WWI Study Guide

WWI Final Exam Study Guide
1. What country shifted the balance of power at the onset (before) of WWI?
2. What does neutrality mean, and what worldly superpower emphasized this
strategy during WWI?
3. What German tactic eventually drew the U.S. into WWI?
4. Why did the U.S. elect to not join the League of Nations following the end of
5. What did the Treaty of Versailles do to Germany following their surrender?
6. What was the “spark” that caused WWI to occur?
7. What was the Triple Alliance and whom did it consist of?
8. What was the Triple Entente and whom did it consist of?
9. What was nationalism?
10. What were the “M.A.I.N” causes of WWI?
11. What was known as the war of attrition and what did it consist of?
12. What was the Schlieffen Plan?
13. What were some of the new technologies used during WWI?
14. What was one main conflict associated with the alliance system?
15. What years did WWI occur?
*25 MC Questions
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