Grand Master Promotions - Woodbridge Taekwon-Do

Grand Master Promotions
On the evening of Friday March 6th 2015, at the annual Woodbridge Taekwon-Do banquet held
at the Borgata Event Venue, amid demos, dinner and dancing, Master Bryan, Master Creighton
and Master Cariati received their 9th Dan and were each officially promoted to the rank of Grand
Master. After many years of training, teaching and dedicating their lives to General Choi’s
vision for Taekwon-Do these three individuals earned the right to be honoured. Much can be
said of their commitment to the art form which bridges 1970 to the present. Countless numbers
of students over the last 40 plus years could and would attest to their leadership inside and
outside of the dojang. Cataloguing how many world championships they took part in and how
many world champion teams and individuals they created could also be a measure of their
worth. This however, would all be met by the quiet modesty of these exceptional people. The
genuine mark of their merit is in the heartfelt gratitude of the students they have inspired. This
was made abundantly clear with the spontaneous applause and standing ovation they received
from people whose lives have been changed by these great men. Moreover, the honest and
humble reaction of each of the recipients made the event even more memorable. Grand
Masters Bryan, Creighton and Cariati, the ICTF’s strength is in no small part due to the solid
foundation you and those before you have laid. Once again congratulations on your most
recent achievements and thank you for embodying the tenets of Courtesy, Perseverance, SelfControl, Indomitable Spirit and above all INTEGRITY.
By: Mr. F. Adriano
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