Orchestra scavenger hunt

Directions: Can you tell the difference between a
cello and a bass? Do you know what sound a
and search for the
Instrument Storage Room, and then click to
explore the instruments there. Read each phrase
below. Which instrument does it tell about? Write
the name of the instrument on the line.
1. the orchestra’s biggest brass instrument.
2. an orchestra’s bells.
3. the deepest “voice” in an orchestra’s string section.
4. the tenor “voice” of the string family.
5. another name for a kettledrum.
Go back to the Instrument Storage Room. Which instrument or instruments would
you use to make the following sounds? BE CREATIVE!!! After opening an instrument,
click on the “ear” picture for sound examples that might help.
a giant man walking?
rain falling?
bees buzzing?
wind blowing?
All of the answers below can be found on the web pages of nyphilkids.org. Read the
instructions carefully to direct you to the specific section of the site. Then read each
question and look for the right answer as you scroll down the web page. Good luck,
and most important of all, have fun!
Go to Composer’s Gallery. Find and click on Beethoven.
6. In what year was Beethoven born?
7. What was the great tragedy of Beethoven’s life?
Go to the Instrument Lab. Find and click on “The Voice.”
8. What is the “air pump” for the voice?
9. Is the voice most like: (circle the answer)
a. A French horn? b. a clarinet? c. a kazoo?
d. a drum?
e. a string?
Go to the Musician’s Lounge and find Nancy Allen in one of the lounges.
10.Write 5 things about this lady:
Her instrument,
her hometown,
who she studied with in France,
what instrument did she play on her first solo,
and one of her favorite composers.
Go back to the Game Room and click on Music Match Instruments.
Choose your level. Play a quick game by making matches of instruments
and send the results to [email protected] (THIS IS PART OF
Now go to the Instrument Storage.
11.What are the four instrument sections or "families" of the orchestra?
Explore Instrument storage for a while. After a few minutes, go to the Strings.
12.Name the four instruments of the Strings family.
Click on the violin.
13.Copy one sentence about the violin that is interesting to you.
Go to the Game Room. Now that you know the instrument families in the orchestra,
play “Instrument Frenzy” on the easy level. Put your final score HERE.
Now, go to the Dressing Rooms and find Yo Yo Ma. Click on his door.
14.Where was Mr. Ma born?
15.How old was he when he began studying the cello?
Congratulations, you have finished the hunt! To reward yourselves, click on Game
Room and try out composing some music in Musical Mingles. You can send me a
recording of your work if you would like to the email above.