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Data Sheet
Ovation™ Interface to
OSI Software Inc.
Plant Information (PI™)
Provides bi-directional data transfer between
Ovation and the PI system.
 Resides on Microsoft® Windows®-based
 Supports value and status information for all
Ovation record types, including analog,
digital, packed digital, packed group, and
 Supports exception reporting, PINet/PI API
support, bi-directional data transfer, and
failover on redundant workstations.
Ovation™ - PI
interface provides bi-directional
data transfer between the Ovation control system
and a plant information (PI) system. PI is a product
of OSI Software, Inc.
The PI interface resides on Windows-based Ovation
workstations and communicates as a node on the
high-speed Ovation network. Multiple copies of the
interface can run on a single Ovation network and
each interface is capable of supplying data to
multiple home nodes.
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Supported Features
The PI interface supports the following features:
 Exception reporting
 PINet/PI API support
 Bi-directional data transfer
 Failover on redundant workstations
Process Values
The Ovation - PI interface supports value and status
information for all Ovation record types, including
analog, digital, packed digital, packed group and
devices. The PI interface sends values to the PI
system on an exception report basis.
Ovation™ Interface to OSI PI Software
For analog signals, an exception is generated and the
value is sent to the PI system when the value:
 Changes status
 Exceeds the maximum reporting period
 Exceeds the reporting deadband
For digital inputs, an exception is generated when the
 Changes integer value
 Changes digital value
 Changes status
 Exceeds the maximum reporting period
Data Sheet
tag names. The user can edit this file by adding or
deleting tag names and can define exception
reporting parameters (ie. deadbands).
Trend PI Data on Ovation
Trending data on the Ovation workstation is
completely independent from the process of data
collection by a PI interface. Data trending is included
on all Ovation workstations, so no additional software
is necessary. The user can choose to display PI data
by specifying the appropriate PI Server name as the
source of the historical data.
For historical retrieval beyond trend data, use OSI’s
Process Book.
Definition of PI Tags Using
Ovation Database
The Ovation - PI interface is configured using a file
that maps home node tag names to known Ovation
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