10 Tips for Home Health Nursing

10 Tips for Home
Health Nursing
Have a good
sense of humor.
• You have to learn to laugh at
yourself.This is a good
practice for most aspects of
your life.But if you take
yourself too seriously,no
career will be enjoyable.
Be open minded.
• In the patient’s home ,you are
no longer in a controlled
environment like a hospital or
doctor office .You still have
to follow your agency’s
policies,safety rules and
perform procedures
correctly,and still you have to
follow what the patient says.
Learn to modify.
• You have to hang an IV.It’s after
hours and the pharmacy forgot to
send the IV pole.The hanger over
the door may work,or the broom
handle straped on the upright
vacum suddenly creates a
wheeled IV pole.But always
make sure that your modications
are safe and appropriate.
Be flexible.
• The day you planned will
changed,gauranteed.There is an
accident on the freeway,now you
are late.The patient has a
docotor’s appointment they forgot
to tell you about and now they
aren’t home.Someone called in
sick so now you have 5 extra
visits.If you are not flexible,home
care may not be your bag.
Be prepared.
If something unexpected
happend to the patient
you should always be
prepared especially if its
really emergency.You
should bring medicines
and etc.