TUITION FEE BYLAW Effective August 1, 2016 RATIONALE: Tuition

 TUITION FEE BYLAW Effective August 1, 2016 RATIONALE: Tuition fees will be students’ contribution to the overall costs for direct instructional activities, including materials and supplies used in the delivery of programs. Where programs require students to produce projects of value to them, the costs for necessary materials will be paid directly by the students. Where programs require specialized studio or lab facilities, a portion of these costs will be paid directly by students. A learning resource fee will contribute to the Selkirk College Learning Resource Fund for the enhancement of learning resources, inclusive of technology, which are deemed to be of priority by learners and the College community. Healthy Campus initiatives and support for student Transition to Work will be enhanced through a Student Services Fee. International student fees will be based on cost recovery/revenue generating model. A separate fee schedule will be determined specific to the requirements of individual Memorandums of Understanding to extend the College’s program opportunities through public/private partner arrangements. 2016/17 FEE SCHEDULES: Domestic Tuition Fees Career Technology University Transfer Vocational / Entry Level Trades Training Apprentice Trades Training Plant Operator / Metal Fabricator / KSA Esthetics Degree Programs / Courses TESOL Program Golf Club Operations Online Certificate (GCOOL) Program Studio Fee: Digital Arts and New Media Diploma Studio Fee: Music & Technology Diploma KSA Independent Studio Fee Distance Education Gerontology (GNUR) Online Advanced Diploma Program Adult Basic Education (ABE) (Advanced & Provincial Fundamental), Adult Special Education (Transitional Training‐TT), and College Preparatory Programs Adult Literacy Training Program and Student Success & Essential Skills Courses English Language Training (ESL) Program ‐ Domestic Senior Public / Private Partnerships Audit Fee Fee Amount $ 4.46 $ 4.70 $ 3.11 Unit/Comment Per contact hour Per contact hour Per contact hour $ 93.39 $ 4.59 Per week Per contact hour $ 5.95 $ 7.10 $ 9.10 $ 539.41 Per contact hour Per contact hour Per contact hour Per course First Year: $ 18.25 Second Year: $ 26.37 $8.46 $ 643.40 Vocational : $ 3.11 Career Technology: $ 4.46 University Transfer: $ 4.70 $ 410.52 or $ 617.28 $ 544.00 Free Tuition $ 3.11 50% of Regular Fees To be determined Normal course fees Per credit Per credit Per course Per contact hour and the appropriate Consumables and Learning Resource Fees Per contact hour (as applicable per course) Per course (To a maximum of $1,632 per semester) Per contact hour Subject to available seats determined at start date of class By Project International Tuition Fees Fee Amount English Language Training (ESL/ELP) Programs ELP Core Program $ 4,636.36 ELP Intensive Spring Program $ 3,243.00 ELP – ABE Courses $ 4,250.00 Certificate Programs Career Technology & TESOL $ 4,600.00 KSA Certificates $ 12,714.97 Blacksmithing Studio & Bronze $ 4,964.78 Casting Studio Trades Certificates $287.50 / $ 10,350.00 ITA Funded programs Diploma Programs All Diploma Programs Advanced Diploma Programs ADGIS Post‐Graduate Programs Business Administration, Accounting, and Hospitality Management Gerontological Nursing Practicum ‐ Gerontological Nursing Degree Programs Degree Programs/Courses Part Time Study Varies by program and student educational plan Domestic and International Supplementary Fees Consumables Career Technology University Transfer Vocational / Entry Level Trades Training ABE and College Preparatory Programs ‐ Book Rental Fee (ITA Grant Funding + Domestic Tuition) * Annual Adjustment Factor Unit/Comment Per semester Per semester Per semester Per semester Per year (3 semesters) Per semester Per week (To a maximum of $10,350.00) Per program $ 4,600.00 Per semester $10,035.00 Per year $4,700.00 Per semester $6,100.00 $ 750.00 Per semester Per semester $ 14.20 Established per rata basis Per contact hour Per year, semester, week, month, and course rates Fee Amount Unit $ 9.75 $ 9.75 $ 9.75 Per course Per course Per course Up to $50 Per course Domestic and International Programs Supplementary Fees Rural Pre‐Medicine Program Entry Level Trades Training Consumables & KSA Programs Supplementary Fees CO‐OP Fee Course Level 100 or higher Nursing Labs (NURS 116, 126, 216 & 226 or equivalent) Clinical/Practicum/Work Term Private Lessons 1st & 3rd Year: $ 468.18 2nd Year: $ 208.08 $ 123.66, $ 185.49, or $247.31, $ 372.08 $ 291.83 $123.66 $497.35 Per hour: $ 792.73 Per ½ hour: $ 397.47 Learning Resource Fee & Student Services Fee Learning Resource Fee (LRF) 10% of Tuition / $ 93.25 Student Services Fee (SSF) 4.5% of Tuition Student Activity & Student Life Fee Castlegar Campuses 15% of tuition / $ 29.84 Nelson Campuses $ 19.85 $ 1.24 / $ 44.76 Per semester Per semester or per year, as applicable Per semester (½ Term Extension $145.92) Per semester Per semester Per hour or half‐hour per semester Per semester (10% of Tuition to a maximum of $ 93.25) Per semester (4.5% of Tuition) Per semester (15% of Tuition to a maximum of $29.84) Per semester (Apprentice: $ 1.24 per week, to a maximum of $ 44.76) Per semester Trail, Grand Forks, Kaslo & $ 19.85 Nakusp Campuses SCSU – Selkirk College Students’ Union* Student Union Fee As determined by the Student (ABE and TT Students will pay Student Media Fee Union only the Canadian Federation Student Health and Dental Fee Students Fee and will not be eligible for Health and Dental) Other Supplementary Fees Application Fee** Domestic: $37.00 Per Program Application International: $ 100.00 Graduation Fees $ 25.00 Per event Senior 50% of regular fee Subject to available seats determined at start date of class Public / Private Partnerships To be determined By Project Audit Fee Normal course fee * Subject to change and as communicated by the Selkirk College Student’s Union ** Non‐refundable application processing fee applicable to all courses and programs, including Adult Basic Education & Transitional Training but except Community Education & Workplace Training non Citation programs/courses. February 23, 2016
Selkirk College Board Chair Vice President, College Services February 23, 2016 Date Date