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Name: kritika karki
Professor’s Name: Andrew McGillivray
Course: RHET-1105(3)-140
Date: 2018/10/29
“Mocking Bird”
It’s a sin to kill a mocking bird. Mocking bird is a symbol of goodness and beauty. Racism is an
act to kill innocence. Racism back in 1930’s was dreadful and vicious. It feels like its steadily
getting back and worse. If we compare the condition back, then and today people have become
more selfish and greedy although there are highly educated. They greed of winning on every
sector have made them racist even though, they are aware it’s obligations.
Mockingbird as a metaphor for innocence: Harper lee depicts the racism and discriminative behaviour of white society in Maycomb,
Alabama in the1930’s. The inhumane behaviour of the white society in 1930’s shows the tradition
that took place in south which still takes place. Throughout the book several characters (Jem,
Tom Robinson, Mrs. DuBose. Radley and Calpurnia) are shown as mockingbirds- innocent people
who have been destroyed through contact with dark and evil. In the book “To kill a Mockingbird”
an innocent man Tom Robinson was proved wrong in his trial just because he belonged from
black society. Tom Robinson is the chief example among all the innocents who was destroyed
deliberately throughout the novel. (To Kill a Mockingbird)
Racism a global issue: 1
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Racism is a matter of growing concern amongst the nation of the world the moral disease of
racism spans communists, countries and continents. People commit crimes more often and
openly these days without guilt and fear. Recently, a video got viral on internet the incident took
place in London, Ontario grocery store. Where a white man was stopping a guy of colour leaving
the store and asked him to show his Canadian documentation threats him he’ll call police and
conduct a ‘citizen’s arrest’ on behalf of the cops. Sadly, this is not the only incident that have
happened currently. People are speculating that Nia Wilson, who was stabbed by a white man
while returning home with her sister was racially motivated. According to the police report, the
number of violent hate crime rose 16% from the previous year. There are so many crimes that
we can see and hear about but still can’t raise voice for it . Racism is every where lots of the
people who have faced this kind of horrible act usually keep it themselves in fear of losing the
case like Tom Robinson there are several Tom Robinson’s that are forced to be shut.(Lee Kong ,
Racism after colonization in Canada: America was not the only country where racism took place in wide range, looking back to
history of Canada, prior to European colonization, the aboriginal people, “Textbook Indians
“were largely built as sinister, cruel and without history or culture to justify Anglo-Canadian
supremacy and racism by focusing entirely on what indigenous cultures lacked in relation to
sense of European dominance. Students were educated about the ideology of imperialism of
Canadian history that contended the superiority of British government and there living styles.
Karki 1
Francis, Daniel. “Your Majesty’s Realm: The Myth of the Master Race.” In National Dreams:
Myth, Memory and Canadian History, Vancouver, BC: Arsenal Pulp Press, 1997.
Lee Kong, Stacy.” If it feels like racism in Canada is getting worse, that’s because it is” 2018 (accessed October-20)
Lee, Harper, To Kill a Mockingbird. New York: Grand Central Publishing, 1960.
Karki 1
Karki 1
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