Physics 199REL Assignment 1: Career Report

Physics 199REL Assignment 1: Career Report
Identify and report on a career path that can be pursued with a physics degree.
You may not select the following careers:
• Physics professor
• High school teacher
• Researcher at a national laboratory
You are welcome and encouraged to discuss your career choice with Prof. Pitts
Research the career and prepare a short Power Point presentation (3 minutes) for the
class. Your presentation should include:
A description of the career.
A review of the skills needed to enter this career
An explanation of how a physics degree would align with this career path
Recommended courses and career preparation
How you found this information. A list of sources.
1. 18-Jan-12
2. 1-Feb-12 8:00am
3. 1-Feb-12 1:00pm
electronic presentation due
presentations in class