1. WINNER’S CIRCLE REWARDS (“WCR”) members must be 19 years of
age or older, a resident of Canada or the United States of America, and
not officers, directors or employees of Ontario Lottery and Gaming
Corporation (“OLG”) or Alcohol and Gaming Commission of Ontario
(“AGCO”). There is no fee payable to obtain membership. To participate,
members must comply with all terms and conditions of membership,
including these WCR Rules (“Rules”).
2. To record slot or table play, members must insert their WCR card into the
slot machine or table game card reader for the duration of play that they
want recorded. The maximum number of concurrent WCR player cards
inserted into slot machines to accumulate Cashback points and Tier points
and record slot play is limited to three (3), but points are only earned once.
Multiple cards can be inserted at multiple slot machines or table game
readers depending on specific game rules and/or at the discretion of
designated OLG Slots & Casinos staff. It is the member’s responsibility to
ensure that the card is properly inserted and accepted for play.
3. Qualification for receiving rewards is based on points properly
accumulated during recorded slot or table play. Points recorded during
table game play, with card inserted, are towards membership level only
and can not be redeemed for Cashback points. Complimentaries are
awarded at the discretion of designated OLG Slots & Casinos staff and
are typically based on slot and table play with card inserted. Any points
accumulated through misuse of the WCR card, abuse or fraud at/of any
slot machine or table game will be forfeited and membership may be
4. OLG may from time to time, without notice, develop, maintain and change
tiered reward programs (e.g. Cashback points and Tier points) with preset
offers and rewards in lieu of any other qualification for receiving rewards.
Details of such programs are available from a WCR representative.
5. Valid government-issued photo identification must be presented to create
a WCR account. A WCR card and a valid government-issued identification
must be presented to make WCR transactions, including redemption of
Cashback points and issuing any discretionary complimentaries. Valid
government-issued identification must be presented to obtain replacement
WCR cards.
6. OLG reserves the right to deny any application for WCR membership. At
the sole discretion of OLG, WCR membership may be revoked or
cancelled and any accumulated Cashback points or Tier points, will be
Effective September 1, 2013
forfeited. The WCR card must be returned at the time of revocation or
cancellation of membership.
7. WCR card and membership benefits, including Cashback points and Tier
points are not transferable; however, OLG may, at its sole discretion,
agree to transfer Cashback points to a WCR account of the surviving
spouse of a deceased WCR member. The monetary equivalent of the
outstanding Cashback points balance of the deceased WCR member may
be made payable to the Estate or surviving spouse, upon the Estate or
surviving spouse satisfactorily meeting the terms and conditions
established by OLG. The WCR card can only be used by the named
cardholder and may not be placed in card readers used by other players.
Cashback points and promotional offers must be redeemed by the WCR
member, in person, and only at designated locations.
8. OLG makes no representations or warranties express or implied, with
regard to the WCR card, including any warranty of merchantability, fitness
for a particular purpose title, non-infringement or tha the WCR will always
be accepted. OLG shall not be liable for any loss or damage, however
caused, suffered by any person as a result of the use or misuse of the
WCR card. In the event OLG is found liable, the WCR member shall only
be entitled to recover actual and direct damages, not to exceed the
monetary equivalent value of the last Cashback points balance on the
WCR card. OLG shall have no liability for any incidental, indirect or
consequential damages arising of or in any way connected with the WCR
card even if OLG has been advised of the possibility of such damages.
9. Each WCR member is entitled to only one (1) unique account number,
which is issued upon enrolment. OLG may limit the number of WCR cards
or replacement cards issued to any member. All WCR cards are the
property of OLG.
10. OLG is not responsible for lost, stolen or destroyed WCR cards. Lost,
stolen or destroyed WCR cards must be reported to the WCR
representative. OLG, in its discretion, may replace lost, stolen or
destroyed WCR cards.
11. OLG assumes no liability. OLG is not responsible for the failure to
accumulate and/or loss of any points or benefits due to interruptions
caused by OLG, operational errors or malfunctions with respect to the
WCR program, including defective cards. OLG reserves the right to adjust
point balances as a result of operational errors or malfunctions.
12. OLG reserves the right to terminate the WCR program in its entirety or
modify the terms and conditions of the WCR program in any way
Effective September 1, 2013
whatsoever, including point accumulation rules, the redemption process,
and minimum activity levels, at any time, without notice or compensation..
13. WCR membership accounts without recorded slot or table game activity
for twelve (12) consecutive calendar months will be considered “inactive”
and closed without notice. Any unredeemed Cashback points will expire
at that time. All Tier points will expire at the beginning of the new tier year
as per regular Tier points accumulation process. Once an account has
been deemed inactive and closed, OLG will continue to maintain personal
information for thirty-six (36) months for those purposes set out in Rule 14
and to facilitate account reactivation. Inactive membership accounts may
be sent marketing/promotional/research communication in accordance
with the member’s consent recorded in their account for receiving such
materials. Any personal information provided is collected pursuant to the
Ontario Lottery and Gaming Corporation Act, 1999 and is intended to be
used for the following principal purposes, and for any further purposes
reasonably necessary to give effect to these purposes: (a) to administer
the WCR loyalty rewards program; (b) for customer service; (c) for the
protection of OLG assets; (d) sharing the information with third parties
including police services for investigation or audit purposes; (e) to comply
with legal requirements; (f) assisting OLG in managing its games and in
maintaining the integrity thereof; (g) to support Responsible Gaming
programs; and (h) for research initiatives conducted by OLG or by a third
party research agency in cooperation with OLG. For further information
contact a WCR representative at any OLG Slots or Casino facility or call 1800-387- 0098.
14. The WCR card is available for use at all participating OLG Slots and
Casino facilities.
15. In order to be eligible to receive exclusive WCR benefits, promotions,
bonuses, special events, event invitations, newsletters and membership
information, members are responsible for notifying a representative at a
site's WCR desk of any name, address, phone number, e-mail and/or
consent changes.
16. In determining whether a WCR member is entitled to redeem Cashback
points, OLG is entitled to review and rely upon, and the member is bound
by, the information recorded in the computer database. No Cashback
points shall be redeemed, and no discretionary complimentaries shall be
issued, unless the Cashback points and personal information is validated
by OLG using the validation procedure of the OLG computer system.
17. These Rules supersede all previously existing WCR rules. By agreeing to
participate in the WCR program, all WCR members agree to comply with
Effective September 1, 2013
and be bound by these Rules and any amendments thereto and any
successor or replacement thereof.
Patrons with self-excluded or trespassed status as determined by
OLG, will not be eligible to participate in any OLG Slots & Casinos
promotions. Any self-excluded person detected at a gaming property
will be removed and trespassed. See a WINNER’S CIRCLE REWARDS
representative for details. TOLL FREE 1-800-387-0098. Pour
renseignements en français 1-800-387-0098
Effective September 1, 2013