Points, Points, And Even More Points!

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Points, Points, And Even More Points!
How can you earn even more gift points? Easy! Scan all of your purchases,
Reward make sure we receive a data transmission from you at least once every
week, and answer all the surveys that come your way. Then, just watch
how quickly your gift points add up!
Here's what you can expect – if you scan and send us your purchase information every
week, that is!
• Weekly Transmission Points: The number of points you receive for each weekly data
transmission increases the longer you're a member.
Here's how it works:
Time On Panel
Points Per Weekly Transmission
Up to 6 months
7-12 months
12 months - 2 years
2 years
3 years
4 years
5 years
6 years or more
• Anniversary Points: We give you bonus gift points when you reach your threemonth, six-month, and one-year anniversaries. These extra gift points are also
given on each anniversary after your one-year anniversary.
• Super Scanner Points: If you send us your purchase information every week in a
month, you earn an extra 350 points. That means you can earn up to 4,200 Super
Scanner points each year! Remember: Even if your household hasn't shopped
during the week, simply make an "empty" transmission that week. This way, you
can still earn the Super Scanner bonus points.
Will YOU Be This
Quarter’s Grand Prix
Sweeps Winner?
This month marks the start
Reward of a fresh opportunity to
win the Grand Prix
Sweepstakes! The second-quarter’s
drawing runs from March 11, through
June 9, 2012. Just scan and transmit
each week of the quarter to earn an
There are Grand Prix Sweepstakes
drawings each NCP calendar quarter
… and ONE lucky winner is selected
each drawing! Go to the Rewards
section on www.ncponline.com for
more information.
• Survey Points: You earn bonus points for the surveys you complete (you can see the
amount of points on the e-mail invitations). So be sure to take each and every
survey you receive!
Gifts Galore!
Speaking of gift points, do you know where to find the total number of gift points
you’ve earned?
On every page of www.ncponline.com, you'll find your total number of gift points in
the my home section. Please keep in mind that your total number of points may not
reflect your most recent point-earning activity, such as recently completed surveys. In
addition, remember that the website may only update your points after the survey
close-out date(s).
To order a gift or to view our gift selection, just go to www.ncponline.com, then to the
Rewards tab, then select View & Order Gifts, and finally, click on the Gift Catalog link.
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Thank you!
E-mail: lmorrison@ncppanel.com
Phone: 1-800-962-6700
(Please include your panelist ID# when
e-mailing or calling us.)
Panel Support Center Hours
Monday–Friday, 9 a.m.–9 p.m. ET
Saturday, 10 a.m.–6 p.m. ET
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Panelist Question Of The Month
Typically, my household makes a lot of purchases, from many different stores.
Why aren’t points awarded for transmitting proportionate to the number of
items or shopping trips scanned?
The National Consumer Panel tracks the shopping habits of its members, but cannot
influence those shopping habits in any way. Rewarding panelists for spending more or
buying more items has the potential to bias purchase behaviors and skew shopping
data results.
Set Your Scanner’s
Clock Ahead!
It's time to "spring
ahead" again. March
11th is the beginning of
Daylight Saving Time.
So, if you haven’t done
so already, please
remember to set the
clock in your scanner's
memory ahead by one
Points are awarded for transmitting purchase data, up to one transmission per week.
Panel member shopping habits vary for many reasons, for example, household size,
income, etc., so we need all types of households on the panel. That way, we ensure that
NCP remains truly representative of the U.S. population. Each participating household
is equally important because they represent the shopping habits of millions of
And while you're at it, please make sure
the date is correct, too!
Remember: In order to get a full picture of your shopping habits, it is very important
that every purchase is recorded.
Here's how to change the date and time
in your scanner:
Here’s The Deal
When scanning your purchases, it is very important that you also record
Impact your deals. This information is crucial to manufacturers and retailers,
because it tells them which of their promotions work and which don’t.
So, whether your household uses coupons regularly or just occasionally, here are some
important scanning tips:
• You may have noticed that some coupons have barcodes printed on them. Please
do not scan these barcodes.
• When asked about deals used on the item scanned, don’t forget to let the scanner
know that you did use a coupon and indicate the type of coupon—store and/or
• If you are asked to enter prices for a shopping trip where you used a coupon, when
entering the item price, please key the full price before the coupon reduction. When
asked for the face value of the coupon, key the coupon value. If you used more than
one coupon on the same item, key the total coupon savings.
• If you forget the coupon value and the receipt does not provide this information,
please estimate.
• When scanning your purchases at home, you will no longer have the coupon to help
you determine the type of coupon and its value. So, here’s a great tip: When using
coupons, take along a pen and make a small indication about the coupon on the
product label or packaging. For example, 40M would mean a 40 cent manufacturer
coupon was used; whereas 30S would signify that a 30 cent store coupon was
INSTANT POLL Please visit www.ncponline.com each and every week and take our
Instant Poll. You’ll always learn something about what your fellow
panelists think about certain issues.
For instance, a recent Instant Poll asked "Do you purchase more store brand products
than you used to?"
Here are the responses:
Yes, a lot more = 24%
Yes, a little more = 29%
About the same as before = 36%
No = 11%
To take our weekly Instant Poll, just scroll down on the home page, just below the Message
Center, and you’ll see it toward the bottom of the page.
NOW, press C. The scanner’s screen will
ask, IS DATE CORRECT? If it is, press YES.
If it isn’t, press NO, enter the correct date,
then press YES. The scanner will then
confirm the date you entered.
2. Next, the scanner will ask, IS TIME
CORRECT? If it is, press YES. If it isn’t,
press NO, enter the correct time, then
press YES.
3. The scanner will display the time you
entered (followed by PM) and ask, IS TIME
CORRECT? Press YES if correct. If you
need to change PM to AM, press NO.
Who Won?
View Our Lucky Winners
Reward On www.ncponline.com!
If you’re wondering who won our latest
Sweepstakes prizes, head to
www.ncponline.com. Under the Rewards
section, simply click on Sweepstakes, then
select a specific Sweepstakes to view a list
of our current winners. If you don’t have
Internet access and wish to see the list of
winners for a specific month, contact the
Panel Support Center and we’ll mail you
the information.