Concepts to Know for Macroevolution Test a. Prezygotic barriers

Concepts to Know for Macroevolution Test
1. What is a species? What keeps species isolated?
a. Prezygotic barriers
b. Postzygotic barriers
2. Mechanisms of Macroevolution:
a. Allopatric (Change in geographic location)
b. Sympatric (Same homeland)
1. Polyploidy
2. Temporal Isolation
3. Habitat Isolation
4. Reproductive Isolation
5. Behavioral Isolation
3. Patterns of Evolution
a. Divergent Evolution
b. Convergent Evolution
c. Parallel Evolution
d. Coevolution
e. Adaptive Radiation
4. Theories of Evolution (Explain each, is it accepted today?)
a. Gradualism
b. Punctuated Equilibrium
5. Origins of the Earth
Formation of the first organic molecules
a. Oparin/Haldane
b. Miller/Urey
Formation of the first cell
a. Phospholipids and formation of the first cell membrane (Protobionts) ProkaryoticCells
b. Endosymbiosis ---- First Eukaryotic Cells
c. What came first DNA or RNA?
6. Review how cladograms and phylogenetic trees are made, relationships
shown, and to read them.