Powerpoint presention about Front Desk Etiquette

Desk Etiquette
University of Wisconsin – Whitewater
(Your Department Name)
Attendance & Appearance
Work all scheduled shifts
Contact supervisor if you have a schedule conflict
Turn off personal cell phone (no personal calls)
No personal homework
Casual Dress
Be modest (no butts, bellybuttons, or breasts)
No attire with writing (except UWW wear in good
Use it Wisely
Answering the Phone
Be courteous
Good Morning/Good Afternoon/ Good
How may I help you?
Listen to the request the caller is making
Rude Callers
Still maintain your politeness
Take their name/number and pass that to the
appropriate coordinator
All information handled is confidential
Do NOT share information overheard in
our offices with people outside of our office
Caller is requesting to speak with
Let them know if the person is available
“Would you like to be transferred to their
“Would you like to hold” (if you know they will
be off the call soon) – best to send to
Tell the caller you will be transferring them
Transferring a call
Press the Transfer button on the bottom
right-hand side of the phone keypad.
Press the number of the extension of the
person we need to transfer the caller to.
Press the Transfer button again.
Hang up the phone.
Leaving a message
Have them spell out their name
Spell it back to them
Request their phone number
Say it back to confirm
Ask “When is a good time to return your
Ask if you can leave a message
This may be of a confidential nature
Clarify any information
Scheduling an appointment over
the phone
Pull up the identified staff person
Look for openings in their schedule
Take the correct spelling of the caller’s name
Request a phone number where they can be
Cell phone preferably
Memo Section
Explain why the student wants to meet
Thank them for their patience
Reiterate the time of their meeting
Drop-in’s or Walk-in’s
Do not ASSUME the person this person
wants to meet with is AVAILABLE
They may not have “time” to meet
Explain the earliest this person can see
you is in 2 hours (if they have availability)
We are committed to people who have
pre-scheduled appointments
Follow the same scheduling appointment
procedures listed for phone appointments
Wisconsin Relay Phone System
This allows a text telephone user to call or
be called using a voice telephone
The service number is 1-800-947-3529
Other Duties as Assigned
Sorting Mail
Miscellaneous requests from in-house
Transitioning between Shifts
Communication is important when
transitioning from one student desk worker
to another.
Tell each other the status of projects and /or
what tasks need to be completed.
Leave a detailed note if you are unable to
Closing the Office
Shut down computers close and lock room
Shut down front desk computer
Wipe off desks carrels with sanitizing spray
Turn off copy machines
Bring sign in and close doors
The only stupid question is the question
that is NOT asked