The man who invented modern management – Peter vishal

The man who invented modern
management – Peter Drucker
• the Management theories and ideas have been
introduced by F.Drukcer, who has been justly called as
“ The man who invented Management”
• Durcker passed away in November 2005 at the age of
• Bill Gates,Andrew Grove,Jack welch,President George
bush and Newt Gingrich have been Influenced by him
• In 1945 landmark study of general motors, the concept
of the corporation
• Durcker introduced decentralization as a principle of
• Which at 1980s has been adopted by more than 3
quarters of American companies
• in 1954 book the practice of management ,he asked
the seemingly naive but fundamental questions are
• What dose the customer consider value?
• What business are we in ?
• Who are our customers ?
• What are the long term objectives ?
Some of the basic principles
introduced by Drucker are :
• The necessity of “empowering” workers and
treating them as resources rather than just profits
• The world was moving from an “economy of
goods” to an “economic of knowledge”
• Desire for continuous training and learning
• Change should be exploited as an opportunity
rather than viewed as a threat
• Every decision is risky till the managers know
when to decision is nessasry
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