Unit 2

資管一乙 4A390112 鄭旭良
Unit 2
A:Hey Brian ! Do you have the time ?
B:Of course ! what’s up ?
A:Can you help me give the textbook to John ?
B:Ok ! how does John look?
A:He has a beard and blond hair .
B:Anything else ?
A:He is stocky and wears glasses.
B:Ok ! I can probably find him .
A:Thank you !
B:You’re welcome .
Unit 3
A:How is your university life ?
B:Not good !
A:What’s up ?
B:I am often late for school and failed some subjects.
A:You should study seriously .
B:I know ! but It’s so difficult .
A:I don’t know what to say . Good luck !
B:Just kidding ! Thanks for your advice .
Unit 4
B:Hi ! I’m your new roommate, Brian.
Nice to meet you .
A:Nice to meet you , too . I’m Andy.
B:Excuse me ! Where to put my clothes and books ?
A:You can put your clothes in the closet next to the computer
desk . And put your books on the bookcase beside the bed .
B:Ok ! I got it .
A:Do you want to have dinner together ?
B:Sure !
A:Let’s go .
Unit 5
A: Excuse me .
Do you know where the post office is?
B: Yes, It’s on MAIN STREET across from the library .
A: How do I get there ?
B: Go down this street to the signal . Then turn right.
A: Down this street to the signal, then turn right?
B: Yes, It’s just past the hair salon.
A: Just past the hair salon. OK.
And where’s the post office?
B: Right here. It’s behind you.
A: Oh , thanks .