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Pole vault energy changes

Energy Changes in Pole Vault
a) In position 1, 2 and 3 the vaulter is running along the runway. What energy does the vaulter have in these positions?
b) At position 4 he plants the pole and bends it a lot, starting to rise off the ground. Describe what has happened to height, speed and bend of
the pole and use this to work out the energy changes occurring at this position
c) At position 5 the pole has partially straightened so he has gone higher above the ground. Which potential energy has increased, and which
has decreased at this position?
d) At position 6 the vaulter is at the top height. Use energy ideas to predict what would have happened to his top height if he didn’t bend the
pole as much as he did
e) At position 7 he has cleared the bar and is falling back towards the mat. Identify what is happening to height and speed, then write a
sentence or 2 to explain what energies are changing here.