While the South Pole is a con- tinent, the North Pole or the Arctic

While the South Pole is a continent, the North Pole or the
Arctic Circle is not. It is actually located in the middle of a
frozen ocean. Just like the
South Pole, this region is
either in complete sunshine or
darkness. Its seasons of winter
and summer depend on the tilt
of the Earth on its axis.
Even with the extreme
weather conditions, life still
exists at the North Pole. In the
summer months, birds
migrate. They come to the
Arctic Circle to raise their
families. Regular animals are
whales, caribou, polar bears,
and wolves.
Robert Peary, an American,
is given credit for being the
first to arrive at the North Pole
in April, 1909 with his assistant, Mathew Henson.
Despite the risks involved
and even loss of life, many
have been drawn to both poles.
The North and South Poles are
each unique from the other.
Because they offer much diversity in life forms and geology,
men will continue to explore
these harsh worlds.
S. Allyn Kelley
illustrated by Andrew Wales