09med581 Business Phone Features

Standard Features
Basic voicemail
Speed dial- up to 8 numbers
3-way calling
Call waiting w/Caller ID
Caller Zero Out
Anonymous call reject
Call forwarding- immediate, busy,
no answer
Caller ID w/name & number
Cancel Caller ID
Cancel Call Waiting
Repeat Dial
Return Call
Selective Call Acceptance
Selective Call Forward
Selective Call Rejection
Call Trace
Receive voicemail on each individual phone line
Dial a specific number by pressing one button on the phone pad
Converse simultaneously with two other phone lines
Identify an incoming call while still on the phone line
Exit voicemail by pressing zero to call a phone number
Block a call from an unidentified phone number
Forward a call to another phone line
Identify a caller by their name and phone number
Disable Caller ID function on a call-by-call basis
Disable Call Waiting function on a call-by-call basis
Call the last phone number dialed from a phone line
Call the last phone number that dialed a phone line
Accept a call automatically, based on a list of ‘accept’ numbers
Forward a call automatically, based on a list of ‘forward’ numbers
Reject a call automatically, based on a list of ‘reject’ numbers
Capture caller information and send to law enforcement
Enhanced Voicemail – Available at additional charge
Broadcast messaging
Call blast
Multiple screenings
Out dial
Record a message and send to group of phone lines internally or externally
Call multiple lines simultaneously
Create up to five extension phone lines from one single phone line
Block or direct a call to Voicemail, Call Blast, or Find-Me-Follow-Me
Dial a list of numbers automatically and play a prerecorded message.
Additional Voicemail Features
Auto-play message
Auto-play pass-code skip
Change pass-code
Conditional greetings
Dial out from voicemail
Email notification
Email notification w/ attachment
Play a message without pressing a number on the phone pad
Enter voicemail without a pass-code
Change pass-code via the phone pad instead of the web user interface
Set different voicemail greetings for different circumstances
Dial a caller’s phone number directly from voicemail
Receive email notification of a voice message
Receive email notification of a voice message, with message attached as a
Set a temporary greeting that will self terminate after a selected date
Create voicemail boxes for extension phone lines used on a single phone line
Force a call to attempt a series of specified numbers if original cannot be
Receive Caller ID, Day, Date and Time information before hearing a
Forward a message to another line
Receive notification of a voice message via tone stutter or light
Hear comments made by the message recipient when a message is
Mark a message urgent, giving it priority OR private, setting sharing
Return a call direct from voicemail and leave a reply message
Sort messages accordingly
Exit voicemail by pressing zero to call a phone number
Extended absence greeting
Message envelope
Message forwarding
Message indicator
Play comments
Reply to voicemail
Sort by Priority/Date/Sender
Zero out
Mediacom Communications Corporation
Auto Attendant- Available at additional charge
Auto Attendant features
IVR- Automatic or No Answer
Caller Announce
Announce Only
Caller Screening
Distribution List
Multiple greeting
Set up voicemail to act as a virtual receptionist in a number of circumstances
Require a caller to announce their name before leaving a message
Listen to or skip a message based on the name announced before a message
Screen a call
Set-up a list of internal and external numbers to which a message can be sent
Set multiple automatic greetings for different times of day
Mediacom Communications Corporation