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Grammar Diagnostic Test
I. Please label as many parts of speech as you can in the following sentences. If the sentence is in the
form of a question, you can rephrase it as a statement to help you label it.
Ex: Bubbles is my favorite chimpanzee at the zoo.
Bubbles = subject (simple)/proper noun
is = simple predicate/linking verb
is my favorite chimpanzee at the zoo = complete predicate
my = possessive pronoun
favorite = adjective chimpanzee = predicate nominative at the zoo = prepositional phrase
1. Don’t swallow that egg!
2. Are some Cyclops sensitive about their unibrows?
3. Herby and Howie write clever jingles about foot powder and clam chowder.
4. Uncle Arnie, an avid fisherman, has the lead role in a heartbreaking opera about carp.
5. Is jelly made out of jellyfish?
Cats never land on their heads.
7. Does Cousin Elmo really have an extra toe?
8. Is your toupee in the soufflé, Ray?
9. Why don’t we call butterflies flutterbies?
10. You should never operate small kitchen appliances near the bathtub.
11. Barking sharks and wailing snails are rare in some parts of Arkansas.
12. Mr. Harry Nomore designed the blueprint for the very first automatic navel lint remover.
13. A pushy papaya salesman knocked rapidly at the door.
14. Do mosquitoes have tiny teeth?
15. Is that a unicorn crooning in the cornfield?
III. Find the prepositional phrases in the following sentences. Underline them.
1. A favorite escape from city life is the green world of Central Park in New York City.
2. In the summertime, you can row boats on the lake, climb the huge rock slabs, and have picnics in the meadow.
3. You can also watch birds and wander around the park in search of some of your favorite species.
4. In Central Park, you and your family can enjoy a little bit of nature in the middle of a bustling city.
5. Next time you are in the mood for a nature walk in New York City, go to Central Park.
IV. Identify the verbs in the following sentences: linking or action? Underline the verb (or verb phrase) twice and
write an L or an A on the line provided.
Ex: Fido gave me the bone.
_______ 1. Please pour a glass of lemonade for Alex.
_______ 2. Ben read his poem to the class.
_______ 3. Next year, Theo will be a freshman in high school.
_______ 4. Those crackers were so salty!
________5. The farmers lifted the heavy sacks of grain into the silo.
V. Identify the direct and indirect objects in each of the following sentences. Draw two lines under the DO and one line
under the IO. You should label the objects too (DO/IO).
Ex: Fido gave me the bone.
1. I fed the horse some hay.
2. They owe you an apology.
3. Please give me a piece of your mango pie.
4. Will you please save Sophia a seat?
5. The usher found them seats near the stage for the concert.
VI. Create your own sentences and then label the parts of speech in each sentence. Be sure to vary your sentences.
V. Determine whether the following clauses are independent or dependent (subordinate) clauses.
1. The pony express did not last long.
A. Independent Clause
B. Dependent Clause
2. Mail was carried by ships.
A. Independent Clause
B. Dependent Clause
3. Because today's mail travels so slowly.
A. Independent Clause
B. Dependent Clause
4. The pony express riders would often ride throughout the night.
A. Independent Clause
B. Dependent Clause
5. While they were called pony boys.
A. Independent Clause
B. Dependent Clause
6. When they carried the mail.
A. Independent Clause
B. Dependent Clause
7. Because fuel is so expensive.
A. Independent Clause
B. Dependent Clause
8. The pony express just might be revived.
A. Independent Clause
B. Dependent Clause
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