Which of the following could NOT cause a
population to develop into two distinct species?
A. behavioral isolation
B. temporal isolation
c. geographic isolation
D. Interbreeding
Which of the following could NOT cause a
population to develop into two distinct species?
A. behavioral isolation
B. temporal isolation
c. geographic isolation
D. Interbreeding
A is WRONG because the behavioral isolation leads to
Which of the following could NOT cause a
population to develop into two distinct species?
A. behavioral isolation
B. temporal isolation
c. geographic isolation
D. Interbreeding
B is WRONG because the behavioral isolation leads to
Which of the following could NOT cause a
population to develop into two distinct species?
A. behavioral isolation
B. temporal isolation
c. geographic isolation
D. Interbreeding
C is WRONG because the behavioral isolation leads to
Which of the following could NOT cause a
population to develop into two distinct species?
A. behavioral isolation
B. temporal isolation
c. geographic isolation
D. Interbreeding
D is WRONG because interbreeding shares genes and
decreases likelihood of speciation
On any given Friday, two teams will face each other to
determine their destiny…
So, Mr. D wants to know…
Football Review: Teams
Team one:
1. Michael
Team 2:
1. Chris
2. Kevon
2. Eric
3. Kelvin
3. Barry
3. JerTayvious
Football Review: Rules
You will work with your team to get the right answer
When the question is read, you will have 25 seconds to think of and write down your answer
The team that that raises all their paddles with the same answer first answers first. Mr. D will
randomly select a player’s # to answer. The player can “double the distance” by explaining why.
If they get it right, they move twice as far (“10 yards”). If wrong, just 5 yards.
(interception) If the team gets it wrong, the other team can answer
(fumble) If they don’t know/get it wrong, Mr. D will call out a random #; the first person who
raises their hand for that number (either team) can answer in 10 seconds.
If they get it right, they move a spot (5 yards)
If the person who answers first gets it wrong, the other person can answer; if they don’t know or
get it wrong, we move onto the next question
4 points equals a touchdown which equals one point. Then we restart in the middle and the
team that didn’t score will starting answering.
Football Review:
There is no talking when someone answers a question, unless it’s
a fumble and the person is asking within 10 seconds. Penalty:
move back one spot
There is no talking between teams. Penalty: lose a point; if no
points, one strike
All class rules apply (no standing, throwing, disrespectful
speech). If you break them, you will leave your team and work “
on the sidelines” on an assignment independently and silently. If
you continue to be disruptive, you will receive a detention
If three people break the rules (three strikes), we will all work on a
review sheet silently
Football Review:
You may encourage your teammates between
questions but must be silent once Mr. D raises his
hand for the next question.
You may contribute the answer quietly during a fumble
The team that wins gets a ticket for each “touchdown”
scored and one bonus point.
The second team gets a ticket for each “touchdown”
Desk arrangement
Group positioning
Group positioning
You now have 30 seconds to
get in your groups
Let’s play some
# 1:
Which biome is found in the northernmost and
southernmost latitudes?
A. Desert
B. Temperate forest
C. Tundra
D. Taiga
A. Tundra
that’s why it’s so cold
# 2:
In a temperate deciduous forest biome, which of
the following MOST likely represents a
climax community?
A. A pond surrounded by coniferous trees
B. A forest with oak and maple trees
C. A field with oat and wheat grass
D. A forest with mostly pine trees
B. Forest with oak and maple trees
they are big trees that crowd out smaller plants
# 3:
What does the following symbol mean?
A. toxic
B. deadly
C. poisonous
D. corrosive material
B. Deadly
Kordell is working on a lab and reads
that the chemicals may be harmful to
the environment. Which safety
will he see?
B, broken glass
What are we testing
with the scientific
d. Hypothesis
hypothesis is what you think might happen
A student notices that the more hands go up, the
happier the teacher is. The student hypothesizes
that if everyone’s hands go up at least 2 times in
class, the teacher will be really happy. What is
the next step to verify the student’s hypothesis?
a. make observations
b. formulate a hypothesis
c. perform an experiment
d. analyze the results
C. perform an experiment
means of testing a hypothesis
A student has a wagon of a certain mass. He plans to
investigate how the acceleration
of the wagon changes as the force he exerts on it
increases. In his investigation, the
independent variable is –
A. the acceleration of the wagon
B. the force acting on the wagon
C. the mass of the wagon
D. the mass of the student
B, acceleration of wagon
Because it changes the acceleration of the wagon
What happens to the dependent variable in a
controlled experiment?
A. It changes as the independent variable
B. It changes as the responding variable changes.
C. It does not change.
D. It is supported or disproved.
dependent variable changes with the independent
This symbol is a symbol for
When testing the benefits of a new medication for
hypertension (high blood pressure), the control group
should include which of the following?
A. Patients who have diabetes, but not hypertension
B. Patients who are given a placebo
C. Patients who are not hypertensive
D. Patients who are given the new medication along with
their old medication
control group remains constant and is “normal”
The picture to the
right depicts
which of the
following biomes?
Grass, many herding animals
When lithium reacts chemically
with fluorine, the outermost
electron of lithium will transfer to
which numbered area in the
A. 1
B. 2
C. 3
D. 4
Because that is the valence shell where added electrons
In a water molecule, the oxygen atom has a
slightly negative charge and the hydrogen
atoms have a slightly positive charge.
This charge difference gives rise to which
type of bonds between water molecules?
hydrogen bonds
hydrogen bonds are between polar molecules, like water
Which of the following is possible because of the
cohesive property of water?
A. An insect walks on the surface of a pond
B. An iceberg forms at the South Pole
C. Calcium ions are transported in the blood
D. Light reaches the bottom of a shallow lake
cohesion is molecules sticking together
The oxygen cycle and the carbon cycle are connected by two
important life processes. One of these, photosynthesis, releases
molecular oxygen (O2) into the oxygen cycle.
Which of the following life processes has an important role in
releasing carbon dioxide (CO2) into the carbon cycle?
A. Respiration
B. Fertilization
C. Transpiration
D. Reproduction
A, respiration
CO2 the product of glucose being broken down for
energy, which is why we exhale it
Why are decomposers important to
Make nutrients available for producers to use.
Mushrooms, bacteria
A molecule with a structure composed primarily of amino
acids would be classified in which of
the following groups?
A. Lipids
B. Proteins
C. Nucleic acids
D. Carbohydrates
amino acids make up proteins
Why are more individuals able to survive
at the bottom trophic levels?
There is more energy available for use at the bottom levels, and the small
amount of
energy at the top cannot support as many individuals
energy lost between levels, ex. Heat
Which molecule has a structure with a
ratio of 2 hydrogen to 1 oxygen?
A. carbohydrate
B. Nucleic acid
C. Lipid
D. protein
All of the following are examples of limiting factors
in an ecosystem EXCEPT:
A. Amount of water
B. Amount of time
C. Amount of food
D. Amount of sunlight
b, amount of time
Time does not directly affect organisms ability to survive
How are ionic and covalent bonds alike?
A. They both form organic molecules
B. They both transfer protons from one atom to another
C. They both fill outer electron shells
D. They both transfer electrons from one atom to
all bonds seek to fill the outer shells of electrons
Which of the following is typically found in a
tropical rainforest biome?
A. Trees shaped like cones so snow can fall off of
them, and bears with thick layers of fat and fur
B. Trees with waxy needles and cool winters and
warm summers.
C. Bright frogs and plants with large, broad leaves
that contain lots of stomata.
D. Leaves that shed their leaves in the fall and
four distinct seasons.
C, all that
adapted for heat, moisture and a lot of life/competition
An areas was recently destroyed by a raging wildfire.
All of the living organisms died, but there is still a
good layer of soil on the ground. What stage of
ecological succession does this represent?
A. Primary succession
B. Climax Community
C. Intermediate Stages
D. Secondary Succession
A, primary succession
Primary succession first stage of life regenerating
Which species is often a pioneer species?
A. oak tree
B. marsh grass
C. Lichen
D. pine tree
c, lichen
lichen can break down rock into soil
Lactase is an enzyme needed to digest milk products containing
lactose. Which of the following is MOST likely to occur to the
enzyme lactase in the digestion reaction?
A. The lactase is broken down into simple sugars
B. The lactase speeds up the digestion reaction but is
unaffected by the reaction
C. The lactase binds with the lactose to create waste products
D. The lactase burns to ask during the digestion reaction
enzymes are not consumed
The ultimate source of energy for all
organisms in life is
A. Water
B. Oxygen
C. Nitrogen
D. Sun
d, sun
Sun's light used to generate sugars through
In the terrestrial food web at right,
what would be the effect of a farmer
introducing a poison in to the
ecosystem that is toxic to shrews?
A. The population of snakes would
B. The population of grasshoppers
would decrease.
C. The population of hawks would
D. The population of frogs would
A, population of snakes would decrease
snakes feed on the shrews
Similar to starch, cellulose is a complex
carbohydrate. Which of the following compounds
make up cellulose?
A. Amino acids
B. Enzymes
C. Sugars
D. Lipids
simple sugars make up complex carbs
What is the main purpose of cellular respiration in
A. To obtain energy to use in other processes
B. To form glucose and store energy in its chemical
C. To produce lactic acid in animals or to produce
alcohol in plants
D. To create carbon dioxide and water
occurs in mitochondrion
On what trophic level would
you find organisms that use
the sun’s energy directly to
make their own food?
producers/level 1
Autotrophs that use sun’s energy to make sugars
cells that are lacking a
nucleus are called
What is an
example of a
plant that is
lacking vascular
xylem and phloem
What component of the
carbon cycle is the product
of aerobic respiration?
carbon exhaled by organisms is used by plants
Which of the following characteristics do plants
and fungi have in common?
A. They both have cell walls made of chitin
B. They both contain chloroplasts to make their
own food
C. They both are made of cells containing nuclei
D. They can both be unicellular
The property of water that
allows water to stick to
something else is what?
water droplet on faucet/wall/leaf
Chemicals with a pH lower than 7 are
called what?
A. acids
B. Non-polar
C. Bases
D. Buffers
lemon juice, hydrochloric acid, vinegar
An enzyme lowers what in a chemical
A. Temperature
B. activation energy
c. cell lifespan
d. Reactant quantity
energy required to perform a chemical reaction
What is a
producer from
the picture on
the right?
marsh grass, cattail
not feeding on anything else, feeding other organisms
Which organism is the
secondary consumer?
eats the primary consumer (insect) and gets eaten
A vascular plant that reproduces by
seeds contained in fruit would be
identified as what?
definition of angiosperm
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