12.3 Electrical Energy

12.3 Electrical Energy
Electrical Energy is the energy provided by the flow of electrons in an electric circuit. It is measured
in Joules (J).
Electrical devices use electrical energy to do work.
Lights convert electrical energy to ___________
A TV converts electrical energy to ________________ and ______________
A toaster converts electrical energy to ________________ and ______________
Two main Sources of Electrical Energy are: batteries and electric generating stations.
Batteries  supply small amounts of electrical energy
Electric generating stations  deliver large amounts of electrical energy along transmission lines.
Electric Cells are devices that convert chemical energy into electrical energy (a battery is 2 or more
cells connected)
Primary cells
 can be used only once
Secondary cells
 can be recharged
Fuel Cells are electric cells that have a continuous supply of chemicals. Ex. A hydrogen fuel cell.
Read 12.3; Complete p. 514 # 3-5