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Learning Management System (LMS) Services
Raytheon Professional Services
n Make
the right LMS choice
for your organization
n Ensure
successful implementation
n Customize
implementation process
n Prepare
the right role-based
user training
n Utilize
the right ongoing user
and system support
Raytheon Professional Services (RPS) has built and deployed commercial
and open-source LMS platforms that support millions of learners in
over 80 countries. Whether your training is instructor-led, web-based,
virtual classroom-based, social media-based or mobile, we can help
you optimize your current system or implement and manage one that
better meets your organization’s needs.
Ensuring that you have the right platform in place is critical to getting
the right training to the right learners and effectively tracking their
progress. It must keep pace with changes in your training delivery
and allow you to leverage the newest mobile learning and
social media channels.
If your LMS system has been in place for over five years — or if
your organization has experienced dramatic changes in size, staffing
or budget — it may be time to revisit your LMS choice. RPS has
the expertise to help you optimize your existing LMS to current
requirements. From enabling you to better support, maintain and
manage your system to helping to replace it, our services allow
you to maximize productivity.
Optimize your training with industry-leading LMS expertise.
Selection Services
Ongoing Support Services
The LMS market is filled with
vendors, each with pros and cons.
Identifying the ones that best align
with your requirements can be a
daunting task. As an independent
third party with deep LMS
experience, Raytheon Professional
Services knows the market players
and uses a proven methodology
to help you with:
various audiences with just-in-time
performance support materials.
We can also develop rigorous
role-based use cases that test
the LMS configuration prior
to “go-live.”
Requirements Definition
Training Development & Delivery
Vendor Qualification
System Documentation
Vendor Evaluation & Selection
Use Cases & System Testing
Implementation Support Services
Custom Report Development
As a learning services provider, we
understand that an LMS has broad
implications for your learning
operations. When we help you
implement your LMS, we look
beyond installation and address your
whole learning ecosystem to ensure
that the system aligns with your
business and training operations.
Optimization Services
We work closely with your chosen
LMS vendor to ensure that the LMS
is implemented in the way that works
best for your organization, and can
assist you with:
Scope Definition
Configuration Strategy
Project & Change Management
LMS Vendor Management
Deployment Support Services
Our deployment support services
ensure that launching your LMS
goes as smoothly as possible.
We know how important role-based
user training is to your success, and
can help create and train your
RPS is there with you through the
whole process, and provides a variety
of user support and knowledge
transfer services, including:
The training industry has changed
significantly over the past five-years.
Has your LMS changed along with
it? Does it seamlessly integrate the
user experience and data across your
training delivery platforms? Are you
still getting the right data from the
LMS that you need for compliance
Does the LMS allow your training
operations to be as productive as
These are just a few of the questions
that we help our clients address
in the years after their initial LMS
implementation. It’s normal for
an LMS to become unaligned as
requirements change. RPS can
help you get it back in line. We
can help you with:
System Interface Optimization
Reports Optimization
Configuration Optimization
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RPS helps customers around the
world maintain and support their
LMS and the people who use it.
With service centers on four
continents, we provide LMS
system and user support in 28
languages for both commercial
and open-source systems. We are
an experienced liaison between
our clients and their LMS
providers, and offer:
Level-1 User Support
Level-2 System Support
Level-3 Vendor Liaison
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