Chapter 29 – Electromagnetic Induction

Chapter 29 – Electromagnetic Induction
29.2 Faraday’s Law
Magnetic flux
Faraday’s law
Example: Find the induced emf when moving a conducting bar with a constant speed
along a conducting rail in a uniform magnetic field as shown in the figure.
Example: A wire loop with 5 turns has a radius of 8 cm and is initially perpendicular to
a magnetic field of 0.1 T. The loop is rotated out of the page to a certain angle in a time
of 1 ms. If the average emf induced in the loop is 6.6 V, what is the angle the loop has
been rotated to?
20.4 Lenz’s Law
An induced current has a direction such that the magnetic field due to the current opposes
the change in the magnetic field that induces the current.
29.4 Motional emf