Let’s Talk Business: Insurers’ Market Repository (IMR) System
IMR System
The Insurers’ Market Repository or IMR is a key piece of
infrastructure for the London Insurance Market. It XIS in
early 2000 and supports the electronic processing of
claims through interfaces with CLASS and the IMR, as
well as providing enhanced functionality to enable its
users to share documents and process claim
transactions, eliminating paper and reducing turnaround
times for claims processing.
Based on statistics,
It is split into 2 sections
 the IMR manages over 63 million documents,
 has over 10,500 registered and
 Section 1: A&S (Accounts and Settlements)
 active users with an annual user growth rate of
supports documents such as LPANs, slips and
endorsements – i.e. Documents that need to be
The underlying document management system of the
previous version of the IMR, the WorkSite MP (‘WSMP’)
product, has now been replaced by IBM’s ‘FileNet’ and
‘Content Navigator’ products. Therefore, the IMR service
is now served by a modern and supported technology
reviewed by technicians at Xchanging to check and
process premium and policy-related work items.
Section 2: ECF (Electronic Claim Files) and contains
all claims documents.
A&S IMR is the most predominant channel to submit the
MRC and LPAN etc. to XIS
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