer Ghumro resigned from the post
after remarks by Chief Justice of Pakistan
(CJP) Mian Saqib Nisar.
Turkey pledges to support Pakistan on
Kashmir at UN
Turkey has assured Pakistan of complete
support in its quest for a peaceful
solution to the long-standing issue of
Jammu and Kashmir.
`In the group, which has been formed
over Kashmir in the UN, we will stand
with Pakistan and try to make [its
efforts] successful,` the visiting Turkish
Foreign Minister Mevlut Cavusoglu told
a press conference he jointly addressed
with his Pakistani counterpart Shah
Mehmood Qureshi after a formal round
of talks between the two sides on
September 14, 2018.
He said it was Turkey`s desire that the
Kashmir dispute involving India and
Pakistan was resolved in a peaceful
Koreas open joint liaison office in North
North and South Korea opened a joint
liaison office in the Northern city of
Kaesong on September 14, 2018 as they
knit closer ties ahead of President Moon
Jae-in`s visit to Pyongyang next week.
`A new chapter in history is open here
today,` South Korean unification
minister Cho Myoung-gyon told a
ceremony, calling the office `another
symbol of peace jointly created by the
South and the North`.
The nuclear-armed North`s chief
delegate Ri Son Gwon responded in kind,
calling it a `substantial fruit nourished by
the people of the north and south`.
The two Koreas have sought to pursue
joint projects in multiple fields since the
April summit between Moon and the
North`s leader Kim Jong Un in the
Demilitarised Zone that divides the
peninsula, even as US ef forts to secure
concrete progress towards Pyongyang`s
denuclearisation have stalled.
Moon will fly to the North`s capital on
Tuesday to meet with Kim as he seeks to
rekindle the process.
Palestinian mission shuttered in
The Palestinian diplomatic mission in
Washington ceased operations on
September 14, 2018 following a demand
by the United States to shut down but
expressed hope the closure would be
State Department officials ordered the
office shuttered, in a bid to pressure the
Palestinians to enter peace talks with
It was the latest point of tension
between the administration of President
Donald Trump and the Palestinians, who
cut off contact with Washington after
Trump recognised the disputed city of
Jerusalem as Israel`s capital in
Sri Lanka vs Bangladesh opens Asia Cup
September 15, 2018 (today)
Both Bangladesh and Sri Lanka, who will
kick off the latest edition of the Asia Cup,
are grappling with injuries ahead of their
game on September 15, 2018 (today).
For Bangladesh, talismanic all-rounder
Shakib Al Hasan needs a surgery on his
left little finger, but has pushed it back
till after the Asia Cup; Tamim Iqbal, the
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senior opener, has a swollen right ring
finger; Nazmul Hossain, the off-spinner,
also has an injury in his bowling hand.
On to Sri Lanka now, and Danushka
Gunathilaka has returned home even
before the start of the tournament with
a lower back problem, and has been
replaced by Shehan Jayasuriya, the offspinning all-rounder. Before the
Gunathilaka-Jayasuriya swap came the
news that Dinesh Chandimal is out with
a finger injury – Niroshan Dickwella, the
wicket-keeper batsman, has since
replaced him.
Youssef, Rowan lift Int’l Squash men,
women titles
Egyptian Youssef Soliman crowned
$30,000 Serena Hotels Chief of the Air
Staff (CAS) International Squash for Men
2018 champion as he stunned top seed
Hong Kong’s Leo Au 3-2 in the final here
at Mushaf Squash Complex on
September 14, 2018
World junior squash champion and top
seed Egyptian Rowan Elarby, 18, won
the $10,000 International Squash
Tournament for Women after thrashing
compatriot Nada Abbas 3-0 in the final
played here at Mushaf Squash Complex
on September 14, 2018
September 16, 2018
Pakistan ready to train Afghan law
enforcers: FM
Foreign Minister Shah Mehmood
Qureshi in his maiden visit to Kabul
underscored the need for enhanced
coordination between the two countries
in counterterrorism efforts with an offer
to train personnel of Afghan police and
other law enforcement agencies at
Pakistani institutions.
The foreign minister during his visit met
Afghan President Mohammad Ashraf
Ghani and Chief Executive Dr Abdullah
Abdullah and held delegation-level talks
with his Afghan counterpart Salahuddin
Mr Qureshi conveyed to the Afghan
leadership that the new government in
Islamabad attached importance to its
relations with Afghanistan and would
work towards further deepening
cooperation in the fields of trade,
development and connectivity.
The visit provided an opportunity to set
out the contours of the new
government`s future engagement with
Afghanistan to build mutually beneficial
relationship and enhance cooperation
between the two countries.
Punjab Governor House opens for
The governor houses in Lahore and
Murree will be open for public on
September 16, 2018 (today).
Initially, the Governor Houses are being
opened for families from 10am to 6pm.
Punjab Governor Chaudhry Sarwar, his
wife Parveen Sarwar and MNA Sadaqat
Abbasi will welcome the visiting families
in Murree, while Punjab ministers and
MPAs will greet people in Lahore.
In Lahore, the families will be allowed
entry to the Governor House from its
Anarkali gate on Kashmir Road. At least
the head of a family will be required to
display his identity card for security
The families will be allowed to visit the
zoo, lake and other areas of the
Governor House except the main
building housing offices. The visitors will
be allowed to park their vehicles inside
the premises.
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Taliban ex-commander shot dead in
Unknown armed men gunned down a
former Taliban commander and escaped
the scene here on September 15, 2018,
police said.
According to details, unidentified
miscreants opened indiscriminate fire
on former Taliban commander Gul
Muhammad alias Qari Saifullah in Bannu
Township killing him on the spot. The
attackers fled the scene after
committing the murder and the body
was shifted to hospital for postmortem.
The police after registering a case
against unknown assailants have started
an investigation
Pakistan ranked 150th in UN's Human
Development Index
Pakistan was placed at 150 among 189
countries in UN's 2018 Human
Development Index’s (HDI) annual
ranking that is measured by combining
educational attainment and income.
The HDI forms part of the Human
Development Report (HDR) 2018, a
flagship study produced annually by the
Programme (UNDP), which was released
September 14, 2018.
The report is 28th in a series which
began in 1990. The first UNDP Human
Development Report (HDR) was
prepared and launched under the
leadership of the late Dr. Mahbubul Haq,
a former Pakistan finance minister.
In other South Asian countries, India
ranked at 130 on the index; Bangladesh:
136; Sri Lanka: 76; Maldives: 101; Nepal:
149, and Bhutan 130.
During the period, Pakistan's HDI value
was 0.562; life expectancy 66.6 years;
average years of schooling 5.2 years and
gross national income per capita $5,311.
Oil-rich Norway, Switzerland, Australia,
Ireland and Germany led the ranking,
while Niger, the Central African
Republic, South Sudan, Chad and
Burundi have the lowest scores in the
HDI's measurement of national
achievements in health, education and
Turkey-Russia discord over Idlib defers
regime offensive, for now
Disagreement between Turkey and
Russia over how to tackle the Syrian
rebel stronghold of Idlib seems to have
deferred a looming regime offensive on
the province.
Russia and Turkey are on opposite sides
of the conflict, but key global allies.
Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan
met Russian and Iranian leaders Vladimir
Putin and Hassan Rouhani in Tehran on
September 7 to discuss Syria, just as a
major assault by Russia-backed regime
forces on Idlib appeared imminent.
But discord at the summit between
Erdogan and Putin, in a rare scene
captured on camera, may have
prompted Russia to postpone the Idlib
strike so as not to provoke Ankara, which
is fiercely opposed to a military option.
Turkey, which backs rebels fighting
against President Bashar al-Assad's
regime, co-sponsors - with regime allies
Russia and Iran - the so-called Astana
talks launched in January 2017 in the
quest for a lasting ceasefire.
Nigeria's finance minister resigns over
Nigeria's finance minister Kemi Adeosun
resigned in a letter to President
Muhammad Buhari September 15, 2018
over the alleged forgery of a document
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exempting her from compulsory
national service.
Adeosun, 51, said she was quitting to
protect the integrity of the government.
"I have, today, become privy to the
findings of the investigation into the
allegation made in an online medium
that the Certificate of Exemption from
National Youth Service Corp (NYSC) that
I had presented was not genuine," the
embattled minister said in her letter.
"This has come as a shock to me and I
believe that in line with this
administration's focus on integrity, I
must do the honourable thing and
resign," said Adeosun, appointed by
Buhari in 2015.
Adeosun is credited with helping Nigeria
out of recession, plugging leakages in
finances, and shoring up foreign
Nasa satellite launched to measure
Earth`s ice changes
A Nasa satellite designed to precisely
measure changes in Earth`s ice sheets,
glaciers, sea ice and vegetation was
launched into polar orbit from California
early on September 15, 2018.
A Delta 2 rocket carrying ICESat-2 lifted
off from Vandenberg Air Force Base at
6:02am and headed over the Pacific
The mission in particular will advance
knowledge of how the ice sheets of
Greenland and Antarctica contribute to
sea level rise.
The melt from those ice sheets alone has
raised global sea level by more than 1
millimetre (0.04 inch) a year recently,
according to Nasa.
The mission is a successor to the original
Ice, Cloud and Land Elevation Satellite
that operated from 2003 to 2009.
Measurements continued since then
with airborne instruments in Nasa`s
Operation IceBridge.
Karachi to host next year`s PSL final on
March 17
Karachi will host next year`s final of the
Pakistan Super League on March 17, the
Governing Council of the PSL decided at
a meeting held at the National Cricket
Academy (NCA).
It was also decided that PSL 2019 will
start on Feb 14, 2019 in the UAE and will
move to Pakistan for the last eight
matches of the tournament, with the
final taking place in Karachi on March 17.
Karachi also hosted this year`s PSL final
held in March while Lahore had hosted
the final of the second edition in 2016.
Mushfiqur helps Bangladesh thump Sri
Senior batsman Mushfiqur Rahim
smashed a brilliant career-best hundred
to steer Bangladesh to an emphatic 137run victory over Sri Lanka in the opening
Asia Cup match in Dubai on September
15, 2018.
The former captain`s 150-ball 144 with
11 fours and four sixes lifted Bangladesh
from a precarious 1-2 in the first over to
261 after they won the toss and batted
in the Group B match.
Sri Lanka, who have won five Asia Cup
titles, had lost half of their side for 60 in
the 17th over before being bowled out
for 124 in 35.2 overs, succumbing to
their second-worst defeat against
Bangladesh in 45 one-day internationals.
Sri Lanka`s worst defeat against
Bangladesh was a 163 run loss at Dhaka
earlier this year.
Football: Maldives beat India 2-1 to
clinch SAFF Cup title
Maldives were crowned as the
champions of South Asia after they beat
India 2-1 in the SAFF Cup final at the
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Bangabandhu National Stadium on
September 15, 2018.
Ibrahim Mahudhee Hussain and Ali Fasir
scored for the Red Snappers who
clinched their second SAFF title after
previously winning it in 2008 Substitute
Sumeet Passi`s injury time strike to make
it 2-1 for India proved nothing more than
a consolation for Stephen Constantine`s
U-23 side.
Both sides started with the same lineups which featured in the respective
semi-finals with Lallianzuala Chhangte
remaining the only exception after he
was suspended following a red card in
the 3-1 win against Pakistan.
September 17, 2018
COAS Bajwa starts three-day China visit
Chief of the Army Staff Gen Qamar Javed
Bajwa arrived in Beijing on September
16, 2018 on a three-day official visit.
During his stay in China, the Army Chief
would interact with Chinese leaders,
including his counterpart.
Last week, the Chinese ambassador to
Pakistan had called on the army chief to
discuss matters of mutual interest and
controversial report in a London-based
newspaper quoting Adviser to PM Abdul
Razzak Dawood seeking one year halt to
the China-Pakistan Economic Corridor
(CPEC) projects to review its
ramifications for Pakistani industrialists.
The ambassador had appreciated the
conduct of the successful visit of Chinese
Foreign Minister Wang Yi to Islamabad
and support for CPEC in Pakistan.
The army chief during the meeting had
reiterated that security for CPEC would
never be compromised
Governor House draws large crowd on
opening day
A large number of families from Lahore
and its outskirts thronged the Governor
House on September 16, 2018 as the
government opened the building to the
The public was allowed entry from the
gate on Kashmir Road after checking the
national identity card of the head of the
Provincial ministers Mian Mehmood ur
Rasheed, Mian Aslam Iqbal and Fayyazul
Hassan Chohan received people there.
The public is allowed to visit the zoo,
lake and other areas except the main
building housing offices.
The ministers spent time with people,
who also took selfies with the officials.
Governor House employees were
present to serve and guide the people.
President Alvi`s maiden address to
parliament today (September 17, 2018)
President Dr Arif Alvi will make his
maiden address to a joint sitting of
parliament on September 17, 2018
The government had earlier convened
the joint sitting on Sept 13 and regular
sessions of the National Assembly
Sept14,butcancelledita day before at the
PML-N`s request and to avoid possible
criticism of the move as it was coinciding
with the funeral of former first lady
Begum Kulsoom Nawaz.
The regular sessions of both the houses
of parliament will now be held
separately on September 18, 2018 in
which Finance Minister Asad Umar is
expected to present the mini-budget for
the remaining 10 months of the current
financial year.
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Under Article 56(3) of the Constitution,
the president is required to address a
joint sitting of parliament at the
beginning of the parliamentary year. It
states: `At the commencement of the
first session after each general election
to the National Assembly and at the
commencement of the first session of
each year, the President shall address
both Houses assembled together.
Dr Arif Alvi was elected 13th president of
the country on Sept 4
36.6MW power project completed in
The Khyber Pakhtunkhwa government
has claimed to have achieved another
target in the energy sector by
successfully completing Daral Khwar
hydropower project having generation
capacity of 36.6MW. The power project
has been completed by the province on
its own.
Daral Khwar hydropower project had
been connected to national grid after
starting of power generation.
The power project will earn Rs1.2 billion
annually for the provincial exchequer.
Leaders of Ethiopia, Eritrea sign accord
in Saudi Arabia
Leaders from Ethiopia and Eritrea signed
a `peace agreement` on September 16,
2018 during a summit in Saudi Arabia,
yet another sign of warming ties
between two nations that have face
decades of war and unease.
Terms of the agreement signed by
Ethiopian Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed
and Eritrean President Isaias Afwerki
weren`t immediately clear. Saudi
authorities did not respond to specific
questions about the accord, which
earlier had been described as being a
further endorsement of a historic deal
reached between the two nations in
The peace deal resulted in restoration of
normal relations between the countries,
on the basis of the close bonds of
geography, history and culture between
the two nations and their peoples.
The kingdom of Saudi Arabia praised the
leaders of Ethiopia and Eritrea for
exercising leadership and courage to
restore the brotherly relations between
the two countries, thus forming the
foundation for a new phase that will
bring significant developments in the
relations between the two nations in all
Bhutan`s PM defeated in first round of
Bhutan`s prime minister conceded
defeat on September 16, 2018, after the
ruling party was knocked out in the first
round of the small Himalayan nation`s
third-ever election.
Harvard educated Tshering Tobgay was
seeking a second term in the poll but fell
short of two rival parties, who will
contest a runoff on Oct 18.
Election officials said Druk Phuensum
Tshogpa (DPT), which won Bhutan`s
first-ever election when the kingdom
attracted nearly 93,000 votes, narrowly
beating Druk Nyamrup Tshogpa (DNT).
More than 291,000 people cast their
vote in Saturday`s poll for a 66 per cent
turnout of registered voters, said an
election official.
UN`s Yemen envoy arrives in Sanaa; 32
rebels killed in Hodeida
Fresh clashes and air strikes have killed
32 rebels around Yemen`s Red Sea city
of Hodeida, hospital sources said on
September 16, 2018, as the UN envoy
kept up peace efforts in Sanaa.
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A military source said the Saudi led
coalition fighting alongside the Yemeni
government against Shia Houthi rebels
carried out an air raid on a radio station
tower in the port city of Hodeida.
Three people died in September 16,
2018`s raid, he said, while Houthi-run AlMasirah television said four people were
killed three security guards and a station
A total of 32 insurgents have been killed
and 14 otherswounded in clashes and air
strikes since Saturday.
Earth's next door neighbour could be
home to water
A nearby exoplanet orbiting within the
habitable zone of a star just 4.2 lightyears from Earth may be home to a vast
ocean, boosting its chances of
supporting life.
Since its discovery, questions about the
conditions at the surface of Proximab
have been swirling; the planet’s mass is
just about 1.3 times that of Earth’s, and
the red dwarf star it circles is similar in
age to our sun. Studies over the last few
years, however, have both bolstered
hopes of its habitability and shot them
Now, a new study has once again raised
the possibility that Proxima b could
support life, suggesting that under the
right conditions, the exoplanet could
sustain liquid water.
‘The major message from our
simulations is that there’s a decent
chance that the planet would be
habitable,’ Anthony Del Genio, a
planetary scientist at the NASA Goddard
Institute for Space Studies, told
Archaeologists discover ancient sphinx
in Egypt
discovered a statue of a lion`s body and
a human head in the southern city of
The Antiquities Ministry said on
September 16, 2018 the sphinx made of
sandstone was found in the Temple of
Kom Ombo during work to protect the
site from groundwater.
The Ptolemaic Dynasty ruled Egypt for
some 300 years from around 320 BC to
about 30 BC.
Pakistan open campaign with crushing
victory over Hong Kong
Former champions Pakistan thrashed an
inexperienced Hong Kong side by eight
wickets in a one-sided match to open
their Asia Cup campaign in style on
September 16, 2018.
Pakistan`s bowling attack was too hot to
handle for Hong Kong at the Dubai
International Cricket Stadium as the leftarm speedster Usman Khan Shinwari
finished with 3-19 and Hasan All took 219, while leg-spinner Shadab Khan
manage d 2-31 to bowl Hong Kong out
for 116 in 37.1 overs.
Pakistan then completed the chase
comfortably for the loss of opener
Fakhar Zaman (24) and Babar Azam (33),
while Imam-ul-Haq finished on 50 not
out after just 23.4 overs.
It proved another cakewalk for Pakistan,
like their two previous victories against
Hong Kong, by 173 runs in the 2004 Asia
Cup in Colombo and by 155 in Karachi
four years later.
September 18, 2018
Pakistan, UK agree to cooperate on
return of looted wealth
The governments of Pakistan and the
United Kingdom have agreed for
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cooperation in the fields of justice and
accountability under which efforts
would be made for repatriation of illicit
finances and recovery of stolen assets,
besides putting a check on moneylaundering. The UK government has also
expressed willingness to revive the
treaty for extradition of prisoners.
Federal Minister for Law and Justice Dr
Farogh Naseem announced this during a
joint press conference with British Home
Secretary Sajid Javid at the PM Office on
September 17, 2018.
The declaration titled `UK-Pakistan
Justice and Accountability Partnership`
would track corruption. Both sides also
deliberated on formation of a joint fund
on civil recovery of stolen assets, and
appointment of a prosecution service at
the British High Commission.
It was agreed to ensure capacitybuilding of Pakistani law enforcement
officials with the UK`s assistance.
UK would ensure that no person could
escape accountability
President Alvi sheds light on govt
agenda in first speech
In his first mandatory address to a joint
session of parliament amid a boycott by
most opposition parties, President Dr
Arif Alvi expressed his satisfaction over
the continuation of democratic process
in the country.
The new president delivered his nearly
30-minute speech in Urdu in a troublefree atmosphere after members of the
main opposition party Pakistan Muslim
LeagueNawaz boycotted the sitting and
staged a walkout from the house when
NA Speaker Asad Qaiser refused to give
the floor to firebrand PML-N MNA from
Sialkot Khawaja Asif.
Prime Minister leaves for Saudi Arabia
today (September 18, 2018)
Prime Minister Imran Khan will embark
on a two day visit to Saudi Arabia on
September 18, 2018 (today) on the
invitation of King Salman bin Abdul Aziz
and Crown Prince Mohammad bin
It will be the first visit of Mr Khan to a
foreign country after taking charge of
the office of Prime Minister.
He will be accompanied by Foreign
Minister Shah Mehmood Qureshi,
Finance Minister Asad Umar and Adviser
to the Prime Minister on Commerce
Abdul Razzak Dawood.
Prime Minister Khan will call on King
Salman and hold a bilateral meeting with
the crown prince. The Saudi king will
host a state banquet for the prime
Accompanying ministers will meet their
counterparts and discuss bilateral
During the visit, Organisation of Islamic
Cooperation (OIC) secretary general Dr
Yousef bin Ahmad Al Othaimeen will also
call on the prime minister.
Mr Khan will perform Umra and will also
pay a visit to Madina.
Later, Prime Minister Khan along with
his delegation will reach Abu Dhabi on
the evening of Sept 19 where they will
be received by Mohammed bin Zayed Al
Nahyan, Crown Prince of the UAE. The
PM is visiting the UAE on the invitation
of the crown prince.
Bajwa discusses security, CPEC with
Chinese army chief
Chief of the Army Staff (COAS) Gen
Qamar Javed Bajwa visited the
headquarters of People`s Liberation
Army (PLA) and met PLA chief Gen Han
Weiguo in Beijing on September 17,
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Both commanders discussed regional
security environment, security of ChinaPakistan Economic Corridor and bilateral
He PLA chief appreciated and
standing of Pakistan Army displayed
while combating terrorism.
He also appreciated the high degree of
security being provided to CPEC by
Pakistan Army. The Chinese expressed
his keen desire to benefit from Pakistan
Army`s combat experience and also
expand bilateral cooperation.
Ali Muhammad Khan sworn in as state
President Arif Alvi on September 17,
2018 administered the oath to Ali
Muhammad Khan as minister of state.
The induction of Mr Khan into the
cabinet takes its strength to 28.
Last week, six ministers were inducted
into the federal cabinet.
Out of the total 28 members of the
present cabinet, eight belong to
coalition parties. Under Article 92 of the
Constitution, the total strength of the
cabinet — including state ministers —
could not exceed 11 per cent of the total
members of parliament. The total
membership of both the lower and
upper houses is 446 and the cabinet size
cannot exceed 49 members
Punjab signs $20m MoU with Chinese
The Punjab Board of Investment and
Trade (PBIT) signed a $20 million
memorandum of understanding (MoU)
on September 17, 2018 with Norinco
Group, for the establishment of state-ofthe-art manufacturing unit near
Faisalabad Industrial Estate.
Norinco is a Fortune 500 company
owned by the Chinese government with
presence in Pakistan since 1971. Its
subsidiary, Norinco Auxin, is engaged in
manufacturing and global mining
services. Norinco is also a partner of
China Railways in its execution of the
entire electrical and mechanical works
of the Lahore Orange Line metro train
project. The PBIT CEO Jahanzeb Burana,
Norinco Auxin`s Won John and
Management Company`s (FIEDMC) chief
operating officer Aamer Saleemi signed
the MoU.
Under the MoU, the PBIT and FIEDMC
will also help Norinco Auxin acquire
more than 50 acres of land close to the
existing industrial hub.
Japan conducts first submarine drill in
South China Sea
Japan has carried out its first submarine
drill in the South China Sea, 2018, a
move that could provoke Beijing which
claims most of the disputed waters.
The anti-submarine drill was conducted
on September 13, 2018 in the region to
`improve strategic tech-niques`, Japan`s
defence ministry said in a short
China claims most of the resource rich
South China Sea, through which $5
trillion in shipping trade passes annually,
despite competing claims from Brunei,
Malaysia, the Philippines, Taiwan and
Tensions have been high over the
Scarborough Shoal since Beijing seized it
from Manila in 2012.
US, Russia clash at UN over N Korea
The United States on September 17,
2018 accused Russia of "cheating" on UN
sanctions against North Korea with plans
for a railway project, oil transfers and
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ongoing business dealings with
Russia shot back and charged that
Washington was blocking steps to foster
cooperation between North and South
Korea and using a UN sanctions
committee "as a select channel to
punish" North Korea.
US Ambassador Nikki Haley told a
Security Council meeting that the United
States has evidence of "consistent and
wide-ranging Russian violations" of the
tough economic penalties imposed on
North Korea.
Sanctions "cannot be an end in itself,"
Russian Ambassador Vassily Nebenzia
responded. "You should, instead of
creating roadblocks, promote the interKorean cooperation and dialogue," he
told Haley.
The raucous meeting highlighted
divisions between the United States,
which is pushing for sanctions to be fully
enforced on North Korea, and Russia,
which argues that incentives must be
offered to Pyongyang to move forward.
Led by the United States, the council last
year adopted three sets of wide-ranging
sanctions aimed at cutting off revenue
to North Korea's ballistic missile and
nuclear programs. Haley said Russia had
been "cheating" despite supporting UN
sanctions resolutions.
Saudi sovereign fund invests $1bn in US
electric car firm
Saudi Arabia`s sovereign wealth fund
invested over $1 billion September 17,
2018 in an American electric car
manufacturer just weeks after Tesla CEO
Elon Musk earlier claimed the kingdom
would help his own firm go private.
Tesla stock dropped September 17, 2018
on reaction to the news, the same day
that the Saudi fund announced it had
taken its first loan, an $11bn borrowing
from global banks as it tries to expand its
The Saudi Public Investment Fund said it
would invest the over $1bn in Newark,
California-based Lucid Motors.
Afghanistan knock Lanka out of Asia
Cup after upset win
Afghanistan continued their rise in
international cricket with an upset 91run win over Sri Lanka in Abu Dhabi on
September 17, 2018, knocking the
former champions out of the Asia Cup.
Sri Lanka needed to win the Group B
match to stay in the tournament, but
were outwitted by smart batting from
Afghanistan who put up a fighting total
of 249 all out at Sheikh Zayed Stadium.
The fighters then laid into Sri Lankan
batting as spinner Rashid Khan (2-26),
Mohammad Nabi (2-30) and Mujeebur
Rahman (2-32) bowled out the five-time
former winners for 158 in 41.2 overs.
This was Afghanistan`s first-ever victory
against Sri Lanka in three one-day
internationals after losing in the 2014
Asia Cup and World Cup a year later.
Sri Lanka, who now have lost 30 of their
40 matches since January last year, had
lost to Bangladesh by 137 runs in Dubai
on September 15, 2018.
September 19, 2018
Mini-budget hikes taxes, cuts uplift
development budget, the government
announced a supplementary budget on
September 18, 2018 with a total fiscal
adjustment equal to 2.1 per cent of GDP
(roughly Rs805 billion), including
Rs183bn worth of revenue measures.
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Finance Minister Asad Umar delivered
his inaugural budget speech for the
government in an unusually calm
environment a rare opportunity as the
opposition PPP and PML-N listened to
him in silence.
The minister reciprocated by conceding
that the economic crisis was 15-30 years
in the making and not the specific fault
of any one political party. A key reversal
on the revenue side was elimination of
the restriction on non-tax filers on
purchase of real estate and automobiles.
In the last budget of the PML-N
government, a ban had been imposed
on nonfilers of tax returns to pur-chase
new cars and property. The car
developers were up in arms against the
decision that had plummeted car and
property sales by up to 50pc.
The finance minister claimed that the
ban was being removed because it was
interfering in the ability of overseas
Pakistanis to do business and invest in
Excise duty on cars of 1800cc and above
Ban on car, property purchases by nonfilers withdrawn
Banking transaction of non-filers to be
taxed at 0.6pc
Regulatory duties on additional 312
CPEC spending protected
PM Imran reaches Saudi Arabia amid
reports Pakistan may seek aid
Prime Minister Imran Khan reached
Saudi Arabia on his first foreign visit after
assuming office.
He is accompanied by Foreign Minister
Shah Mehmood Qureshi, Finance
Minister Asad Umar, Information
Minister Fawad Chaudhry and Adviser
on Commerce Abdul Razzak Dawood.
Upon arrival at Prince Mohammed bin
Abdulaziz International Airport, Prime
Minister Khan was received by Prince
Faisal bin Salman bin Abdulaziz,
Governor of Madina and Pakistan`s
Ambassador to Saudi Arabia Khan
Hisham bin Siddique along with other
In Madina, the prime minister and his
delegation visited Masjid-i-Nabawi
where the doors of Prophet
Muhammad`s (peace be upon him) final
resting place were opened for them.
The delegation offered Maghreb prayers
at Riyadhul Jannah.
Iron Brothers vow to tackle common
security challenges
Military leaders of Iron Brothers –
Pakistan and China – on September 18,
2018 resolved to strengthen bilateral
cooperation to tackle common security
This decision was taken in meeting
between Chief of Army Staff (COAS)
General Qamar Javed Bajwa and Vice
Chairman of the Central Military
Commission (CMC) General Zhang
According to the statement, Gen Zhang
Youxia said that China greatly values its
time-tested relations with Pakistan and
its Army and added that China looks
forward to further expanding this
Gen Youxia said that development of
CPEC is aimed at bringing more benefits
and prosperity to the people of both
The generals also discussed areas of
further bilateral military cooperation in
the field of counter-terrorism, arms and
equipment technology, and training.
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General Bajwa thanked Vice Chairman
for the Chinese support and
cooperation. Ambassador of Pakistan in
China was also present during the
US considering permanent military
presence in Poland: Trump
President Donald Trump said on
September 18, 2018 the United States is
considering a request from Poland for a
permanent US military presence in the
fellow NATO country.
Poland has repeatedly requested a
permanent US military presence on its
soil amid fears of Russian aggression,
offering up to $2 billion in funding for
such a base. US soldiers are now present
on its soil through NATO`s back-to-back
Russia expressed concern in May over
reports about Poland`s request, saying
Nato`s expansion towards Russia`s
borders undermined stability in Europe.
Poland joined Nato in 1999 along with
Hungary and the Czech Republic, and
since then other former communist
states, including Baltic republics
bordering Russia, have joined despite
Moscow`s strong opposition.
Friendly fire downs Russian plane in
Syria; 15 killed
Syria accidentally shot down a Russian
military aircraft, killing all 15 crew
members, when its air defence system
swung into action against an Israeli
missile strike, Russian and Israeli forces
said on September 18, 2018.
The incident late on September 17, 2018
was the most deadly known case of
friendly fire between Syria and its key
backer Russia since Moscow`s gamechanging 2015 military intervention in
the war-torn country.
Russian President Vladimir Putin said it
was the result of `tragic accidental
Trade war heats up as China imposes
tit-for-tat tariffs on US imports
The US-China trade war escalated
further on September 18, 2018, with
China announcing retaliatory tax
increases on $60 billion worth of US
imports, including coffee, honey and
industrial chemicals.
The increases are in response to the US
announcing it will impose tariffs on $200
billion worth of Chinese-made goods
starting next week. The tariffs will start
at 10 per cent, then rise to 25pc on Jan
China`s Finance Ministry said its tariff
increases are aimed at curbing `trade
friction` and the `unilateralism and
protectionism of the United States.`
There was no word on whether China
would back out of trade talks it said it
was invited to by the US, but a Chinese
Commerce Ministry statement said the
US increase `brings new uncertainty to
the consultations.
The two countries have already imposed
import taxes on $50 billion worth of
each other`s goods. President Donald
Trump threatened to add an additional
$267 billion in Chinese imports to the
target list if China retaliated for the
latest US taxes. That would raise the
total affected by US penalties to $517
billion, covering nearly everything China
sells to the United States.
Koreas hold another summit in
South Korea`s president and the North`s
leader Kim Jong Un drove together
through the streets of Pyongyang on
September 18, 2018 past thousands of
cheering citizens before opening a
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summit where Moon Jae-in will seek to
reboot stalled denuclearization talks
between his hosts and the United States.
Kim and Moon embraced at
Pyongyang`s international airport where
the North Korean leader had supervised
missile launches last year as tensions
The North`s unique brand of
choreographed mass adulation was on
full display as hundreds of people waved
North Korean flags and another
depicting an undivided peninsula while
the South`s own emblem was only
visible on Moon`s Boeing 747 aircraft.
Japan fashion guru Maezawa lands first
SpaceX moon flight
transportation company named its first
private passenger on a voyage around
the moon as Japanese billionaire Yusaku
Maezawa, the founder and chief
executive of online fashion retailer Zozo.
A former drummer in a punk band,
Maezawa is tentatively planning to make
his moon flight in 2023 aboard SpaceX`s
spaceship, taking the race to
commercialise space travel to new
Only 24 astronauts have flown beyond
Earth`s protective magnetic shield, in
missions spanning a four year period
from December 1968 to December
1972. Maezawa`s identity was revealed
at an event on Monday evening at the
company`s headquarters and rocket
factory in the Los Angeles suburb of
Game of Thrones takes top prize at
surprising Emmys
HBO`s record-breaking fantasy epic
Game of Thrones stormed back onto the
Emmys stage early September 18, 2018,
winning the coveted best drama series
prize on a night full of surprises,
including an on-air marriage proposal
that stunned the audience.
The other big story of the Hollywood
gala, television`s answer to the Oscars,
was the huge success of The Marvelous
Mrs Maisel, Amazon`s story of a 1950s
housewife-turned-stand up comic,
which took home eight Emmys overall,
including the best comedy award.
The Handmaid`s Tale last year`s best
drama and an early favourite for more
hardware in 2018 went home emptyhanded from the star-studded event at
the Microsoft Theater, af ter winning
three minor awards handed out a week
The ceremony hosted by Saturday Night
Live regulars Colin Jost and Michael Che
took on a decidedly political hue at the
start, with a barrage of edgy jokes on
hot-button issues from diversity in
Hollywood to #MeToo and Donald
India survive scare before beating Hong
India booked their place in the Super
Four round of the Asia Cup on
September 18, 2018 after sealing a 26run win over Hong Kong in what was a
dress rehearsal for the big clash against
With all eyes firmly focused on
September 19, 2018`s last Group A
fixture between the two giants at the
Dubai International Cricket Stadium,
Shilchar Dhawan scored a punishing
hundred and the recalled Ambati
Rayudu notched a fine half century to
steer India to 285-7 af ter Hong Kong
chose to field.
Hong Kong then made a good feast of
their reply with a record partnership for
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any wicket as captain Anshuman Rath
(73) and Nizakat Khan, who top scored
with a 115 ball 92 (12 fours and one six),
put on 174 for the first wicket.
But once Rath fell at the start of the 35th
over, India regrouped to take full control
as Hong Kong lost eight wickets in the
space of 85 runs. Young left arm
paceman Khaleel Ahmed grabbed 3-48
in a promising international debut.
September 20, 2018
Pakistan, Saudi Arabia pledge to defeat
Reaffirming their intention to stand by
each other at all times, Pakistan and
Saudi Arabia have pledged to continue
their decades-old partnership to defeat
the scourge of extremism and terrorism.
The two countries reiterated the pledge
during Prime Minister Imran Khan`s
meetings with Saudi leadership in
Jeddah on September 19, 2018.
The PM called on Saudi King Salman bin
Abdul Aziz and Crown Prince
Mohammad bin Salman and extended
an invitation to the Saudi leadership to
visit Pakistan at an early date. The offer
was graciously accepted, in principle, by
the Saudi leadership.
Acknowledging each other`s efforts and
sacrifices, the two sides agreed on the
need to promote peace and security to
ensure progress, development and
Bajwa, Xi discuss regional security
Chief of the Army Staff Gen Qamar Javed
Bajwa on September 19, 2018 called on
Chinese President Xi Jinping on a special
invitation and both discussed regional
security environment, challenges and
the way forward.
President Xi said that Pakistan was
China`s time-tested iron friend and
Pakistan Army had a pivotal role towards
that lasting relationship, according to
the Inter-Services Public Relations.
The Chinese leader appreciated
professionalism of Pakistan`s armed
forces and acknowledged their role
towards regional peace and stability. He
said China would continue to support
Pakistan as a strategic partner.
He said that those who opposed Belt and
Road Initiative (BRI) or China Pakistan
Economic Corridor (CPEC) would never
succeed as this was an initiative of peace
and development not only for China, but
for the region and beyond.
Gen Bajwa thanked President Xi for his
invitation. He also thanked him for
acknowledging professionalism and
contributions of Pakistan Army towards
regional peace and stability.
Islamabad part of solution in
Afghanistan: US
Pakistan has to be a part of a solution in
Afghanistan, says a Pentagon report,
summarising the US military chief`s
recent visits to friendly nations,
including Pakistan.
The report, released this week, says that
the main purpose of Gen Joseph
Dunford`s visit to these nations was to
`maintaining and building alliances`.
Gen Dunford, the chairman of the US
Joint Chiefs of Staff, also reached out to
`prospective partners to encourage
cooperation and interoperability.
The report says that the chairman visited
Islamabad early this month because
`Pakistan is key to the `South Asia
Strategy` that President Donald Trump
espoused in August 2017.
Pakistan has to be a part of a solution in
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The report notes that Gen Dunford
joined US Secretary of State Mike
Pompeo to meet Pakistan`s new Prime
Minister Imran Khan, Foreign Minister
Shah Mehmood Qureshi and Chief of the
Army Staff Gen Qamar Javed Bajwa.
Denmark to help Punjab cope with
Denmark will join hands with the Punjab
government in the initiatives to create
awareness about diabetes and its cure.
A decision to the effect was taken during
a meeting of Commercial Consul of Royal
Danish Embassy Ali Mushtaq Butt and
Commercial Adviser Aslam Pervez with
Punjab Health Minister Dr Yasmin Rashid
here on September 19, 2018.
The minister informed the Danish
diplomats that diabetes, being a silent
killer and dangerous disorder, has been
affecting16.98 per cent adult population
of Pakistan.
Quoting a recent survey, she said as
many as 35.3 million adult Pakistanis had
been suffering from diabetes which was
very alarming.
Denmark had been successfully running
diabetes awareness programme in
Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, she said while
welcoming the Danish offer to
cooperate with the Punjab government
in this regard.
Indian Muslims to face prison over
`triple Talaq`
India on September 19, 2018 prescribed
arrests and jail terms for offenders in a
campaign to stamp out instant divorce,
or `triple Talaq`, as Prime Minister
Narendra Modi looks to woo women
voters of the South Asian nation`s
minority community.
The Supreme Court in August last year
outlawed the practice that had allowed
Muslim men to divorce their wives by
simply saying the word `Talag` three
September 19`s move comes months
ahead of general elections next year at
which Modi`s Bharatiya Janata Party
(BJP) needs to broaden its support
beyond its core Hindu base.
India`s cabinet approved a decree
making the procedure a punishable
offence, as the government had
struggled to pass the law in the face of
opposition in parliament, even though
the practice persists.
N. Korean leader agrees to shut missile
site, visit Seoul
North Korea`s Kim Jong Un agreed to
make a historic visit to Seoul soon and
close a missile testing site in front of
international inspectors at a summit
with the South`s President Moon Jae-in
in Pyongyang on September 19, 2018.
Progress on the key issue of the North`s
nuclear arsenal was limited, but the two
signed a document to strengthen ties
between the two halves of the divided
Building on a growing rapprochement,
they agreed to create a facility to hold
family reunions at any time, work
towards joining up road and rail links,
and mount a combined bid for the 2032
His trip to Seoul would be the first by a
Northern leader since the end of the
1950-53 Korean war, when hostilities
ceased with an armistice rather than a
peace treaty, leaving them technically in
a state of war.
Modi, Ghani discuss security issues
Afghan President Ashraf Ghani made an
official visit to India on September 19,
2018 where he met with Indian Prime
Minister Narendra Modi and discussed
trade as well as security issues with him.
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The two leaders reviewed and positively
assessed the progress of the multifaceted India-Afghanistan strategic
partnership. They expressed satisfaction
at the increase in bilateral trade that has
crossed $1 billion mark. The two leaders
also appreciated the successful
conclusion of the India-Afghanistan
trade and investment show in Mumbai
from September 12-15, 2018 and
expressed determination to strengthen
Chabahar Port and Air-Freight Corridor.
The parties agreed to deepen the New
Development Partnership in the fields of
development and other capacitybuilding projects in Afghanistan.
government’s initiatives on peace and
reconciliation as well as tackling
terrorism and extremism threats.
China to launch Long March-9 rocket in
China plans to launch the heavy-lift
carrier rocket Long March-9 in 2028, said
an official of China National Space
Administration (CNSA) at the World
Conference on Science Literacy 2018.
Li Guoping, director of the Department
of System Engineering of the CNSA, said
that the length of the Long March-9 will
exceed 90 meters, and the rocket would
have a core stage with a diameter of 10
It would be able to carry a payload of 140
tonnes into low-Earth orbit, five times
that of the Long March-5, said Li.
The rocket’s capacity would also reach
50 tonnes for Earth-Moon transfer orbit.
China is also developing a medium space
rocket, the Long March-8, which is
expected to make its maiden flight in
2020. The Long March rocket series have
been launched 284 times, sending more
than 400 spacecraft into space
Air pollution linked to higher risk of
Urban air pollution, mostly from
vehicles, is associated with an increased
risk of dementia, according to research
published September 19, 2018.
The link remained even after heavy
drinking, smoking and other well
established risk factors for dementia
were ruled out, the researchers
reported in medical journal BMJ Open.
Worldwide, about seven percent of
people over 65 suffer from Alzheimer’s
or some form of dementia, a percentage
that rises to 40 percent above the age of
The number afflicted worldwide is
expected to nearly triple by 2050, posing
a huge challenge to healthcare systems.
India rout Pakistan by eight wickets
India crushed Pakistan by eight wickets
on September 19, 2018 in along-awaited
Asia Cup match which failed to live up to
its hype.
Pace spearhead Bhuvneshwar Kumar (315) and part time off-spinner Kedar
Jadhav (3-23) sent Pakistan, who won
the toss and batted, collapsing to just
162 all out in 43.1 overs at Dubai
Skipper Rohit Sharma then struck three
sixes and six boundaries in his 39-ball 52
while fellow opener Shikhar Dhawan hit
a six and six fours in his 54-ball 46 as
India romped home in 29 overs.
Both Pakistan and India had already
qualified for the Super Four stage of the
Asia Cup and will meet again in Dubai on
September 23, 2018.
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September 21, 2018
Pakistani, Indian FMs to hold rare
In response to a proposal by Prime
Minister Imran Khan to his Indian
counterpart Narendra Modi, India on
September 20, 2018 announced that the
foreign ministers of the two nucleararmed nations would meet on the
sidelines of the upcoming United
Nations General Assembly session in
New York.
The communication from the Pakistani
side was in response to the Indian
premier`s letter to Mr Khan after he was
sworn in as the country`s new chief
executive last month.
PM Khan has sought resumption of
dialogue between the two countries that
were stalled in 2015.
`Pakistan and India have an undeniably
challenging relationship. We however,
owe it to our peoples, especially the
future generations, to peacefully resolve
all outstanding issues, including the
Jammu and Kashmir dispute, to bridge
differences and achieve a mutually
beneficial outcome. Siachen and Sir
Creek also need close attention to move
towards resolution,` Mr Khan said,
adding that Pakistan remained ready to
discuss terrorism but discussion on
religious tourism and humanitarian
issues was also important.
Saudi Arabia set to become third
partner in CPEC
Saudi Arabia is set to become a third
strategic partner in the China-Pakistan
Economic Corridor (CPEC) project and
has reportedly agreed in principle to
invest heavily in Pakistan after it was
formally invited to join the Beijing
sponsored mega venture.
The landmark announcement by
Information Minister Fawad Chaudhry
came in the backdrop of Prime Minister
Imran Khan`s visit to Saudi Arabia and
the United Arab Emirates apparently
aimed at convincing Islamabad`s allies in
the Middle East to help the government
deal with a looming financial crisis.
A high-level coordination committee has
been constituted and it has the
complete backing of the Saudi King, His
Highness Salman bin Abdul Aziz Al-Saud,
as well as the Crown Prince [Mohammad
bin Salman] and PM Khan.
Pakistan elected IAEA board member,
Pakistan has once again been elected a
member of the board of governors (BoG)
of the International Atomic Energy
Agency (IAEA) for two years.
The IAEA elects 11 new members of the
BoG every year for two-year term. And
this year, Pakistan was among those
countries which were elected new board
PAEC Chairman Muhammad Naeem is
delegation in the 62nd IAEA General
Conference in Vienna, the capital of
Of the 170 IAEA member states, 35
countries were members of its BoG.
Pakistan`s effort to end terrorist
financing remains uneven: US
As the new government in Islamabad
starts work on addressing the concerns
related to money laundering and terror
financing, a US State Department report
released on September 20, 2018 said
that Pakistan criminalised terrorist
financing through the Anti-Terrorism Act
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(ATA), but its implementation remained
Pakistan is a member of the Asia Pacific
Group on Money Laundering a Financial
Action Task Force (FATF)-style regional
body. In June, the Paris-based FATF
placed Pakistan on its grey list of
countries that could be marked out for
economic sanctions if they failed to
prevent terrorists from collecting funds
within their domain.
The official US report released with the
State Department`s country reports on
terrorism also highlights FATF`s
concerns about Pakistan.
`The FATF continued to note concern
that Pakistan`s outstanding gaps in the
implementation of the UN Security
Council ISIL (Daesh) and Al Qaida
sanctions regime have not been
resolved, and that UN-listed entities
including Lashkar-e-Taiba (LeT) and its
affiliates were not effectively prohibited
from raising funds in Pakistan, nor being
denied financial services,` the report
points out.
Postage stamps portraying Burhan
Wani issued
Pakistan Post has issued special postage
stamps to portray martyred Kashmiri
youth leader, Burhan Wani, describing
him a ‘Freedom Icon’.
Pakistan Post had issued 20 special
postage stamps on July 24, this year, to
locally and internationally highlight the
brutalities of Indian troops on the
people of Occupied Kashmir engaged in
a peaceful struggle to achieve freedom
from India’s illegal occupation of their
The stamps carry photos of Burhan Wani
and his two associates killed in a fake
encounter by Indian troops in Islamabad
district of South Kashmir in July 2016.
The commemorative stamps also
portray the victims of pellet guns and
destruction caused by the chemical
weapons used by the Indian forces
personnel in the occupied territory.
It is to mention here that the
extrajudicial killing of Burhan Wani on
July 8, 2016 triggered the ongoing mass
uprising in the Occupied Kashmir
UK reaffirms commitment to work with
Britain`s Home Secretary Sajid Javid has
reaffirmed the strong partnership
reached between the UK and Pakistan
during his two-day visit to Islamabad
earlier this week.
A statement issued by the British
government said that Mr Javid stressed
the importance of the historic and
unique relationship as he ended his visit.
In the first visit to Pakistan by a UK
minister since the July 25 elections, Mr
Javid called on Prime Minister Imran
He also met government ministers,
including Foreign Minister Shah
Mehmood Qureshi and Minister of State
for Interior Shahryar Afridi, and
discussed with them cooperation to
tackle organised crime, terrorismand
During the visit, the government
partnership on accountability to tackle
illicit finance, a priority for the new
World ‘won’t rest’ on Rohingya crisis,
UK’s Hunt tells Suu Kyi
British foreign minister Jeremy Hunt on
Thursday called for justice on the
Rohingya crisis after his visit to
Myanmar’s Rakhine state, telling
embattled leader Aung San Suu Kyi the
world “won’t let it rest”.
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Hunt’s rallying cry for accountability
comes at the end of a busy two-day visit
during which he visited Rakhine - the
epicentre of a brutal military campaign
that drove out more than 700,000
Rohingya Muslims - and met with Suu
Kyi. “Burma needs to know the
international community won’t let it
rest,” said Hunt using Myanmar’s former
Myanmar has set up an “independent”
commission to address the army’s
crackdown against the Rohingya,
rejecting the UN probe and calls for the
The Rohingya fled to neighbouring
Bangladesh, where they joined about
300,000 already in cramped refugee
camps, carrying accounts of extrajudicial
killings, extreme sexual violence and
arson. The evidence warrants the
charges of genocide, crimes against
humanity and war crimes, UN
investigators said.
US hits Chinese unit with sanctions for
buying Russian jets, missiles
The United States hit a Chinese military
organization with punishing financial
sanctions for buying Russian fighter jets
and missiles as it stepped up pressure on
Moscow over its “malign activities.”
It was the first time the Trump
administration targeted a third country
with its CAATSA sanctions, designed to
punish Russia for its seizure of Crimea
and other activities.
The State Department said it was
applying the 2017 legislation against the
Equipment Development Department of
the Chinese Ministry of Defense for its
purchase of Russian Sukhoi Su-35 fighter
jets and S-400 surface-to-air missiles.
At the same time, the State Department
also announced it was placing 33 Russian
intelligence and military-linked actors on
its sanctions blacklist under the CAATSA
“The ultimate target of these sanctions
is Russia,” a senior administration
official told journalists, insisting on
“CAATSA sanctions in this context are
not intended to undermine the defense
capabilities of any particular country.
They are aimed at imposing costs on
Russia in response to its malign
$60 million in virtual currency hacked in
Bitcoin and other digital currency worth
around 6.7 billion yen ($60 million) has
been stolen in Japan following a hacking
attack, a virtual exchange operator said
on September 20, 2018.
Osaka-based Tech Bureau, which
operates virtual currency exchange Zaif,
said its server had been illegally
accessed and money transfered.
“We decline to comment on the details
of how this illegal access occurred, as it
is a crime and we’ve already asked the
authorities to investigate,” Tech Bureau
said in a statement. It added that the
virtual currencies stolen were bitcoin,
bitcoin cash and monacoin.
“We will prepare measures so that
customers’ assets will not be affected”
by the hack, it said, adding it would
receive financial support from major
shareholder Fisco Group
Asia Cup 2018: Rashid stars as
Afghanistan upset BD
Talented Afghan spinner Rashid Khan
celebrated his 20th birthday by scoring a
half century and taking two wickets as
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his side upset Bangladesh by 136 runs in
the Asia Cup on September 20, 2018.
Rashid scored a rapid unbeaten 32-ball
57 with eight fours and a six to lift
Afghanistan to an imposing 255-7 after
their captain Asghar Afghan won the
toss and decided to bat at Sheikh Zayed
Rashid, who finished with 2-13 in nine
overs and effected a run out, claimed
the prized wickets of Shakib Al Hasan
(32) and Mahmudullah Riyad (27) as
Bangladesh were bundied out for 119 in
42.1 overs.
It was Afghanistan`s second upset in the
tournament following their 91-run win
over Sri Lanka which sent the islanders
crashing out in thenrstround.
This was Bangladesh`s lowest total
against Afghanistan by some distance
their previous lowest against the
Afghans was 208 in Dhaka two years ago.
The whole Bangladesh innings had just
five boundaries-two by Riyad and three
by Mosaddek Hossain (26 not out).
September 23, 2018
Ready for war but want to move
towards peace: ISPR
The Director General of the InterServices Public Relations (ISPR), Maj Gen
Asif Ghafoor, has declared that Pakistan,
a nuclear power, is ready for war.
Reacting to a statement of Indian army
chief Gen Bipin Rawat on September 22,
2018, Maj Gen Ghafoor said that
Pakistan`s desire for peace must not be
misconstrued as its weakness.
`A war is launched when someone is not
ready for it. We are ready for war, but
want to move towards peace,` he
The chief of the ISPR, the media wing of
Pakistan Army, termed the Indian army
chief`s statement inappropriate.
According to the Times of India, the
Indian army chief said India `needs to
take stern action to avenge the
barbarism that the terrorists and
Pakistan Army have been carrying out`.
`Yes, it`s time to give it back to them in
the same coin, not resorting to similar
kind of barbarism. But I think the other
side must also feel the same pain,` the
Indian army chief was quoted as saying
Seven soldiers martyred in North
Waziristan ambush
Seven personnel of Pakistan Army,
including an officer, were martyred
when a group of soldiers were
ambushed by militants in North
Waziristan. In return fire, the surviving
soldiers in the group killed nine
The exchange of fire between the
soldiers and militants took place in the
Soor Daag area of Datakhel tehsil near
the Afghan border. They said that the
soldiers came under attack from a
compound when an intelligence-based
operation in the area was under way.
The soldiers launched the operation in
the Gharlamai and Spera Kunar Algad
areas of North Waziristan.
A group of militants who were reported
to have infiltrated from across the
border was involved in the attack. They
were hiding in the compound.
The security personnel took the bodies
of the militants into custody and ef forts
are being made for their identification.
Govt prepares proposals for WTO
After much prodding into the matter,
the government has finally initiated inhouse consultations for proposals to
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reform the multilateral trade systems
and making the Geneva-based World
Trade Organisation (WTO) more
relevant and adaptive to a changing
Pakistan`s permanent mission to WTO
has proposed to the Commerce Division
to conduct consultations with relevant
stakeholders on the proposed measures
to voice its views on possible changes in
The call for reforms within and outside
WTO was initiated by the United States
and supported by developed countries
to primarily counter the policies of
China, which they believe are hurting
their interests.
It is likely that in the long run, the
possible changes hurt the interests of
other developing and least developed
The issue of WTO reforms was recently
raised formally in the concluded meeting
of the WTO Heads of Delegation on July
Naval chief attends 23rd ISS-2018 in US
Chief of the Naval Staff Admiral Zafar
Mahmood Abbasi visited USA to attend
Symposium-2018 (ISS) held from
September 18 to September 21 at US
Naval War College Newport.
The event involved panel discussions on
issues related to common maritime
challenges and opportunities to enhance
During ISS, bilateral meetings between
Chief of the Naval Staff and senior
International Naval dignitaries including
Naval Chiefs of Australia, Brazil,
Germany, Japan, PLA (N) and Turkey
were also held to discuss matters of
mutual interest.
Mumtaz Ali Shah new Sindh chief
The federal government has appointed
senior bureaucrat Mumtaz Ali Shah a
grade-22 office as Sindh chief secretary,
the Establishment Division has issued
the notification in this regard.
Earlier, the federal government had
approved a panel of three senior officers
including Syed Mumtaz Shah, Tahir
Hussain and Syed Sohail Altaf on
September 7th. All three officers belong
to Pakistan Administrative Service.
A senior officer said that the Sindh
recommended the name of Syed
Mumtaz Shah as Sindh chief secretary.
Syed Mumtaz Shah was previously
working as Federal Secretary Religious
Affairs and Interfaith Harmony Division.
China cancels trade talks with US as
new tariffs loom
China has scrapped trade talks with the
United States days before President
Donald Trump is set to escalate the
commercial battle with a new round of
Chinese officials canceled the planned
negotiations after Trump announced he
would impose new levies of up to 10 per
cent on another $200 billion in Chinese
Beijing vowed to strike back, slapping
duties of up to 10pc on an additional
$60bn in American products.
Beijing had prepared to send Vice
Premier Liu He, the country`s topranking
Washington next week, along with a
mid-level delegation to prepare for his
visit, the Wall Street Journal reported.
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Hong Kong opens high-speed rail link
with mainland China
Hong Kong on September 22, 2018
opened a new high-speed rail link to
inland China that will vastly decrease
travel times but also raises concerns
about Beijing`s creeping innuence over
the semi-autonomous Chinese region.
Costing upward of $10 billion and taking
more than eight years to build, the
system aims to transport more than
80,000 passengers daily between the
Asian financial centre of 7 million people
and the neighbouring manufacturing
hub of Guangdong province.
The train travels the 26kilometres
through Hong Kong to Shenzhen across
the border in China in just 14 minutes,
down from about one hour currently.
The through-train to Guangdong`s
capital Guangzhou will take just over half
an hour, about 90 minutes faster than
current service.
Once across the border, passengers can
link up with Chinese sprawling
nationwide high-speed rail network
serving more than 44 destinations,
including Shanghai, Beijing and the
western city of Xi`an.
Canada hosts first meeting of women
foreign ministers
Women foreign ministers from around
the world kicked off a first-of-its-kind
meeting on September 22, 2018,
bringing together more than half of the
world`s top women diplomats in
Women are `key to finding solutions to
the political, economic and social
challenges facing our societies`,
Canada`s top diplomat Chrystia Freeland
said on Saturday at the opening of the
two-day summit.
The meeting will centre on four topics:
women in politics and positions of
leadership; strengthening democracy;
promoting peace and security and
eliminating gender-based violence.
Freeland is co-chairing the meeting with
EU foreign affairs representative
Federica Mogherini. At the opening
session, both expressed hope that this
meeting will mark the beginning of a
tradition of cooperation between
women ministers.
Cool-headed Malik thwarts Afghanistan
in last-over finish
Experienced batsman Shoaib Malik hit a
six and a boundary to pull off a
sensational last over three wicket win
for Pakistan against a spirited
Afghanistan in a pulsating Asia Cup
Super Four clash in Abu Dhabi on
September 21, 2018.
Malik pulled the second ball of the final
over by paceman Aftab Alam over the
deep square leg boundary and then
whacked the next to deep leg for a
boundary as Pakistan pulled off a nervewracking win in 49.3 overs at the Sheikh
Zayed Stadium.
Pakistan, cashing a stiff 258 run target.
Jadeja, Sharma star as India decimate
Spinner Ravindra Jadeja took four
wickets and skipper Rohit Sharma
smashed a successive half century to
help India rout Bangladesh by seven
wickets in their Asia Cup Super Four
match in Dubai on September 21, 2018.
Jadeja finished with four for 29 to wreck
Bangladesh to 173 all out in 49.1 overs
at the Dubai International Cricket
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September 24, 2018
Another Golen Gol power unit linked to
national grid
The Water and Power Development
Authority (Wapda) has synchronised a
second unit of the 108MW Golen Gol
hydropower project and connected it to
the national grid through the most
crucial transmission line it laid from
Chitral to Timergara.
The 180-kilometre-long Golen Gol
Timergara transmission line passes
through the most difficult mountainous
terrain having extreme weather
conditions. As many as 706 transmission
towers, including 141 towers of 132kV
and 565 towers of 220kV, have been
erected on the snow-clad mountain
peaks, including that of Lowari Top at
the highest altitude of 10,312 feet.
Transmission towers in Pakistan have
never been erected at this altitude.
Since the first unit of the project had
started power generation in January this
year, providing electricity to Chitral,
upper Chitral and Darosh more than
theproject`s second unit and evacuation
of power through transmission line is big
news for the nation. Soon the project`s
third unit will also be synchronised
PNS Saif conducts joint drills with
French, Moroccan ships
Pakistan Navy Ship Saif conducted joint
drills with the French and Moroccan
ships at conclusion of its visit to port of
Casablanca in Morocco.
The purpose of the exercise was to
operational capacities and skills with
navies of friendly countries.
The ship was received upon arrival at
Port Casablanca by Moroccan Navy
Liaison Officer and officials from
Embassy of Pakistan in Rabat.
Rear Admiral Moazzam Ilyas, the
represented Pak Navy during official
engagements on the occasion of ship’s
port call.
US active to defuse Pak-India tension
The United States is active to defuse PakIndia tension after the nuclear armed
neighbours entered a new wave of
verbal war.
The two countries were on course to
break the ice on the sidelines of the
United Nations General Assembly
meeting in New York but the foreign
minister-level talks were called off by
India after initially agreeing to the
bilateral meeting.
The US had appreciated Pakistan’s
efforts for revival of Pak-India dialogue
and had urged Pakistan to work with
India to reduce tension.
The US has promised to play its role to
bring the two countries to the table.
Washington referred to its statement
after Pakistan and India had promised to
hold bilateral talks (on the sidelines of
the UNGA).
The US is supporting Pak-US dialogue
process and has shown concern over
India’s decision (to call off the talks). The
US is still tilted towards India but they
are acknowledging Pakistan efforts.
They are trying to revive our (Pak-India)
India launches world`s biggest health
Prime Minister Narendra Modi on
September 23, 2018 launched the
world`s biggest health insurance
scheme, promising free coverage for half
a billion of India`s poorest citizens ahead
of national elections next year.
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The bottom 40 per cent of India`s 1.25
billion people will be covered under the
`Modicare`, unveiled in the federal
budget earlier this year.
The 100 million lowest-income families
will be provided 500,000 rupees
($6,900) a sizeable sum in India in annual
health insurance to treat serious
ailments. The scheme is expected to cost
the central and 29 state governments
$1.6 billion per year in total. Funding will
be increased gradually according to
India`s overburdened public health
system is plagued by a shortage of
facilities and doctors and most people
use private clinics and hospitals if they
can afford to.
But a private consultation can cost 1,000
rupees ($15), a huge sum for millions
living on less than $2 a day. More than
60 per cent of the average family`s
spending goes on medicines and
healthcare, the government estimates.
Many of the poorest just go without
A report published this month by The
substandard healthcare was responsible
for an estimated 1.6 million deaths a
year in India the highest anywhere in the
world. Critics have questioned how the
government plans to fund such an
enormous safety net, and suggested it
was little more than a sop ahead of
elections next May.
World leaders at UN look for progress
on N. Korea, brace for Trump
North Korea and Iran will dominate this
week`s gathering of world leaders at the
United Nations, where President Donald
Trump will be firmly in the spotlight as
he continues to upend global diplomacy.
After warming up to North Korean
leader Kim Jong-un and ditching the Iran
nuclear deal, the unpredictable Trump
takes the podium on Tuesday to face
foes and increasingly uneasy allies at the
UN General Assembly.
He will for the first time chair a Security
Council meeting on non-proliferation
and weapons of mass destruction that
will focus heavily on Iran likely triggering
a clash with other big powers.
The diplomatic gathering will take stock
of the thaw in relations between North
and South Korea, and groundbreaking
US-North Korea moves to address the
threat from Pyongyang`s nuclear and
ballistic missile programs.
Russia blames Israel for downing of
plane by Syrian forces
Russia`s military on September 23, 2018
blamed `misleading` information from
the Israeli airforce for the downing of
one of its planes in Syria last week, and
denounced the `adventurism` of Israeli
Israel strongly disputed the assertion
and vowed it will continue to act against
Iranian targets in neighbouring Syria.
A Syrian air defence missile downed the
Russian IlyushinIl-20 military plane on
September 17, killing all 15 soldiers
aboard and threatening to damage
relations between Russia and Israel,
which three years ago set up a hotline to
avoid accidental clashes in Syria.
Russian President Vladimir Putin and
Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin
Netanyahu appeared to seek to move
past the incident in spite of strong
statements from the Russian military.
Moscow has accused Israel`s fighter
pilots of using the bigger Ilyushin as
cover, causing Syria`s Soviet-era S-200
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air defence system to interpret the
Russian plane as a target.
Noted Indian director of women-centric
films passes away
DIRECTOR Kalpana Lajmi, known for her
distinctive women-centric films such as
Rudaali and Ek Pal, passed away at a
Mumbai hospital on September 23, 2018
morning. She was 64.
She was suffering from chronic kidney
disease and liver failure. She was on
dialysis and in and out of hospital for
three years.
Lajmi also assisted Assamese cultural
icon Bhupen Hazarika striking a creative
collaboration with him. He composed
music for most of her films.
Benegal said,“ She was a very fine filmmaker. She went through a long period
of illness. She was much young to go.”
Rohit, Dhawan crush Pakistan in Asia
Openers Rohit Sharma and Shikhar
Dhawan hit punishing centuries to steer
an imperious India to a nine-wicket win
over a listless Pakistan in the Asia Cup
match in Dubai on September 23, 2018.
Sharma notched a 119-ball 111 not out
for his 19th one-day hundred while
Dhawan made a 100-ball 114 for his
eighth century as the pair put on 210 for
the opening stand -- second best in all
India-Pakistan one-day internationals.
That super effort from the openers saw
India overhaul the target with 10.3 overs
to spare. The Super four win is the
second for India over their arch-rivals
following their easy eighth wicket win in
the first round.
The win is India's highest against
Pakistan in terms of wickets, improving
on the eight wicket win over Pakistan in
Melbourne in 1985.
Bangladesh beat Afghanistan by three
Bangladesh beat Afghanistan by three
runs in a last ball finish in Abu Dhabi
which meant India sailed into the
September 28 final in Dubai.
September 25, 2018
CCI agrees to resolve Sindh, Balochistan
water crisis
In the first meeting of the reconstituted
Council of Common Interests (CCI) on
September 24, 2018, the Centre decided
to resolve the water crisis in Sindh (with
special emphasis on Karachi) and
Balochistan, besides ensuring better
education facilities across the country.
The CCI agreed to overcome the water
scarcity in Karachi city and referred an
application of the Sindh government
regarding provision of 650MGD
additional water for the country`s
commercial hub to the National Water
Council (NWC).
recommendations keeping in view the
present water supply situation in the
country and a formula of water
distribution among the provinces.
The NWC will present its report before
the CCI and will also advise how water
wastage could be prevented and which
steps should be taken for better
utilisation of water, according to the
media cell of the Prime Minister Office.
Pakistan, Poland vow to further
enhance collaboration
Pakistan and Poland September 24,
2018 resolved to further enhance
mutual collaboration in various fields
with particular focus on defence ties.
This transpired during a meeting
between visiting Polish Air Force
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Brigadier General Jacek Pszczola and
Pakistan Air Force Chief Mujahid Anwar
Khan here at PAF headquarters. Both the
dignitaries also discussed matters of
professional interest.
Chief of Polish Air Force paid homage to
the martyrs of PAF by laying floral
wreath on Martyrs’ Monument. Chief of
Polish Air Force lauded the high morale
and sound professionalism of the PAF
Cairo summit stresses Pak-Egypt
partnership to reap benefits
Speakers at an international summit in
Cairo, Egypt, on September 24, 2018
stressed the need for creating new
partnerships to reap full potential of
China-Pakistan Economic Corridor and
the Belt and Road Initiative launched by
China in 2013.
The two-day ‘CPEC-BRI Cairo Dialogue
and Trade Summit–Building Partnership
for Trade Transformation’ organised by
South Asian Strategic Stability Institute
was attended by ministers, senior
government officials, major commercial
entities, leading businessmen, investors,
academicians, experts and policymakers
from Pakistan and Egypt.
While addressing the event on the
opening day, SASSI President Dr Maria
Sultan said that Egypt was not only the
gateway to Africa but was also set to
become the gateway to emerging
corridors of international trade. “We are
heading towards regional connectivity
and building partnerships which will help
our people benefit from this great
economic transformation,” she said,
adding that they had proposed a northsouth corridor that is going to build up
on the frameworks already in place
through CPEC and the BRI.
Facebook selects 2 Pakistani women
Two women from Pakistan who created
Facebook groups have been selected for
the social networking giant’s first
Community Leadership Programme, a
private news channel reported Monday.
Kanwal Ahmed of Soul Sisters Pakistan
and Nadia Gangjee of Sheops are among
115 community leaders of 6,000
applicants from around the world
selected for the program. The 115
participants will serve as community
leaders in residence, fellows, and youth
participants. More than 100 fellows and
youth participants will be awarded up to
$50,000 each for their various
community efforts.
Out of the 115 participants, Facebook
granted the role of community leaders in
residence to five people who will each
receive up to $1,000,000 in funding to
build communities. The company said it
will decide on the final amount based on
a budget proposal from the residents
themselves. In February, Facebook had
announced the initiative meant to
provide funding to individuals building
communities on the platform.
PM appoints Raja Jalal as new GB
Prime Minister Imran Khan on
September 24, 2018 approved a
summary for the appointment of
Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) Gilgit
Baltistan (GB) President Raja Jalal as the
new governor.
The summary has been forwarded to
President Dr Arif Alvi for an approval and
the notification in this regard will be
issued subsequently.
Raja Jalal will be the sixth GB governor
after Mir Ghazanfar Ali Khan, who
resigned earlier this month.
India test-fires interceptor missile
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interceptor missile off the coast in its
eastern state of Odisha on September
24, 2018.
The missile test was carried out
September 24, 2018 night from Abdul
Kalam Island of the integrated test range
The Prithvi Defence Vehicle (PDV)
mission is for engaging the targets in the
exo-atmosphere region at an altitude
above 50 km of the earth’s atmosphere.
Trump`s tariffs on $200bn of Chinese
imports kick in
President Donald Trump`s tariffs on
another $200 billion of Chinese imports
took effect September 24, 2018, with
Beijing accusing Washington of
`economic intimidation` as the standoff
between the world`s top two economies
clouds the global outlook.
The latest volley against Beijing brings
the amount of goods hit by duties to
more than $250bn, roughly half of
China`s US exports, with American
consumers set to increasingly feel the
Trump has hit 12 per cent of total US
imports this year alone.
Defiant in the face of increasing fears
about the impact to the US economy,
Trump has threatened to hit all imports
from China if it refuses to change policies
he says harm US industry, particularly
the theft of American technology.
EU takes Poland to court over judicial
The European Union referred Poland to
its top court on September 24, 2018, in
the latest legal confrontation between
EU leaders say they had to move quickly
to halt an alleged legal threat to the
independence of Poland’s judiciary from
its own rightwing government.
But the decision will also stir mounting
tensions between the central EU
leadership and nationalist politicians
from eastern and southern member
Brussels took action amid fears Poland
and other EU members with populist
and authoritarian tendencies are
undermining the union’s founding
The European Commission, the bloc’s
executive arm, targeted Poland’s
decision to lower the age at which
Supreme Court judges must retire from
70 to 65.
Russia to supply S-300 missile defence
systems to Syria
Russia announced on September 24,
2018 that it will supply the Syrian
government with more modern, S-300
missile defence systems following last
week`s downing of a Russian plane by
Syria, a friendly fire incident that sent
regional tensions over the war-torn
country soaring.
The Russian military aircraft was
downed by Syrian government missile
defence systems, killing all 15 people on
board. Russia laid the blame squarely on
Israel, saying Israeli fighter jets had
pushed the Russian plane into the line of
Syria`s fire.
Shortly before the downing, Israeli
strikes had hit targets inside Syria,
reportedly preventing an arms shipment
going to the Iranian-backed militant
Hezbollah group.
Russia launched its campaign in Syria to
support President Bashar Assad in 2015,
and though the involvement turned the
tide of war in favour of Syrian
government forces, Moscow has since
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tried to play a careful balancing act,
maintaining good ties both with Iran and
Modric, Marta crowned the best in
In a glittering ceremony that saw a host
of footballing stars descend on London’s
Royal Festival Hall, home to London’s
Symphony Orchestra, the beautiful
game’s chief conductors were coronated
at ‘The Best FIFA Football Awards’ in the
United Kingdom’s capital.
Luka Modric and Didier Deschamps were
awarded the leading honours for The
Best FIFA Men’s Player and Men’s Coach
respectively in a ceremony on London’s
Royal Festival Hall, after their
contributions at the 2018 FIFA World
Legendary Brazilian forward Marta and
first-time nominee Reynald Pedros were
rewarded as The Best FIFA Women’s
Player and Women’s coach respectively.
After Gianluigi Buffon picked up the
inaugural The Best FIFA Goalkeeper
Award at last year’s ceremony, Thibaut
Courtois was crowned his replacement
after the now Real Madrid man’s
outstanding year with Chelsea and
stunning performances at Russia 2018.
September 26, 2018
India reneges on deal to get power
projects inspected
India has postponed inspection of its
two hydropower projects 1,000MW
Pakal Dul and 48MW Lower Kanal by
Pakistani experts on the pretext of some
local issues.
Sources see it as a possible impact of the
recent cancellation of talks between the
foreign ministers of the two countries on
the sidelines of the 73rd session of the
United Nations General Assembly in
New York.
It seems to be an fallout of the recent
tension emerging with the cancellation
of the talks by India as other issues are
normally affected in a larger context in
such situations.
A nine-member team led by Indian
commissioner for Indus waters Pradeep
Kumar Saxena had visited Lahore last
month and held talks for two days (Aug
29 and 30) with their Pakistani
counterparts on water disputes on the
Permanent Commission for Indus
Waters (PCIW)
Ahmad Awais takes charge as AGP
Senior lawyer Ahmad Awais on
September 25, 2018 took charge as
Advocate General of Punjab (AGP)
following a notification issued by the
provincial government.
Senior law officers and staff of the
advocate general office welcomed Mr
Awais on his first visit as principal law
officer of the province
Trump, Qureshi agree on rebuilding
Pak-US ties
Foreign Minister Shah Mehmood
Qureshi on September 25, 2018 met
President Donald Trump at a reception
the US leader held for the world leaders
attending the 73rd session of the UN
General Assembly.
“I met with President Trump at the
reception where I had the opportunity
to discuss Pak-US relations with him. I
requested him that we have had cordial
relations and need to rebuild them,”
Qureshi said while speaking to PTV.
The foreign minister said that he
received a “positive response” from
President Trump who said they also
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intend to “rebuild” their relations as
Qureshi said that Pompeo also sent his
greetings to Prime Minister Imran Khan.
“Send my regards to your leader,”
Pompeo told Qureshi.
FM Qureshi is scheduled to address the
UN General Assembly on Saturday,
September 29.
PM approves ‘Re-Charge Pakistan’
Prime Minister Imran Khan September
25, 2018 approved, in principle, a
proposed project named ‘Re-Charge
Pakistan’ for better management and
utilisation of floodwaters to restore and
re-charge the groundwater.
He gave the in principle approval while
chairing a briefing on the functions of
Ministry of Climate Change here at the
PM Office.
Various measures to tackle air, water
and plastic waste pollution were also
identified during the briefing.
The prime minister said tackling climate
issues was a priority area for the
Trump, Rouhani exchange threats,
insults at UN
US President Donald Trump and his
Iranian counterpart Hassan Rouhani
exchanged taunts at the United Nations
General Assembly on September 25,
With Trump vowing more sanctions
against Tehran and Rouhani suggesting
his American counterpart suffers from a
`weakness of intellect` Trump used his
annual address to the United Nations to
attack Iran`s `corrupt dictatorship`,
praise last year`s bogeyman North Korea
and lay down a defiant message that he
will reject globalism and protect
American interests.
But much of his 35-minute address was
aimed squarely at Iran, which the United
States accuses of harbouring nuclear
ambitions and fomenting instability in
the Middle East through its support for
militant groups in Syria, Lebanon and
`Iran`s leaders sow chaos, death and
destruction,` Trump told the gathering in
the green-marbled hall. `They do not
respect their neighbours or borders or
the sovereign rights of nations.
President Rouhani, addressing the
sharplycriticised Trump`s decision to
withdraw from the 2015 nuclear deal,
said he had `no need for a photo
opportunity` with Trump and suggested
the US president`s pullback from global
institutions was a character defect.
Besides calling out Iran, Trump also
criticised China for its trade practices but
made no mention of Russia`s
interference in Syria`s war or its
suspected meddling in US elections.
South Sudan doctor wins UN refugee
A South Sudanese doctor who runs an
overcrowded hospital with a dimly-lit
surgical theatre and no regular supply of
general anesthetics on September 25,
2018 won the UN refugee agency’s
prestigious Nansen award.
Evan Atar Adaha’s Maban hospital in the
South Sudanese town of Bunj serves
more than 144,000 refugees from Blue
Nile state in neighbouring Sudan,
UNHCR said.
The hospital’s X-ray machine is broken,
but Atar and his team perform nearly 60
surgeries per week in a room with just
one light, with staff using “ketamine
injections and spinal epidurals” instead
of general anaesthesia, the agency said.
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UNHCR chief Filippo Grandi said Atar’s
“profound humanity and selflessness”
had saved thousands of lives.
High-speed train linking Makkah with
Madina launched
Saudi King Salman on September 25,
2018 inaugurated a high-speed railway
linking Makkah and Madina, described
by local officials as the biggest
transportation project in the region.
The Haramain High Speed Rail system
will transport Muslim pilgrims, as well as
regular travellers, 450 kilometres (280
miles) between the two cities via the Red
Sea port of Jeddah in two hours.
This project is considered the biggest
transport project in the Middle East.
Thirty-five passenger trains capable of
travelling at speeds of 300 kilometres
per hour will slash the travel time from
several hours to 120 minutes.
The rail project, dogged by several
delays, was built at a cost of more than
$16 billion, according to Saudi media.
In 2011, Saudi Arabia signed a deal for a
Spanish consortium to build the rail
tracl(, supply 35 high-speed trains and
handle a 12-year maintenance contract.
UK life expectancy stalls for first time
since 1982
Life expectancy has fallen in Scotland
and Wales and has stopped improving
for the first time since 1982 in Britain as
a whole, according to official data
released on September 25, 2018.
Life expectancy for both men and
women fell by 0.1 years in Scotland and
Wales and by the same amount for men
in Northern Ireland, according to the
Office for National Statistics.
Overall life expectancy for girls born
between 2015 and 2017 was 82.9 years
no change on the previous figure for
The figure for baby boys was also
unchanged at 79.2 years.
Janet Morrison, chief executive of
Independent Age, an elderly charity,
called the figures `concerning`.
Swedish parliament ousts PM in vote of
Sweden's centre-right opposition and
the far right ousted Prime Minister
Stefan Lofven in a vote of no-confidence
on September 25, 2018, as the left and
right blocs wrangle over who can form a
new government after neither won a
majority in September 9 elections.
anticipated. The head of the opposition
four-party Alliance, Ulf Kristersson, has
since election night insisted that he
intends to try to form a government.
A total of 204 of 349 members of
parliament voted against Lofven, while
142 voted in favour. The speaker of
parliament, Andreas Norlen, will begin
talks on Thursday with the leaders of the
eight parties represented in parliament
to determine who is best placed to form
the next government.
Afghanistan pull off tie against India
Stockily built Mohammad Shahzad
knocked a brilliant hundred as spirited
Afghanistan pulled off a last over tie
against India in a Super Four match on
September 25, 2018.
Shahzad`s 124 laid the foundation of
Afghanistan`s fighting total of 252-8 in
50 overs before they bowled out India in
49.5 overs for the same total.
Needing seven to win off the final Rashid
Khan over, Ravindra Jadeja hit a
boundary off the second ball before
taking a single off the next. Last man
Khaleel Ahmed then took a single, but
Jadeja holed out off the fifth to give
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Afghanistan a morale boosting tie with
the defending champions.
September 27, 2018
ADB sees Pakistan`s economy slowing
down in current fiscal
Anticipating a one percentage point f all
in the rate of growth and two
percentage points rise in inflation during
the current fiscal year, the Asian
Development Bank has advised the
newly elected government to address
rising debt obligations, falling reserves
and large twin deficits.
Its flagship Asian Development Outlook
2018 update, the Manila-based lending
agency said the economy appeared
slowing down and forecast GDP growth
rate to touch 4.8 per cent this year,
compared to 5.8pc in the fiscal year
ending in June 2018.
It said Pakistan`s 5.8pc growth last fiscal
was higher than the ADB forecast, but
the outlook is clouded by a large budget
dencit, a deteriorating current account
deficit and falling foreign exchange
reserves. `The growth forecast for
Pakistan in 2019 is downgraded in light
of a pressing need to deal with large
budget and external imbalances,` it said.
Also, the ADB noted rate of inflation
growing significantly to 6.5pc at the end
of current fiscal against about 4.5pc last
fiscal year.
The bank said Pakistan required
mobilising substantial external financing
to buy time for orderly reform to reduce
the large external and domestic
imbalances. Such resources can be
acquired from bilateral and multilateral
sources, the diaspora, or international
capital markets. `The key challenges are
to adopt the right reforms and achieve
good outcomes to sustain public
support,` the report noted.
New rotation policy on PAS, PSP
The Establishment Division (ED),
Islamabad, finally enforced the new
Rotation Policy 2018 for officials of the
Pakistan Administrative Service/Police
Service of Pakistan across the country
after certain amendments.
The policy says the police officers who
worked for consecutive 10 years in a
province or the federal government will
not be allowed to continue to work
They shall be either transferred to the
federal government or the other
provinces after the certain period
decided in the new rotation policy.
Earlier, the ED had proposed transfer of
the police officers to the federal
government or other provinces after
serving for five years consecutively in a
province or in the Centre.
The establishment division has notified
the policy accordingly after setting yardstick of 10-year service after the PSP
cadre mounted pressure on the federal
authorities that the five-year period
would lead to a `brain drain and human
resource crisis` in the provinces in top
Pakistan wants UNHRC to probe
atrocities in India-held Kashmir
Pakistan has asked the United Nations
Human Rights Council (UNHRC) to
establish a commission and appoint a
special rapporteur to investigate human
rights violations by Indian security forces
in held Kashmir.
Foreign Minister Shah Mehmood
Qureshi made this appeal during his
speech at a meeting of Organisation of
Islamic Conference (OIC) on September
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26, 2018 on the sidelines of the UN
General Assembly`s special session.
`We urge the Human Rights Council for
an expedited action to constitute the
commission of inquiry to investigate
gross human rights violations in Indiaheld Kashmir, Qureshi said, adding that
if India had nothing to hide, it must allow
the rights bodies to visit Jammu and
`We also call upon India to give access to
Independent Permanent Human Rights
Commission of OIC to undertake visit of
India-occupied Kashmir.
President Alvi gets constitutional
immunity in cases
President Dr Arif Alvi got constitutional
immunity in a case registered against
him under different sections of the AntiTerrorism Act (ATA) and the Pakistan
Penal Code (PPC) for inciting violence
during the 2014 sit-in in the federal
An anti-terrorism court (ATC) of
Islamabad suspended the proceedings
against Dr Alvi until he remained
`An accused person facing trial namely
Dr Arif Alvi has already been elected and
has taken oath of the office of President
of Islamic Republic of Pakistan. Keeping
in view the above fact in light of Article
2480f the Constitution of Islamic
Republic of Pakistan, 1973, protecd on
has been provided to the President and
as per Article 248 (2) of the Constitution,
no criminal proceeding whatsoever shall
be instituted or continued against the
President or a Governor in any court
during term of office,` wrote ATC Judge
Syed Kausar Abbasi Zaidi.
OIC renews support to Kashmiri people
Members of the Organisation of the
Islamic Cooperation (OIC) Contact Group
on Kashmir on September 26, 2018
reaffirmed their complete solidarity with
the Kashmiri people in their struggle for
the right to self-determination and
called for UN investigation of the gross
human rights in Indian Occupied
In a meeting on the sidelines of the 73th
session of UN General Assembly, they
reaffirmed their resolve to support the
"unwavering resolve of the Kashmiris for
their right to self-determination."
A communique issued after the meeting
said that the conclusions, which were
adopted, would be submitted for action
by the Council of Foreign Ministers of
the OIC, which will meet next week.
The communique underlined the gravity
of the situation in Indian Occupied
Kashmir and emphasised that a just
settlement of the Kashmir dispute in
accordance with relevant Security
Council resolutions was also a precondition for lasting peace in South Asia.
Chaired by Secretary General of the OIC,
Dr. Yousef bin Ahmad Al-Othaimeen, the
meeting was attended by Mevlut
Cavusagolu, the Foreign Minister of
Turkey, Shah Mehmood Qureshi, the
Foreign Minister of Pakistan, Elmar
Mammadyarov, the Foreign Minister of
Azerbaijan, Abdallah al–Mouallimi, the
Permanent Representative of Saudi
Arabia to the UN and Kalla Ankourouu,
the Deputy Foreign Minister of Niger.
China says plots to disrupt ties with
Pakistan will fail
Any plots to sow discord in China`s ties
with Pakistan will not succeed, the
Chinese government`s top diplomat said
on September 26, 2018, as Beijing fends
off criticism of its economic projects in
Pakistan and a clampdown in western
Xinjiang region.
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China has pledged $57 billion to build
power stations, major highways, new
railways and high capacity ports along
the China-Pakistan Economic Corridor, a
key part of Chinese President Xi Jinping`s
Belt and Road plan to further tie China to
The sustainability of Chinese projects
has come under fresh scrutiny in recent
months, as US Secretary of State Mike
Pompeo warned in July that any
potential International Monetary Fund
bailout for Pakistan should not be used
to pay off Chinese lenders. Both Beijing
and Islamabad say the loans are
sustainable. China welcomes the good
start made in its `all-weather`
partnership with Pakistan following the
election of the new government under
Prime Minister Imran Khan, State
Councilor Wang Yi told Foreign Minister
Shah Mehmood Qureshi on the sidelines
of the UN General Assembly in New
Indian court limits use of biometric
India`s top court on September 26, 2018
upheld the legality of the government`s
Aadhaar national ID scheme, the world`s
largest biometric database, but imposed
new restrictions on how the personal
details of more than one billion citizens
can be used.
The ruling by a five-judge bench of the
Supreme Court draws a line under many
years of legal challenges from critics,
who said Aadhaar threatened individual
privacy and risked turning the world`s
second-most populous nation into a
surveillance state.
The government had insisted Aadhaar,
which issues every Indian with a unique
12-digit ID linked to fingerprints and iris
scans, would streamline welfare services
and root out fraud.
WB urges developing countries to raise
budget for health
World Bank President Jim Yong Kim
called on developing countries to
demonstrate commitment towards their
people facing grave health challenges by
allocating adequate financial resources
for health.
He was speaking at a panel discussion
held as part of a gala dinner organized in
honour of tuberculosis (TB) survivors,
activists, global health leaders and
celebrities fighting against tuberculosis.
Titled `Our night with the Stars`, the
event was organised on the sidelines of
a high-level United Nations meeting on
TB held on September 26, 2018. The
dinner was co-hosted by Stop TB
Partnership, Permanent Mission of
Brazil to the United Nations, Permanent
Mission of Zambia to the United Nations
and Permanent Mission of France to the
United Nations.
Sharing his experience of Carabayllo a
district in the province of Lima in Peru
where he ran a health project, Kim said
that his team discovered an alarming
number of patients suffering from multidrug resistant tuberculosis in 1994.
Trump takes aim at China, Iran at UN
Security Council
President Donald Trump on September
26, 2018 accused Iran of spreading chaos
and China of meddling in US elections at
a UN Security Council meeting that laid
bare divisions between the United
States and other world powers.
Presiding for the first time a meeting of
the United Nations` body, Trump
denounced the `horrible, one-sided`
nuclear deal with Iran that he ditched in
May, to the dismay of European allies.
A gavel-wielding Trump took a swipe at
China, accusing Beijing of working
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against his Republican Party in upcoming
midterm elections as payback for their
growing trade war, a charge China`s
foreign minister said was `unwarranted`.
The meeting highlighted a rift between
the United States and its European allies
over the Iran nuclear deal.
Trump vowed that reimposed sanctions
will be `in full force` and urged world
powers to work with the United States
to `ensure the Iranian regime changes its
behaviour and never acquires a nuclear
Addressing the council after Trump,
French President Emmanuel Macron hit
back, declaring that concerns about Iran
cannot be tackled with `a policy of
sanctions and containment`.
BD in Asia Cup final after beating
Mushfiqur Rahim scored a fighting 99 to
guide Bangladesh into the Asia Cup final
with a convincing 37-run win over
Pakistan in Abu Dhabi on September 26,
The former skipper missed out a
deserving century, but still lifted
Bangladesh from a precarious 12-3 to
239 all out in 49.5 overs before they kept
Pakistan down to 202-9 in 50 overs at
Sheikh Zayed Stadium.
Mashrafe Mortaza`s team will now face
defending champions India in the final in
Dubai on September 28, 2018, with an
opportunity to win the continental title
for the first time.
September 28, 2018
Saudi Arabia to finance three CPEC
The government of Saudi Arabia has
signed three grant agreements with
Pakistan to finance three road
infrastructure and energy projects under
the China Pakistan Economic Corridor
These agreements have been inked in
line with the understanding reached
during Prime Minister Imran Khan`s
recent visit to Saudi Arabia.
The agreements were signed by the
Saudi envoy and the officials of
Pakistan`s finance ministry.
The first step has been taken as three
grant agreements have been signed.
This is a very positive step and bodes
well for relations between the two
More agreements would be inked next
week between a high-level Saudi
delegation and Pakistani officials.
The accords will be related to Reko Diq`s
gold and copper mines and the oil
refinery at Gwadar Port, and the
delegation would comprise the Saudi
petroleum and minister for energy.
IMF, govt in talks on economic data,
future policies
A staff mission of the International
Monetary Fund (IMF) on September 27,
2018 started consultations with
Pakistani authorities on the exchange of
economic data and future economic
policies that may ultimately lead to a
possible balance of payments support
the delegation, led by Herald Finger,
IMF`s senior economist, had separate
meetings with Finance Minister Asad
Umar and a team led by Finance
Secretary Arif Ahmed Khan. The mission
will stay here until Oct 4.
No official word was available from the
IMF or the government side while the
finance minister did not return calls for
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The two sides would complete
macroeconomic indicators, particularly
the most challenging energy-sector
problems, details of the China-Pakistan
Economic Corridor (CPEC) and the PTI
government`s plans for structural
reforms including the privatisation of
bleeding public-sector enterprises.
21 senior officers transferred in major
In a major bureaucratic reshuffle, the
Khyber Pakhtunkhwa government on
September 27, 2018 transferred 21
senior officers, including administrative
secretaries and directors general.
The reshuffle, which was expected in the
first few days of the current setup, took
several weeks as the provincial
government dithered on appointments.
A notification issued said that secretary
administration department Mohammad
Saleem (PAS, BS-21) had been
transferred and posted as secretary
energy and power department.
Provincial Inspection Team (PIT)
chairman Farrakh Sair (PCS, BS-21) has
been directed to report to the
establishment department, while Zafar
Iqbal (PCS, BS-21), who was awaiting
posting, has been posted as secretary
science and information technology.
Pak, Italian naval chiefs discuss
Chief of the Naval Staff Admiral Zafar
Mahmood Abbasi who is on official visit
to Italy on September 27, 2018 had
separate interactions with Chief of
Italian Navy Admiral Valter Girardelli and
Commander-In-Chief Italian Naval Fleet
exchanged views on regional maritime
Upon his arrival at Italian Naval
Headquarters at Rome, Admiral was
received by Chief of Italian Navy Admiral
Valter Girardelli.
A ceremonial Guard with Military
Honours was also presented to the Naval
Chief on the occasion.
Later, during the meeting between Chief
of the Naval Staff Admiral Zafar
Mahmood Abbasi and Admiral Valter
Girardelli, matters of mutual interest
including bilateral naval collaboration
were dilated upon. Various avenues of
cooperation between the two Navies
were also discussed.
Chief of the Naval Staff, Admiral Zafar
Mahmood Abbasi highlighted Pakistan’s
commitment and contributions in fight
against terrorism including initiation of
Regional Maritime Security Patrols
(RMSP) against piracy and maritime
Pakistan, Russia ink deal for feasibility
Pakistan and Russia on September 27,
2018 signed a memorandum of
understanding (MoU) to conduct
feasibility study of building US$10 billion
offshore gas pipeline project to cater the
energy needs of special economic zones
(SEZs) of CPEC.
The memorandum of understanding
(MoU) was signed in Moscow. Additional
Secretary Ministry of Energy and
Petroleum Division Sher Afgan, on
behalf of Pakistan government and
Deputy Prime Minister Anatoly Yanovsky
on behalf of government of Russia
singed the MoU to conduct feasibility
study to build multibillion dollars
offshore gas pipeline.
Managing Director Mobin Saulat of
Interstate Gas Systems (ISGS), a state
owned company with a mandate to build
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pipelines, also witnessed the signing
ceremony. On the occasion, the two
sides expressed interest to enhance
bilateral relations in energy sector. The
pipeline project will provide an
opportunity to Russia to capture the
energy market of Pakistan.
PM to launch housing project next
Prime Minister Imran Khan will formally
launch the `five-million housing project`
in the first half of next month. The
process of registration will commence
with the launch of the project.
This was decided during a meeting of the
task force on housing presided over by
Prime Minister Khan here on Thursday.
The task force briefed the prime minister
about the progress made so far in
formulating a comprehensive strategy
for planning, execution and monitoring
of the housing project for low-income
groups and regularisad on of katchi
India testfires air-to-air Astra missile
India has successfully testfired its homemade air-to-air missile Astra off the
coast of the eastern state of Odisha.
The pre-induction testfiring of the
missile was carried out over the Bay of
Bengal on September 26, 2018
Astra was successfully testfired by the
Indian Air Force from a Su-30 aircraft
that had taken off from Air Force station
Kalaikunda, a defence statement has
UN body says Pakistan likely to seek
fresh IMF bailout
Pakistan is likely to seek a fresh IMF
programme to stabilise its economy, a
report released by the United Nations
trade body hints.
The `Trade and Development Report
2018` report released by the United
Nations Conference on Trade and
Development (UNCTAD) on September
27, 2018 notes that there are
expectations that the new government
has no choice but to turn to the
International Monetary Fund (IMF) for a
large loan which would require adopting
austerity measures that are likely to
affect growth adversely.
Over the medium-term much will
depend on whether large infrastructure
projects will support a stronger export
push, the report says.
In Pakistan, despite robust growth, the
currency has lost a quarter of its value
against the dollar since the beginning of
the year. Higher oil prices have led to a
widening trade deficit and foreign
exchange reserves have dropped
A widening external debt position,
currently standing at $92 billion or 31
per cent of the GDP has raised concerns
developing Asia, the report says, after
recording growth rates of 5.7pc and
5.5pc in 2016 and 2017, the developing
countries in Asia are expected to sustain
that rate in 2018 as well.
Adultery no longer a crime in India
Adultery is no longer a crime, India`s top
court ruled on September 27, 2018,
declaring a colonial-era law that
punished the offence with jail time
unconstitutional and discriminatory
against women.
It was the second legal decision this
month reflecting a more liberal outlook
in Indian society with the Supreme Court
having on Sept 6 scrapped a ban on gay
sex dating back to 1861.
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Sparking celebrations, the court argued
that Section 377 on homosexuality had
become `a weapon for harassment` of
homosexuals and `history owes an
apology to the members of this
community and their families`.
The more than century-old adultery law
prescribed that any man who slept with
a married woman without her husband`s
permission had committed adultery, a
crime carrying a five-year prison term in
the conservative country.
Netanyahu, Sisi discuss Gaza on
sidelines of UN
Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin
Netanyahu and Egyptian President
Abdel Fattah al-Sisi met in New York on
September 27, 2018 to discuss Gaza and
reviving peace talks with the
Palestinians, officials said.
During the meeting, which lasted nearly
two hours and took place on the
sidelines of the United Nations General
Assembly, the two `discussed regional
developments and the situation in
Gaza`, a statement from Netanyahu`s
office said.
In recent months, mass protests along
Gaza`s border with Israel have triggered
repeated deadly clashes with the army,
prompting warnings of the risk of a new
On Tuesday, the World Bank warned
that the Gaza Strip`s economy is in `free
fall` as cuts to aid and salaries add to an
already crippling Israeli blockade on the
Hamas-run enclave.
September 29, 2018
Army chief, PM discuss security
Chief of the Army Staff (COAS) Gen
Qamar Javed Bajwa called on Prime
Minister Imran Khan and discussed
`security and regional stability situation`
with him on September 28, 2018.
Director General of the Inter Services
Intelligence (ISI) Lt Gen Naveed Mukhtar
accompanied the army chief during his
third visit to PM House since the
assumption of office by Imran Khan on
Aug 18.
A statement issued by the PM office said
`security and regional stability situation`
were discussed in the meeting.
Threats emanating from New Delhi and
the state of preparedness of the armed
forces to respond to any misadventure
also came under discussion. This was the
first meeting between the PM and the
COAS after India backtracked on its
commitment for foreign ministers` talks
on the sidelines of the UN General
Assembly session in New York.
Gen Bajwa had first visited the PM on
Aug 27 when the civil and military
leadership expressed their resolve to
bring about enduring peace in the
country and continue to make efforts
towards regional peace.
Japan pledges $2.7m aid for
repatriation of Afghan refugees
The Japanese government will donate
$2.7 million to support the United
Nations High Commissioner for
Refugees` programme in Pakistan, said a
statement issued on September 28,
The donation was announced two days
after the visit of Japanese Ambassador
Takashi Kurai to the UN voluntary
repatriation centre at Azakhel in
Nowshera district.
It said Ambassador Kurai and UN Agency
Country Representative in Pakistan
Ruvendrini Menikdiwela would sign an
agreement in this regard on Oct 3.
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The ambassador visited the repatriation
centre at Azakhel and interacted with
the refugees who got their documents
processed. Officials said the ambassador
was briefed about the registration
process and management of the
refugees in Pakistan.
Afghan director general of the
commissioner Waqar Maroof while
briefing the ambassador said the
suspended ahead of winter in the host
country. He said the repatriation process
would resume in March 2019.
Six promoted to lieutenant general rank
Six Major Generals of Pakistan Army
have been promoted to the rank of
Lieutenant General.
The promoted General Officers include
Maj Gen Shaheen Mazhar, Maj Gen
Nadeem Zaki Manj, Maj Gen Abdul Aziz,
Maj Gen Asim Munir, Maj Gen Adnan
and Maj Gen Waseem Ashraf.
On the hand, some star generals
including Commander Peshawar Corps
and Director General are due to retire
next month.
In June, Pakistan Army’s Promotion
Board had also approved promotion of
37 brigadiers, including nine from the
Army Medical Corps to the rank of major
War with India not an option, says
War with India is not an option, says
Foreign Minister Shah Mehmood
Qureshi, as a senior US official urges
Pakistan to work for promoting peace in
South Asia.
Mr Qureshi said the new government
had inherited strained relations with
two key countries India and the United
States and was working to improve ties
with both.
In an interview to BBC Urdu, US Principal
Deputy Assistant Secretary for South
and Central Asian Affairs Alice Wells said
that peace in South Asia was key to the
region`s prosperity and urged Pakistan
to work for it.
Referring to Prime Minister Imran
Khan`s July 26 peace offer to India, Mr
Qureshi said that seeking a constructive
dialogue with India was a key
component of the new government`s
policies. `What we did...we thought
made sense. Two neighbours with
outstanding issues, atomic powers. How
do you fix things? War is no option.
There is no military solution: the only
solution is a dialogue,` he emphasised.
Ch Ahmad Saeed passes away
Former PIA managing director/
Chairman Chaudhry Ahmad Saeed died
on September 28, 2018. He was around
Mr Saeed died of cancer in a private
hospital of Karachi.
Mr Saeed remained PIA MD (2001-03)
and chairman (2003-05) during the
Musharraf regime. He was the brother
of former defence minister Ahmad
India`s top court lifts Hindu temple ban
on women of menstruating age
India`s Supreme Court lifted a ban
rooted in a centuries-old tradition that
prevented women of menstruating age
from entering a prominent Hindu temple
in southern Kerala state, upholding
rights to equality of worship.
The authorities at the Sabarimala
temple, which attracts tens of millions of
pilgrims every year, have said the ban on
women and girls aged from 10 to 50 was
essential to the rites related to the
temple`s chief
deity Ayyappan,
considered eternally celibate.
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menstruating women are regarded as
unclean, leading to restrictions and in a
few cases outright bans on women of
child-bearing age from entering certain
Lifting the ban, the Chief Justice of India
said `restrictions put by Sabarimala
temple can`t be held as essential
religious practice`.
`No physiological and biological factor
can be given legitimacy if it does not pass
the test of conditionality,` Justice Dipak
Misra said in the judgment.
Taliban meet Afghan officials in Saudi
Arabia ahead of election
Representatives from the Taliban met an
Afghan government delegation in Saudi
Arabia this week to discuss security
ahead of next month`s parliamentary
elections and a limited prisoner release,
three Taliban officials said.
The meeting comes less than a month
before voters are due to go to the polls
on Oct 20 to elect a new Afghan
parliament, a process which has been
hampered by fears of attacks on polling
stations and campaign rallies.
Ensuring the election passes off
smoothly and without violence has been
a top priority for the Afghan government
and its international partners.
`They requested us to help them
conduct peaceful elections,` said one of
the Taliban leaders.
World`s first human case of rat
hepatitis found
A Hong Kong man has developed the
world`s first ever human case of the rat
version of the hepatitis E virus, according
to new research from one of the city`s
leading universities.
There had previously been no evidence
the disease could jump from rats to
humans, the University of Hong Kong
said on September 28, 2018, warning
the discovery had `major public health
significance` `This study conclusively
proves for the first time in the world that
rat HEV can infect humans to cause
clinical infection,` the university added.
Rat hepatitis E virus is very distantly
related to human hepatitis E virus
variants, HKU said.
The disease was found in a 56-year-old
man who persistently produced
abnormal liver function tests following a
liver transplant.
Up to 50m Facebook accounts breached
Facebook announced on September 28,
2018 that up to 50 million accounts were
breached in a security flaw exploited by
The leading social network said it
learned this week of the attack that
allowed hackers to steal `access tokens`,
the equivalent of digital keys that enable
them to access their accounts.
Facebook chief executive Mark
Zuckerberg said engineers discovered
the breach on September 25, 2018, and
patched it on September 27, 2018 night.
`We don`t know if any accounts were
actually misused,` he said.
As a precaution, Facebook is temporarily
taking down the `view as` feature
described as a privacy tool to let user see
how their own profiles would look to
other people.
The breach is the latest privacy
embarrassment for Facebook, which
earlier this year acknowledged that tens
of millions of users had personal data
hijacked by a political firm working for
Donald Trump in 2016.
India beat BD in thriller, retain Asia Cup
India retained the Asia Cup in Dubai on
September 28, 2018 with a three-wicket
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win off the last ball against a fighting
Bangladesh, who were anchored by a
maiden hundred from opener Liton Das.
India made heavy weather of a modest
223-run target as Bangladesh fought for
every run before the title holders
achieved victory off the last ball,
watched by a capacity 25,000 holiday
September 30, 2018
Pakistan warns India against LoC
Pakistan has warned India of a strong
response if New Delhi tries to cross the
Line of Control or acts upon its so-called
`doctrine of limited war` against
`To divert the world`s attention from its
brutalities, India frequently violates the
ceasefire along the Line of Control in
Despite numerous violations Pakistan
has acted with restraint,` Foreign
Minister Shah Mehmood Qureshi said
while addressing the 73rd UN General
Assembly in New York on September 29,
2018. `But if India does venture across
the LoC, or acts upon its doctrine of
`limited` war against Pakistan, it will
evoke a strong and matching response.
Speaking in Urdu, FM Qureshi presented
Pakistan`s viewpoint on issues ranging
from terrorism, relations with India
especially in the context of continuing
rights violations in India-held Kashmir,
war in Afghanistan, Palestine crisis,
climate change, etc.
He also raised the issue of Indian spy
Kulbhushan Jadhav and informed the
audience that India was behind various
acts of terrorism in Pakistan, including
the 2014 Army Public School carnage in
Referring to the change of government
following the July 25 general elections in
the country, he said that Pakistan would
not compromise on the interests of the
nation, the sovereignty of the state, or
the security of its people.
`The unresolved Jammu and Kashmir
dispute hinders the realisation of the
goal of a durable peace between our two
For over 70 years now, it has remained
on the agenda of the UN Security Council
and a blot on the conscience of
Bureaucrat caught stealing Kuwaiti
delegate`s wallet
embarrassment to the country when he
was caught stealing the wallet of a
member of the Kuwaiti delegation which
visited the country to discuss investment
plans in Pakistan.
Sources said the theft was committed by
a grade-20 officer of the Pakistan
Administrative Services Group, deployed
at the Finance Ministry and he was
caught through closed-circuit TV camera
(CCTV) footage after the members of the
Kuwaiti delegation lodged a strong
In the six-second leaked video clip,
which also went viral on social media,
the bureaucrat could be seen lifting the
wallet from the table and putting it into
his pocket at a time when all Kuwaiti
delegates and officials of the ministry
had left the hall at the Economic Affairs
Division after the meeting.
The issue came to light when a member
of the Kuwaiti delegation lodged a
complaint with the Pakistan officials that
his wallet containing a handsome
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amount of the Kuwaiti dinar had gone
missing during the meeting.
$4.5bn income loss due to unreliable
power access grossly understated: WB
The net income loss from lack of reliable
access to electricity for households in
Pakistan has been conservatively
estimated at $4.5 billion a year which is
about 1.7 per cent of GDP, a new World
Bank study notes.
This estimate is likely to grossly under
state the actual loss because it does not
capture the impact of lack of reliable
access to electricity on health and
education outcomes and because access
rates could be much lower than the
officially reported 97.5pc.
These results suggest that increasing
reliable access to electricity would yield
huge gains.
Pakistan could do so by both continuing
to expand the electric grid and by
electricity, especially given that Pakistan
has large potential for renewable energy
from wind, solar, and hydro power.
Household Welfare` presents the first
empirical evidence on the benefits of
reliable electricity on households in
Pakistan, and it used a two-stage
propensity score weighted fixed-effects
model to control for unobserved village
and individual-specific effects that may
simultaneously affect electrification
status and the welfare outcomes of
Ex-judge sentenced to death for murder
of judge`s son
A former district and sessions judge,
along with another accused, has been
sentenced to death for the murder of a
son of his fellow district and sessions
judge in Hyderabad. The motive for the
murder appeared to be honour.
Sikandar Lashari, former district and
sessions judge in Mithi, and Irfan Khan
aka Fahim were found guilty of
masterminding the murder of 19-yearold Agib Shahani, son of his fellow
district and sessions judge Khalid
Hussain Shahani, in Hyderabad on Feb
19, 2014.
The ATC-II Karachi judge on September
29, 2018 announced her verdict which
was earlier reserved after recording
evidence and final arguments from both
The judge observed in her order that all
the offences for which the two accused
were charged had been proved. It had
been proved that accused Lashari was
the mastermind of the murder and that
he had planned the murder and hired
criminals to kill him, noted the judge in
the order.
Russia-India S-400 air defence systems
deal problematic: Pakistan
Pakistan is concerned about India
moving closer to acquiring Russian S-400
air defence systems and urges Moscow
not to bet on New Delhi alone,
Information Minister Fawad Chaudhry
told Sputnik in an interview.
On September 29, 2018, local media
reported that Indian authorities are
ready to sign a $5.43 billion contract to
purchase five regiments of Russian S-400
Triumph air defence systems.
Russia and Pakistan’s relationship, is
improving day by day and Islamabad is
looking forward to working closely with
Moscow on defence, trade and
economic issues.
According to the Times of India media
outlet, the Indian Cabinet Committee on
Security (CCS) headed by Prime Minister
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Narendra Modi gave consent to the
purchase of the Russian air defence
systems. The decision was reportedly
made ahead of Russian President
Vladimir Putin’s visit to the country, set
for early October.
US shuts down Basra consulate citing
Iranian `threats`
Iraq`s foreign ministry voiced `regret` on
September 29, 2018 over a US decision
to shut its consulate in the southern city
of Basra which has been rocked by
weeks of deadly protests, while Iran
accused Washington of making `false
accusations` to pressure Baghdad.
`The ministry regrets the American
decision to pull its staff out of Basra,` a
statement said.
Secretary of State Mike Pompeo ordered
all but emergency staff to leave Basra,
with consular duties to be taken over by
the embassy in Baghdad. He blamed
Iranian militias for `indirect fire` against
the US consulate.
The State Department also sent out a
renewed advisory urging Americans not
to travel to Iraq.
Rival rallies as Erdogan opens mega
mosque in Germany
Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan
was to open one of Europe's largest
mosques in Cologne on September 29,
2018 as he wrapped up a controversial
visit to Germany, with police deploying
in force to manage the rival rallies.
The inauguration will mark the closing
event of his three-day state visit, aimed
at repairing frayed ties with Berlin after
two years of tensions.
Erdogan left the German capital after a
breakfast meeting with Angela Merkel,
their second talks in two days.
While both leaders signalled their
interest in a cautious rapprochement,
the German chancellor stressed that
"deep differences" remained on civil
rights and other issues.
Erdogan then travelled to the western
city of Cologne where several thousand
critics took to the streets, protesting
everything from Turkey's record on
human rights and press freedom to its
treatment of minority Kurds.
Palestinians ask UN court to revoke US
Jerusalem embassy move
Palestinian foreign minister Riyad alMaliki said September 29, 2018 the
Palestinians have petitioned the UN's
top court, alleging that the US
inauguration of an embassy in Jerusalem
was illegal.
The Palestinians have filed a lawsuit at
the International Court of Justice (ICJ)
"for violating international law by
moving its embassy in Israel to the
occupied city of Jerusalem", he said,
quoted by the official Palestinian news
agency WAFA.
In December, US President Donald
Trump recognised Jerusalem as the
capital of Israel, despite Palestinian
claims on part of the city and breaking
with longstanding US policy. Palestinians
have since refused all contact with the
Trump administration.
The US embassy was transferred from
Tel Aviv to Jerusalem on May 14, a day
marked by mass protest in the Gaza
Strip, where about 60 Palestinian
protesters were killed by Israeli fire in
border clashes.
Palestinians claim the predominantly
Arab eastern area as the capital of a
future Palestinian state.
China-India border affairs meeting held
in Chengdu
The 12th meeting of the Working
Mechanism for Consultation and
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Coordination on China-India Border
Affairs was held in Chengdu, Sichuan
Province, September 28, and 29 2018.
The talks were made between
representatives of the two countries'
foreign and defence ministries.
The Chinese delegation was led by Yi
Xianliang, head of the department of
boundary and oceanic affairs in the
Chinese Ministry of Foreign Affairs,
while the Indian delegation was led by
Pranay Verma, the joint secretary (East
Asia) of the Indian Ministry of External
Affairs. Both sides reviewed the
situation along China-India border areas
this year and exchanged views, including
on border control and boosting mutual
trust. The two sides vowed to continue
coordination between the diplomatic
and defence departments, properly
handle border-related issues, and
strengthen frontier defence exchange
and cooperation to jointly maintain
peace and tranquillity in the border
Pakistan win three Gold, one silver in
Asian Junior Squash
Pakistani juniors won three gold medals
and one silver medal in the 25th Asian
Junior Squash Championship 2018 in
Chennai, India, in different categories on
September 29, 2018.
Pakistani juniors highly remarkable
performance is a very good news from
squash after a very long time. It also
Federation and Pakistan National
Squash Academy are finally doing some
serious work and the credit must be
given to coaches, players, trainers and
federation for the efforts they had put in
and it is hoped that this is just the
beginning and more international titles
will come thick and fast.
In the U-15 final, Pakistani youngster
Muhammad Hamza Khan was against
local lad Arnav Sareen, who was not only
enjoying huge crowd support but was
also firm favourite to take the title.
Hamza, who had played in this year’s
British Junior Open semi-finals and is
tipped by many as future of Pakistan
squash, never looked in any spot of
bother and remained focused on his
game plan. Hamza started the final as
highly underdog but he proved that
crowd support means nothing, when it
comes to business.
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