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Expert Service.
Optimal Results.
With experience spanning more than 100
million square feet of space worldwide,
Digital Lumens brings deep expertise
to every project. The team’s capabilities
are available to support a broad range of
projects, streamlining the installation and
management processes to ensure accuracy
and optimize results.
The services we offer include crucial
planning and configuration techniques,
as well as onsite auditing, system
commissioning, and customer training.
Upon completion, your lighting system
will yield maximum energy savings with
optimum performance, customized for
your facility.
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Lumens Partner Portal or contact your
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Unmatched Value
Aaron Kless, PE
Director of Application Engineering
[email protected]
To achieve optimal results from an Intelligent Lighting
System, meticulous planning and precision are required
from Day 1 of the project. Engaging Digital Lumens experts
ensures that nothing is overlooked. The team is focused on
the primary goal — creating a high-performance system
while maximizing efficiency through the installation and
post-installation support processes.
Our service engineers will ensure accuracy from start
to finish, leaving you with a satisfied customer who is
prepared to manage their new lighting system.
Service Category
• Comprehensive site lighting audit
Project Design
• Lighting design evaluation and alternatives
• Network design evaluation and layout
• Network auditing
• End-to-end project planning
and management
• Contractor training
• Network integration coordination
• Project scheduling
• Installation quality review
• Controls planning
• System commissioning
• Fixture programming
Onsite Services
• Controls implementation and tuning
• System troubleshooting
• System validation
• End-user training
• Remote system monitoring
• Pre-programming of replacement lights
• Routine lighting energy
& occupancy reports
• Remote diagnostics
Services Overview
Project Design
The Digital Lumens Professional Services Team will perform
survey and design work required to specify the Intelligent
Lighting System and Power Monitoring module. Available
to conduct onsite lighting surveys and infrastructure
inspections, our team will meet with customers to qualify
and evaluate the technical requirements, as well as project
goals and design solutions to meet key objectives.
Our experts will analyze lighting designs for new construction
and retrofits to meet specific lighting requirements and
economic goals. Design services are also available for the
LightRules ® network and the Power Monitoring system.
Project Management
Digital Lumens project experts are available to work
directly with both end-users and installation teams to
ensure that everyone involved is properly trained, proper
equipment is available, and that there is a plan to meet the
customers’ needs. This typically includes creating timelines,
spreadsheets, installation planning, network integration,
subcontracting, and/or training. Note: Service pricing does
not include additional parts, equipment, or labor.
System Commissioning & Onsite Service
To ensure optimal Intelligent Lighting System startup and
commissioning, a Digital Lumens Application Engineer is
available to provide onsite support, management, and
technical service. Proper equipment installation is verified
through connectivity and operability checks.
The LightRules server is then integrated onto the facility’s
enterprise network. Lighting profiles and schedules are
established to match the facility’s needs and energy goals.
Digital Lumens provides user training to the customer
and all required documentation. When out-of-warranty
troubleshooting and support is required, an expert from
Digital Lumens can provide onsite support to identify,
troubleshoot, and correct system issues.
Replacement Fixture Programming
If it is determined that a replacement fixture is needed, the
RMA support service ensures that the fixture will arrive
onsite pre-programmed and ready to hang.
LightRules ® Monitor
LightRules Monitor, a lighting system diagnostics and
reporting service, provides Digital Lumens Intelligent
Lighting System customers with ongoing analysis of lighting
metrics and performance to ensure maximum efficiency.
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