US I Semester One 2017 Exam Review

U.S History to 1914 (CP) Semester One Cumulative Assessment Review
1. Describe the pros and cons of the Columbian Exchange for the Europeans.
2. Describe the pros and cons of the Columbian Exchange for those living in the Americas.
3. Who was John Rolfe?
4. How were the Jamestown Colony and the Massachusetts Bay Colony different?
5. Why did the American colonies begin to use slaves?
6. Who was John Winthrop?
7. Describe the economy of the South on the late 17th century.
8. Why was farming difficult in New England?
9. Describe Bacon’s Rebellion.
10. Describe Virginia’s House of Burgesses.
11. Who was John Peter Zenger?
12. Define “mercantilism.”
13. What was the Middle Passage?
14. Why did the British begin heavily taxing the colonies in the mid-18th century?
15. How were the French involved in the American Revolution?
16. Why did the British sign the Treaty of Paris in 1783?
17. What types of people supported the Articles of Confederation?
18. What was Shay’s Rebellion?
19. What is the difference between the Land Ordinance of 1785 and the Northwest Ordinance of 1787?
20. Why was Alexander Hamilton’s economic plan controversial?
21. Political parties were created because of arguments between which two founding fathers?
22. Who supported the Federalists? The Democratic- Republicans?
23. What was the Great Compromise?
24. Describe the system of Checks and Balances.
25. What was the three-fifths compromise?
26. Who supported the Bill of Rights?
27. What was the Whiskey Rebellion?
28. Define “neutrality.”
29. What two major pieces of advice did Washington give in his “Farewell Address?”
30. What was the XYZ affair?
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