A complete School Management System

Now, offering Co-Curricular learning modules
in association with Education Research Center, Pune
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A means to transform the way we do things
Avoid repetitive tasks “year after year”
Assistance to enhance student learning
Redirect resources to core activities
Available - Anywhere, Any time
Online access to all stakeholders (Teacher, Parent, Student,
Event Scheduling to integrate academic & social Activities
Customization to suit school Policies
Monitoring thru customization of alert notifications
Providing tools for OVERALL education of children
“Sharing Collective Knowledge & Experience
thru Defined Processes for the Benefit of Students”
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Smart Campus Initiative
Total Solution (Academics
Content + Co-Curricular
Content + Campus Automation)
Teaching , Self learning tools
for improving Cocurricular/Extra Curricular
Library, Laboratory
Smooth interactions
between stake holders
Core campus process
“Make Teaching, Learning, Parenting an Enjoyable Venture. Thus
balancing management, academics & Co-Curricular activities”
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eTechSchool Portals
View attendance
• Assign Remarks
• Schedule Exam
• Generate Exam Paper
• Maintain Daily Teaching log
• Generate Exam Reports
• Online Student Interaction
• Q-Bank maintenance
View Personal Attendance
• View Exam schedules
• View progress report
• Take Online Test
• Online Teacher Interaction
• View Remarks
• Self Learning and
View Child’s Attendance
• View Exam schedules
• View Child’s progress report
• View Remarks
• Online Teacher Interaction
• View Fee Payment Schedule
• Track Location of School Bus
• Apply for scholarships
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(Principal )
Enroll student
Enroll Staff
Resource Management
Schedule Timetable
Schedule Exams
Schedule Events
Define Fee Structure
View Progress Reports
Generate certificate templates
Academic reports schema
Watchful Eye over Student
View Attendance
View Academic Performance
Assign Exam Marks
Assign Remarks
Respond to Queries
Generate Academic Report
Behavior Tracking
View Assignments
View Remarks
View Academic Performance
View Achievements
Behavior Tracking
View Assignments
View School Bus Location
View Exam Schedules/ Event Schedules
“Sharing Responsibilities Delightfully”
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eTechSchool Modules
• Automatic digitized attendance- lecture wise using ANDROID TAB/NFC
• Student enrolment into the system once and automatic MIS on each student’s attendance
• Automatic alerts to be sent to supervisors and /or parents
• Designed with specific care taken to eliminate PROXY systematically
• Staff Attendance using Biometric/RFID systems
Teachers Log and Time Table Module
• Maintain daily Staff Log in terms of lectures taken, hours of work put in
• Scheduler helps generation of class time tables and exam timetables
Fee & Admission Management
• Monitor the collection of fees
• System generated Fees Receipt
• Entrance exam linked to fee payment
• Generation of hall tickets - exam slips for students
• Generation of admission forms online, online submission of forms
• Macro level MIS on campus level admissions STATUS, right from generating forms to granting
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eTechSchool Modules
CCE Module (CBSE)
• Complete Process Automated
• Generic Parameters
• Description based reports
• Student Photo shown for all evaluation pages
Exam Module
• Helps generate exam schedules, define exam types and weight-ages, assign resources
to conduct exams, view exam schedules, report on marks etc
Staff Leave and Task Management
• Online submission and monitoring of staff leave, hierarchical approval process
• Linked to Staff Dashboard – Online Reflection of Leave status
• Provides for Task Creation by HOD for Teachers and support staff
• Multi user Login allows for all users to Login to check their tasks and reflect progress
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eTechSchool :CCE MODULE
Permission based evaluation
Generic Evaluation Categories and evaluation parameters
Generic descriptors to rate students performance
Generic grading system
All in one evaluation framework irrespective of the evaluation category
Intelligent averaging mechanism in case of multiple evaluations
** This module has been used for evaluating live data of one of CBSE
schools for all the students. The traditional time consuming process
has now been overridden by much efficient and errorless system.
School Feedback shows, effort and time saved by 50% which is quite
“Providing Generic Tools for faster evaluation of students via eTechSchool CCE module”
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eTechSchool Modules
Forums and Report card Module
• Interactive Student Learning through Online Forums
• Generation of student reports as per a defined framework, eliminates manual effort completely
Campus Notification and Broadcast
• Allows administrator to communicate about events and news
• Users , both staff and students, get news feed on their portals , teachers can view using their TABLETS
• Broadcast Module allows admin to send SMS alerts to Parents or staff as required
Question Bank,Assignment Module
• Online administration of student tests,
• Q- BANK preparation
• Quizzes
• Online assignment of issues
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eTechSchool Modules
• Book sorting according to streams
• Shelf positioning of books managed
• Library Transactions made convenient
Home Work/Assignment Module
• Assign home works
• Keep a track of submissions/pending assignments
• Parents kept informed of the assignments
Bar Code / RFID / Biometric Integration
• Automated attendance tracking via RFID/Biometric Integration
• Ease in library management via use of Bar Codes
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eTechSchool Modules
• Subject wise Q-Bank
• Q-Paper profiles defining the type of questions
• Auto Q-Paper generation on basis of Q-Paper profiles
Self Evaluation
• Self tests by selecting suitable Q-paper profile
• Tagging questions as easy/difficult at personal level
• Self analysis
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Co-Curricular Content
Skill Development
Other Skills
Development of
Social Awareness
•Reading Skills
•Self Study Skills
•Creative Thinking Skills
•Learning Science through open ended experiments
•Learning Science through toys
•Math Exams
•Problem Solving Skills
•Decision making skills
•Map reading and map drawing skills
•Group Discussions skills
•Patriotic Songs
•Devotional Songs
•Entrepreneurship Development
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eTechSchool – Solution Scalability
Enhanced Management of Processes
Open platform for Interaction
1. 100 % visibility. Thus increased Accountability
1. eTechSchool automates Attendance Process,
Leave Management Process, Exam Scheduling,
Timetable Management
2. Blogs, Forums & SMS-Email integration offers one
touch access to all other stake holders
2. Reduces time on repetitive activities
3. Teacher needs to log what she/he has taught for
each lecture
3. More focus on TEACHING
Overall Development of
Educational Develeopment
Enhanced Security & Accountability
1. Online Question banks, Study Material
1. All data at one place
2. eTechSchool not only focuses on Academics, but
provides tools for Self Study, Co-curricular activity
2. Student security/Lab equipment security gets
enhanced as eTechSchool provides seamless
integration with RFID, Barcode
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All In One Solution
Student Activities & Performance
Make examination process simpler
Share ‘Knowledge &
Optimum use of Physical and
Teaching Resources without
System Driven Processes
Analysis is Pre-requisite to
System Driven Processes
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Ultimate Goal
Effective Utilization of Resources
Reduced Manual & Repetitive Work
Increased Time for Quality Teaching
Learn from Peers .. Learn from System…
Contribute to System … Let Peers Learn
Performance Improvement
Qualitative learning process
Over All development of the candidates
Improved parent teacher communication
“View, Review >> Incremental Change >> Superior Performance”
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Now & Future
Generic, Mobile
& Adapted
Aptitude, Skill
Email Support
Generic, Mobile
& Tablet Based
Interactive &
Simulation Based
Total Content
Management +
Teaching Tools
Chat + Web
© Techlead Software Engineering Pvt. Ltd.
• eTechSchool provides Technology based
Solution for Sharing Collective Knowledge &
Experience thru Defined Processes
for the Benefit of Students,
& Management.
© Techlead Software Engineering Pvt. Ltd.
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