Enders Game Project and Chapter Questions

Ender’s Game
Students must have the novel Ender’s Game by Monday, May 1. The first reading assignment is due
that Friday. Students should not count on class time to read. Reading assignments are broken up into
sections that should take approximately half an hour to read. The exception is chapter 14; it is
exceptionally long. Therefore, it is to the student’s benefit to read ahead when possible; make sure to
answer the questions though!
Students will groups themselves into groups of 5 or 6. In their groups, they will perform tasks, read
the text, and answer questions related to the text and science fiction. Students will compete against
the other teams in head-to-head competitions for points. There will be bonuses for teams who
compete well, so make sure that all team members are on-task in class and reading at home.
Students will model their team after one of the armies from Ender’s Game, naming their team using an
army name, selecting a commander, and forming two toons, each with a toon leader.
Students may choose from the following names for their “army”:
Reading Schedule:
Day in Schedule
Day 1
Day 2
Day 3
Day 4
Day 5
Day 6
Day 7
Day 8
Day 9
Day 10
Day 11
Reading Assignment
Chapters 1-3
Chapters 4-6
Chapter 7
Chapter 8
Chapter 9
Chapter 10
Chapter 11
Chapter 12
Chapter 13
Chapter 14
Chapter 15
Number of Pages
26 pages
39 pages
31 pages
23 pages
34 pages
29 pages
27 pages
27 pages
28 pages
50 pages
29 pages
Read by…
Friday, May 5
Monday, May 8
Tuesday, May 9
Thursday, May 11
Friday, May 12
Monday, May 15
Tuesday, May 16
Thursday, May 18
Friday, May 19
Monday, May 22
Tuesday, May 23
Students will demonstrate their individual content knowledge by submitting the question pages
attached. Questions are sorted by chapter and do not require lengthy answers. It is suggested that
students answer the questions after finishing each chapter. The questions should take no more than
10 minutes per chapter to answer and will typically take 10-15 minutes per assigned reading.
Ender’s Game Chapter Questions
Name _____________________________________
Chapter 1: Third
1. What is a “third”? Why is it strange that Ender is a third?
2. What is the monitor? What do you think its purpose is?
3. Ender beat Stilson in the fight, but why did he keep kicking Stilson?
Chapter 2: Peter
4. Compare and contrast Peter and Valentine.
Chapter 3: Graff
5. How old is Ender? How old will he be when he gets to see his family next?
Ender’s Game Chapter Questions
6. Why do Ender’s parents have mixed feelings about him?
7. Why does Ender choose to go with Colonel Graff?
Chapter 4: Launch
8. Why does Graff tell the other students that Ender is the best one of them?
Chapter 5: Games
9. Who is Dap?
10. What does it mean to “ice out”?
11. Who is Bernard? What does Ender seek from Bernard? Justice or revenge? Why?
Chapter 6: The Giant’s Drink
12. How did Ender and Alai become friends?
13. What is the Giant game? Why are the people in the beginning of the chapter concerned about
Ender playing it?
Ender’s Game Chapter Questions
Name _____________________________________
Date ______________
Chapter 7: Salamander
14. Why is Ender promoted?
15. Who is Petra Arkanian? Why is she the ”wrong” kind of friend to have?
16. Why does Ender practice with his old Launchie group?
17. What do the Launchies learn from Ender?
18. What does Ender learn from Bonzo Madrid about being a commander?
Chapter 8: Rat
19. How is Rat Army different from Salamander?
20. Who is Dink Meeker? Describe Ender’s relationship with him.
Ender’s Game Chapter Questions
21. Describe what is happening in the Giant’s Drink game with Ender now.
22. What opinion does Dink share with Ender about the Bugger Invasion? Does Ender believe him?
Chapter 9: Locke and Demosthenes
23. Who are Locke and Demosthenes? Why do Peter and Valentine choose these names?
24. How do people perceive Peter? What is his “greatest gift”?
25. How did Ender gain respect at the Battle School?
26. Describe what is happening in the Giant’s Drink game with Ender now.
27. How does Ender react to the letter from Valentine? Why?
Ender’s Game Chapter Questions
Name _____________________________________
Date ______________
Chapter 10: Dragon
28. What army does Ender command? Why that army?
29. Who does Ender get for his soldiers? Why?
30. What very small soldier does Ender pick on? Why does he pick on him?
31. What does Bean ask Ender to do for him, and why?
32. Is it fair what the adults did to Ender? Think about the early promotions, the commanders he’s
had, using Valentine, and giving him Dragon Army.
Ender’s Game Chapter Questions
Name _____________________________________
Date ______________
Chapter 11: Veni Vidi Vici
33. Who is Ender’s first battle against in this chapter? How does that go?
34. Who are Ender’s toon leaders?
35. What does Ender start to study to learn strategy? Why?
36. What happens when Ender asks Graff and Anderson to give him a good battle?
37. What does Ender ask Bean to do, and why?
Chapter 12: Bonzo
38. Who is Graff arguing with at the beginning of the chapter? Why are they arguing?
Ender’s Game Chapter Questions
39. Who tries to warn Ender of the danger he’s in? Name both.
40. Where is Ender ambushed? By whom is he ambushed?
41. How does Ender convince his attacker to face him alone?
42. Who helps Ender at the end of the fight?
43. What happens after that night’s battle?
44. What happened to Bonzo? How is this like Ender’s fight against Stilson?
Ender’s Game Chapter Questions
Name _____________________________________
Date ______________
Chapter 13: Valentine
45. Why does the I.F. care about Peter and Valentine?
Chapter 14: Ender’s Teacher
Chapter 15: Speaker for the Dead
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