Terms & Conditions

One Year from the date of delivery or invoice, whichever comes first (Warranty Card will attach with our
Invoice), mentioning the details of registering complain and procedures to follow. Warranty covers free
replacement of parts if the items are found defective in manufacturing including support calls. Software
Warranty includes training & supports
does not cover any modification or customization in software.
Installation & training of Attendance/Access Machine & Attendance Software will be start immediately
after completion & fitting of LAN Cabling, LAN Cabling & Channel patti done by client. If LAN Cabling &
fitting will be done by NEDO, be sure to confirm that Electric Point and LAN/WAN Management scope of
work have completed. For your guidance, our support engineer would advise to complete your scope of
Installation Time period:
Installation & Training of terminal are within 2-4 days after completion of necessary task done by client
end. If any urgent installation, client must coordinate with sales coordinator or EDB.
100% In favor of NEDO CORPORATION with Purchase Order.
NTN Certificate # 1214190-9 GST Registration # 12-00-4817-044-91
Inclusive of 17% GST will be charged above Prices, Additional 2% will be charged on GST unregistered
Installation Location:
Locations that should not be expose to direct sunlight and water. If damages occur due to above risks,
will not be covered under warranty
Delivery Period:
Ex Stock if available or within 20-45 Days after receive your confirm purchase order and payment.
Delivery Period of Nedo Customized Attendance Management Software:
Within 30 days after receive your requirement or payment
Client must provide complete design card on PSD format. Client must give 3 days to complete the
printing scope. Client must coordinate with sales coordinator or EDB.
Offer will valid till 20 Days
Prices are subject to change in case of any amendments in Government Taxes etc
Database & Other Software’s:
Database and other Software’s License Databases and any third party software license are not included
in our prices. Arrangement, licensing, installation, maintenance and backup of IT/HR data
base are client responsibilities.
Visit Charges to outside City:
For locations outside Karachi, Lahore & Islamabad, NEDO will charge per day visit charges. Charges will
be depend upon the location and depend on case to case basis.
Training & Trouble Shooting of Software:
Physical installations and training of software will be deploy first time at customer premises, for further
training and trouble shooting of software will be provide remotely on Team Viewer.
Special Instructions:
Electric Point provided by the customer
LAN/WAN establishment, management and carpeting/aluminum work or any other civil work etc. will
be client responsibility
Data Entry will be done by client Operating Systems will be install by client
Third Party Device Integration:
We are liable to connect extra machines with our application if the machines are purchased from us. If
machines are purchased by other vendor then extra cost has to be born by the customer. For this we
also have to check machine first if other vendor machines are compatible with our application or not.
Back up Machines: We don’t provide backup machines. Client has to purchase extra machine if they
would like avail back up facility.
After Sales Service
Software License is valid for one year, after one year renewal fee is 30% of software price to
activate software.
Cloud Payroll Standard Software is free of cost and validity is one year, after one year renewal
fee is Rs. 6000 to activate software.
Advantages to Activate Software After One Year:
Using Existing Software
Reinstallation Free of Cost
Training Free of Cost
Support Free of Cost
Online Connectivity Free of Cost
Database Backup on client Server, if client require Free of Cost
Solving any other queries except customization
Support Department (TMS)