The Quality Systems Training Program is a short-term intensive noncredit training course to prepare students for jobs in Quality Assurance
and Quality Control, for a variety of manufacturing industries including
biopharmaceutical processing, medical device manufacturing and others.
Am I a good fit for the Quality program?
A Career Development Coach will meet with
you one-on-one to discuss your interests and
skill levels to determine whether or not the
training is a good fit for you.
What is the cost? The training is free to
qualified individuals.
Concepts in Quality
Professional Framework
Quality Systems
Quality Operations
Root Cause/CAPA
Lean Six Sigma
Knowledge toward American Society for Quality
(ASQ), Quality Improvement Associate (CQIA) or
Quality Process Analyst (CQPA) Certification
Aligns with MWCC Credit Coursework
Students who successfully complete this training program will be
prepared to seek positions requiring knowledge of regulated and
international quality systems, continuous improvement techniques, and
understanding of the tools used to have a positive impact on an
employer’s bottom line.
Quality Analyst; Quality Inspector;
Regulatory Associate and Document Control Specialist
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AA/EEO Institution
This program is sponsored by a $15.9 million grant from the U.S. Department of Labor,
Employment and Training Administration. The AMMQC program is an Equal Opportunity program.
Adaptive equipment is available upon request for individuals with disabilities.
When will the next session begin? New
classes begin every 8 weeks.
How long is the training? The training
runs for 2 weeks, Mon-Thurs from 8:30a2:00p
Do I need to take an admission test?
You will take the Work Keys Assessment,
which is an adaptive assessment that will
gauge your proficiency in reading, math and
locating information.
I currently receive unemployment
benefits. How will this affect the process?
You will want to speak with your Career
Counselor to determine whether or not you
are eligible for the Section 30/TOP program.
Either way, you are still eligible to enroll in
the training.
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Quality Systems Training
This program is designed to provide skills necessary to become a Quality Assurance or Quality Control Associate
employed by manufacturing companies in a variety of business sectors. The concepts and skills presented in this two
week program are relevant to both production and service applications.
Content Area
Module 1
Concepts in Quality Organizational Framework
Professional Practices - Ethics
Quality as a concept and business practice is defined.
Applicable standards and regulations for various manufacturing
and service industry sectors will be introduced. Lean
manufacturing and six sigma concepts and how they tie into the
professional framework will also be discussed.
Module 2
Quality Systems Auditing
Professional Practices - Confidentiality
ISO 9001:2008, ISO 13485:2003 and FDA Current Good
Manufacturing Practices are discussed in detail. Students will
be introduced to and apply auditing principles as they relate to
the standards. Confidentiality professional practices will be
Module 3
This introduction to Applied/Industrial Metrology will cover
measurement fundamentals and calibration. Students will be
introduced to accuracy and precision and how they are affected
by the equipment, environment, and measurement systems.
There will be limited hands-on time for common physical
measurement tools.
Module 4
Inspection and Sampling
Print Reading
In this module, measurement fundamentals discussed in
Module 3 will be expanded to include inspection methods and
sampling plans. Evaluating processes to determine when,
where and how to take a sample will be covered.
Understanding material specifications and component drawings
will also be discussed.
Module 5
A general review of shop math and statistics will be covered.
The student will be provided an overview of how to evaluate
the data gathered via inspection to make product release
decisions. Reporting the data and using Excel® in the workplace will also be discussed. Students will participate in small
exercise that explores data collection and analysis.
Module 6
Quality Operations Professional Practices Teamwork Conflict Resolution Communication
Quality Control throughout industry is typically the group that
determines the acceptability of both raw materials
(components) used to manufacture the products and whether
the product can be shipped. This module will explore how this
is applied in the workplace. Teamwork, conflict resolution and
communication skills will be presented and demonstrated.
Module 7
Root Cause Investigation CAPA Systems
Throughout industry understanding and solving problems is a
necessary skill. This module will look at commonly used tools
such as the fishbone diagram, who/what/where/when/why/how
and 5-whys and their use in evaluating situations, leading
toward solutions. Corrective Action and Preventive Action
systems are required by both ISO and FDA.
Module 8
An integral part of the quality system, validation is a structured
method for documenting and demonstrating that processes and
products function as intended. The requirements for design,
installation, operation and performance will be covered.
Module 9
Lean Six Sigma
Lean manufacturing focusses on the elimination of waste,
whereas Six Sigma focuses on the elimination of defects.
These business philosophies will be discussed in reference to
how they function within the quality system.