Reconstruction Lesson Plan

Friday Jan 4th
AH2.H.4.4 Analyze the cultural conflicts that impacted the United States since
Reconstruction and the compromises that resulted.
AH2.H.3.2 Explain how environmental factors influenced the patterns of
migration and settlement within the U.S. since the end of Reconstruction.
Objective: Students will understand the political, social, and economic gains and losses of
African Americans after the Civil War.
Enduring Objective:
1. Governmental leaders can influence the opportunities available to Minorities.
2. When people face economic and social inequality, conflict may develop and migration
may occur.
APK: Have you ever made a decision that was great for you but negatively affected someone
else? Write about that decision and its impact. 10 mins
● Discuss
Activity: Group students into groups of 3-4. Present issue: 15 mins
■ Civil war is over
■ South’s labor system is abolished
■ African americans have zero resources and little protections
■ Southern states want readmission
■ Rails lines are unusable
■ Farms, plantations, and factories are devastated
● How would you address these issues and integrate African Americans into a society that
offers economic and social advantages?
● Groups present ideas
Read Khan Academy Article: Life after slavery for African Americans 20 mins
● Model how to take notes
● Fill out graphic organizer of wins and losses
Sharecropping Simulation: 10 mins
Reflection: In light of what we have studied today about the situation of African Americans,
what steps do you think they should take to create a better opportunity for themselves?
Google News Analysis- 20 mins
● Title of Article
● Source
● 5 sentence summary
● 2 sentence reaction
Let’s talk about Reconstruction
What do we remember?-15
● Brain bubble
● Write down everything you remember about civil war and reconstruction
● Get in groups and compare
● Put it into a brain bubble
● Find another group, compare
● Whole class creates brain bubble
● Discuss
Teacher Input: 20 mins
Guided Practice: Booker T. vs. Du Bois
Independent Practice: Booker T. vs. Du Bois
Closure: List 3 ways the rights of aa’s were limited after reconstruction
Big Issues
■ Civil war is over
■ South’s labor system is abolished
■ African americans have zero resources and little protections
■ Southern states want readmission
■ Rails lines are unusable
■ Farms, plantations, and factories are devastated
Reconstruction :the period after the Civil war in which the U.S began to rebuild 1870,
everyone is back in the union
African americans seek normal society but are blocked-no land, no edu, no connections,
no money
40 Acres and a Mule-1865
● Sherman promises
15th Amendment: African Americans
can vote--large group of Southern
Ku Klux Klan: social club for
confederate veterans, started
followers of army 40
acres and mule
● taken away by
Voting Restrictions
● Literacy test
● Southern Homestead act
● Poll tax
put them in marshes and
● Grandfather clause: protection
for poor whites who couldn’t read
or pay poll tax
● landowners divide land
○ If grandpa could before
and give each worker a
1867: before slaves had
few acres, tolls, and seed
right to vote
● at harvest, each worker
gives his share of the
Jim Crow Laws
crops, usually half, to
● Segregation passed at the same
time voting restrictions are
● Jim crow laws are segregation
● Hospitals, schools, parks,
in TN 1866
Plessy v. Ferguson
● Legal case to test
constitutionality of segregation
● Ruled separate but equal
New South after civil war
● Slaves have been freed but have no opportunity
● 14th amend: granted aa’s citizenship
● 15th amend: granted aa’s right to vote
Reconstruction 1865-1867
● Southern states given free reign to re-build
● Black codes estb to restrict free blacks and establish white supremacy
○ Prohibited from carrying weapons, serving on juries, testifying against whites,
marrying whites, traveling without permits, couldn’t own land in some states
1867: radical republicans take over congress and enforce reconstruction in the south through
● Blacks got to vote and hold office
● KKK organizes to target aa’s
○ Social club for confederate vets, started in TN 1866
○ Turned into violent terrorist orgs
1874: Dem’s win back congress
● Corruption in Grant’s admin- Credit Mobilier affair
○ Construction company had skimmed off large profits from a gov’t rr contract
○ Whiskey Ring: internal rev collectors accepted bribes from whiskey distillers
who wanted to avoid paying taxes on their product
Election of 1876
● Rutherford B Hayes-R vs. Samuel J Tilden-D
○ Hayes wins despite losing popular vote
○ Democrats in House accept him for the withdrawal of federal troops from LA and
○ Also want money to build a rr from tx to west coast
○ All this happened in Compromise of 1877
● Results
○ Troops removed from south
○ Democrats take over
○ Reconstruction ends
● South sets out to redeem territory from mismanagement of northerners, republicans, and
Voting Restrictions
● Literacy test
● Poll tax
● Grandfather clause: protection for poor whites who couldn’t read or pay poll tax
○ If grandpa could before 1867: before slaves had right to vote
Severely limit rights of aa’s: jim crow laws begin
○ Laws enacted by southern state and local govs to separate white and black
people in public and private facilities
○ Racial segregation put into place in schools, hospitals, parks, and transportation
systems in the south
Plessy v. Ferguson: tests this 1896
○ Supreme court says it is legal
○ Separate but equal
Move out
● Blacks have little opportunity
No land, money, or edu
Discrimination and violence
Look west and north