Recount Text
Intan Zuhra
Descriptive text is a text which says what a person
or a thing is like. Its purpose is to describe and
reveal a particular person, place or thing.
Teks Deskriptif yaitu teks yang menjelaskan
gambaran seseorang atau benda. Tujuannya
adalah untuk menggambarkan atau
mengungkapkan orang, tempat atau benda
Bisa dikatakan juga bahwa Descriptive text adalah
teks yang menjelaskan tentang seperti apakah
orang atau benda yang dideskripsikan, baik
bentuknya, sifat-sifatnya, jumlahnya dan lain-lain.
Social Function: to retell someone’s past experience
Travel on the L300 for the First Time
In 2012, I was Eighteen years old. I had graduated
from my senior high school and I wanted to
continue my education to Syiah Kuala University
in Banda Aceh. I lived with my family in Lhok
Sukon during eighteen years So, I would live
alone there and it was new experience for me.
I went to Banda Aceh by L300, before I came to
the L300 station, I did not know how to buy the
ticket. All procedures were so new to me.
Fortunately, a security guard helped me and gave
me some directions to buy it. After that I entered
to L300 and sat on the chair. I listened to the song
and I was really enjoyed when I was in the L300.
After 7 hours in the L300, finally I arrived in
Banda Aceh.
I would start my new life in Banda Aceh. I was
really excited to start my new adventure in new
Simple Past Tense
Formula : (+) S + V2 + O/C
(-) S + Did + not + V1 + O/C
(?) Did + S + V1 + O/C
Example :
• I went to Banda Aceh by L300
• I did not know how to buy the ticket
• Did you know how to buy the ticket?
Chronological connection :
In 2012, before , after that, when, finally.
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