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New Haven Car Leasing
38 Trumbull St
New Haven, CT 06510
+1 860 352 5599
There are five main reasons why leasing from New Haven Car Leasing
is the smart thing to do if you’re looking to lease. The first is that we
have the largest, most comprehensive inventory of vehicles around.
The second is that we also have the lowest leasing prices you’ll find
anywhere in the State of Connecticut. The third is that, because of how
we do things, you’ll have the most relaxed, laid-back, convenient
leasing experience possible. And the fourth reason is that we’re very
dedicated when it comes to customer service, with making things as
easy on our customers as possible as our main customer service goal.
Below, we’ll go through each of these points in order to show you just
how different New Haven Car Leasing is from any other leasing agency
in Connecticut.
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around New Haven in the beautiful new model vehicle of your choice,
at a price you’ll be thrilled with!
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