Grade 10 Science Bio Test

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Chapter 2 & 3 Test
Section A- Multiple Choice (K/U)
The job of the mitochondria is to supply cells with
a) energy
b) nutrients
c) oxygen
d) protein
e) carbon dioxide
Which type of muscle tissue is found in the wall of the stomach and esophagus?
a) cardiac
b) skeletal
c) smooth
d) both cardiac and skeletal
e) both skeletal and smooth
If the total magnification of a specific under a compound microscope is 400x , an the objective lens has a magnification of
40x, what is the magnification of the ocular lens?
a) 10
b) 20
c) 40
d) 100
Which tissue type covers and protects the human body
a) connective
b) nerve
c) muscle
d) epithelial
The contraction of muscles in the esophagus that pushes food along the digestive tract is referred to as
a) digestive contraction
b) circadian rhythm
c) peristalsis
d) tracheomalacia
The nucleus of a cell contains
a) chromosomes
b) stored food
c) eggs
d) fibers
The cell membrane:
a) has no function that is known
b) controls whatever substances enter the cell
c) is responsible for starting mitosis
d) has a thick cuticle around the outside
A prokaryotic cell
a) lacks a nucleus
b) lacks a cell membrane
c) is larger than a eukaryotic cell
d) consists of multicellular organs
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Which organelle is present in the cells of a tree but not represent in the cells of a human
a) nucleus
b) vacuole
c) endoplasmic reticulum
d) chloroplast
10. The tongue, esophagus, and intestines of a humane would all be considered part of an
a) organ
b) organ system
c) tissue system
d) team
11. Fat, bone and blood are examples of _____________ tissue.
a) Epithelial
b) nervous
c) muscle
d) connective
12. Which of the following statements regarding the nervous system is false
a) The nervous system can be branched into the Peripheral Nervous System and the Sensory Nervous System
b) The axons of some neurons are covered by a fatty material called myelin
c) Each vertebra has a space in the middle for the spinal cord
d) The nervous system carries out multiple roles including controlling voluntary and involuntary functions, as well as
conveying information about our senses
e) Neural tissue does not regenerate easily
13. Which structured connects centrosomes to the centromeres of chromosomes during mitosis
a) centriole
b) chromatin
c) cytoplasm
d) DNA
e) spindle fibers
14. Which describes a group of similar cells working together in the body?
a) a cell
b) a muscle
c) a tissue
d) an organ system
d) an organism
15. Which structure stores cellular waste?
a) chloroplast
b) Golgi body
c) mitochondrion
d) ribosome
e) vacuole
16. How many types of muscle tissue is there? What are they called
a) three types : rough, circulatory and bone
b) three types: cardiac, smooth, skeletal
c) four types: cardiac, skeletal, smooth, and rough
d) four types : tendon, ligament, cartilage, bone
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Chapter 2/3 Test
16 K/U
Section A Multiple Choice
Please record your answer in the table below. (
18 T/I
19 C
16 A
/ 16)
Section B Communication
1. Complete the chart bellow with a definition of a specialized cell, identify three types, and describe their function in the body.
/ 3.5)
What is a specialized Cell
Name of Specialized Cell
2. Label each of the four chambers of the heart and draw
arrows to indicate the direction in which blood flows
throughout the heart. (
/2.5 )
Function in the Body
3. Label any 6 parts of the microscope given below. (
/3 )
Name: ______________________________
Use the boxes make a series of sketches outlining the steps of mitosis in order. Indicate the name of each step, a sketch,
and also a description. Label diagrams where appropriate.
/ 10 )
Name of Stage
Labeled sketch of
Description of Stage
Name: ______________________________
Section C: Thinking and Inquiry
What are the three parts of the cell theory (
/3 )
Describe the interaction between any two organ systems that we studied in class. (
Biologists used to describe interphase as the “resting phase”. Based on what we learned, what is wrong with this phrase?
In detail, describe what “blood” is , and what it is composed of. (
Why don’t cells grow indefinitely? What are the three main reasons for cell division? (
/ 2)
Name: ______________________________
Differentiate between the following pairs of words (
a) Red Blood Cell & White blood Cell
b) Plants and Animals
c) Tendon and Ligament
Section D: Application
Imagine you are writing an article for your school newspaper on cancer prevention.
a) Explain the causes of cancer that are most relevant to people your age. (
/ 2)
b) Give three lifestyle choices students can make to decrease their odds of getting cancer (
2. People with the blood disorder anemia have a deficiency of hemoglobin in their red blood cells. Explain how this disorder could
affect the function of the circulatory system (
/2 )
Name: ______________________________
3. Following the Chernobyl nuclear disaster in 1986, many people developed cancers. The radiation damaged chromosomes, so they
could not control their cells in the normal way.
a) What is the general name given to compounds/factors that can cause cancer? (
b) How might this affect cell division. (
/ 1)
c) Name two methods that could be used to detect this effect on cells (
c) In numerous cases of cancer, abnormal growths can spread from one area of the body to another. What is the name of the
process ? Outline the steps that lead up to the growth of a secondary tumor (
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