Excretory System

Excretory System
1. Urinary System
Diana Abdellatif
Identify the functions of the excretory system.
List the organs of the excretory system.
Outline how the kidneys filter blood.
Recognize the mechanism of Urination.
Understand the kidney dialysis.
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• Remove liquid waste from the blood in the
form of urine
• Keep a stable balance of salts and other
substances in the blood
• Controls the blood volume by removing excess
water produced by the cells.
• Produce erythropoietin, a hormone that aids
the formation of red blood cells
The Kidney Anatomy
The Nephron and Urine Formation
Now Answer these questions in pairs
1) What is excretion?
2) What is the process that results in wastes being removed
from body surface to water in unicellular organisms?
3) What is the chief organ of the excretory system?
4) What organs make up the excretory system? With drawing
5) Kidney is the basic _____________ unit.
6) Draw a kidney including the NEPHRONS.
7) Why are nephrons crucial for kidney function?
8) What does urine contain? How is urine removed from the
9) What is the reason we are able to control the urge to
Non-functional Kidney
Q: What happens when one kidney
doesn’t work properly or stop working?
A: The other kidney increases in size
and starts to do the function of both
of them.
Kidney Diseases
Q: What happens when both kidneys
stop working?
A: Waste products that are not
removed from the body build up and
act as poisons in the body and lead to
“Kidney failure”
But What would be the solution?
Kidney Dialysis
• An artificial kidney machine that helps with some of the
kidney activities to filter the blood.
Kidney Dialysis
Kidney Dialysis
Parts of the dialysis machine
1. Filter/ Dialyser: act as an artificial kidney, contains
Fresh dialysing solution >> Solution responsible for absorbing the waste from
the blood.
b) Semi permeable tubes >> allow the passage of the waste from the blood to the
dialysing fluid.
2. Blood Pump: It controls the amount of the blood.
3. Bubble Trap: It traps the bubble that presents in the cleared blood from
entering the body.
4. Blood thinner: It is a heparin
pump to prevent the blood clotting.
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