enterpreneurship Resource Analysis student examplar

Yura 1
Mr. Nichols
Resource Analysis Paper
I need fixture to fix some hairstyle,and I need shears to cut hair. I also
need tint to make fashionable hairstyle,and I need liquid shampoo to wish
hair,I need a lot of plant for my Salon's theme,and I need a good
environment for my cats. I need all of things about hairstyle. I will buy some
of those things on the Internet and i will find a supplier to buy things I need, I
think those ways can save money and if i find a good responsible supplier,
those things will be guaranteed. So my water and electricity will spent a lot,
each month will spent like 400RMB, and I need keep two or three cats so it
may use 500RMB each month and those things that using in my Hair
Salon(like Shampoo and tints) need 6500RMB.
I need a medium size HairSalon and locate in a packed place, i will rent it at
first half of year and to see my performance,if my performance is good and i
Yura 2
have lots of regular customers,i will buy it. If my performance is not well,i
will still wait until i have a good base to buy it. So,for rent i will spent
7000RMB each month. I just need normal computer and normal phone and a
Wi-Fi,and that will cost 135RMB each month. The technology i used is to
learn some lesson about how to create a fashion hairstyle each half of years.
But i won't study for a long time,so each time i just need 500RMB. I need
cabinets and machinery that are all dedicate a haircut.(Like,hair divider
and wash bed ) It will cost a lot like 40000RMB. But it can be use for many
I need some one who already have work experience. It can make sure we
can work well without lots of trouble. And i need a professional people to help
other people and face lots of problem. I need a design company to design
our fitment. And i can do all of the other things by ourselves without hire
another company. I just need a professional people about hairstyle and i can
do the accountants. I will ask about other people and find on the Internet,
and for lots of different ways to find a appropriate people. I will be the
accountants and i will cut hair and tress. I will create my own business by
myself, so it will not paid by the company. I will organize a party each month,
and i will when my employees’s birthday, i will organize a party for them. I will
organize a travel each two or three months. And each week i will choose a
Yura 3
people who work really good and give him/her 100RMB. So in those
activities, there are competition and encourage. So, it can make my
employees try their best to work. And my treatment is very good so I think it
can make people want to work for me and want to stay working for my
I will use my own money in my Hair Salon and if it is not enough i can borrow
a bank. I will use 40000RMB to buy equipment for this business and i will
1000RMB for electricity, 350RMB for Internet, 42000 for rent for 6 months. I
will spent 27000RMB for my employees for 6 months. And i must pay
30000RMB for my professional people to stay him. I will try my best to
publicity my HairSalon or borrow from a bank to raise money. I think i will
borrow from my families and i can attract my friends to interested about my
business and let them want to investment. If my money is not enough, i will
issue shares in my business. I can give up 10% for my business, because i
think my business not need much money. If money is not enough, i will
borrow from a bank, but i don’t need much money, so the rate will not very
high. I won’t take a partners, because i think there are too much things we
need to talk and we will have lots of different ideas, so it is messy. I plan to
pay my money back for a half of year, because i don’t need lots of money to
open a HairSalon.