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July 2012
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Knowledge Society
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Fostering new Industries
Innovation and Creativity
Community Development
Global Outreach
ITI Academic Program
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ITI in a year
Knowledge Society Development
ITI is playing a main role in disseminating Information Technology knowledge throughout
Egypt and fostering digital citizenship through different training programs.
for All
Trainees in 19
years in all
Train The Trainers is one
of the programs focusing on
training fresh graduates and
equip them with the recent
and essential knowledge to
work as instructors in
different training centers
for information technology
dissemination in different
governorates. This year
witnessed the opening of 9
new centers in frontier
governorates to have a total
of 62 training centers all
over Egypt. Total number of
trainees reached 568 in
Centers in
Governorates in
Marsa Matroh,
Red sea
For more knowledge
dissemination, the ITI is
launching a new program for
Specialized Training targeting
fresh graduates, private and
public sector employers in
different governorates; Cairo,
Alexandria, Delta Region and
Upper Egypt and in
cooperation with Egyptian
companies. This program is
expected to entail around 900
trainers next October.
Contributing in
enhancing citizenship and
promoting national
ICT Industry Development
Egypt’s Rank
leaped from No.
13 in 2007 to
No. 4 in 2012
according to
A.T. Kearney's
annual Global
Location Index
Fostering ICT Industry and
enhancing the competitiveness of the Egyptian products
in the ICT field requires a
well educated calibers
capable of best utilizing their
knowledge creatively . ITI
cares about bringing out the
best calibers in ICT through
many state of the art
programs that prepare them
in the best possible way to
meet the market needs.
Education Development for
Universities in Egypt (EDU
Egypt) program: is one of
the ITI specialized programs
for universities’ students.
The aim of this program is to
equip the Egyptian Youth
with the skills required to
meet the growing needs of
the labor market .
Faculties of
Computers and
Information in
Assiut and Banha
Universities in
addition to the
Faculty of Law in
University have
joined EduEgypt
this year
And Aswan
University will join
next year
There are two main programs
within EDUEgypt . One
serving the Business Process
Outsourcing (BPO) industry
and works on enhancing the
students' language skills,
Customer Service skills,
Cultural Sensitization, PC and
Data Skills.
The other program serving the
Information Technology
Outsourcing (ITO) industry and
this is tailored for the technical
faculties of Computer Science
and Information Technology.
ITO introduce students to
advanced technical training to
enhance their direct
employability to meet the
market needs. The program
includes 13 Universities with
total of 45 faculties all over
July 2012
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ICT Industry Development
The 9-month Professional
Training Program is the
branded ITI Professional diploma that is designed to
adapt new trends in ICT domain and present it to distinguished graduates. This year,
508 IT professionals were
graduated inGaming
different Center
line of
business; Industrial
lence Systems,
Information System, Infra
structure, Networks
and Security Services and Software
Engineering & Development
and Content Development. In
addition of the introduction
of new tracks such as; Instructional Designer , Multimedia Enhanced Learning
Specialist, 3D artists , Cloud
Administrator, Software Architecture , Telecom Applications specialist and Game
Knowledge Transfer
Program (KTP)
% of Graduates Employed from 32
intake per governorate according to
of excel- KTP
Multi disciplinary
Project Based
learning Model
Fostering New Industries
In fostering new industries,
the ITI is leading the
development of Egypt’s
strategy for supporting the
gaming industry . In this
regard the ITI has announced
an annual national
competition "Gaming in
Egyptian History". The
essence of the competition is
to start compositing a wealth
repository of games that
dwell into the Egyptian
history on the international
mobile and desktop Apps.
Stores. The announcement of
the competition took place in
the first gaming summit
organized by the ITI on the
21st of May 2012.
Is ITI’s business-based
professional training and
development model.
Through the program, the
KTP partners provide
sponsorship to graduates,
technical, financial or
project-based internship and
consultations in relevant
fields and more often
providing them with
employment opportunities
following their internship
program completion. This
year a total of 400 graduates
have been employed in of
KTP partner companies.
Software engineering and
development was the highly
required specialization this
year with a total of 192
employed graduates.
The summit also witnessed
the forming of the first
Egyptian Gaming Community, a virtual convention
that provides networking,
career building, knowledge
and collaboration in the
future development of
gaming industry. Game
developers can further meet
and connect to the community through the web site
launched by the ITI:
The event also witnessed the
announcement of the making
www.gaming Egypt.com
of Egypt Game Jam for the
first time in the whole
Middle east Region where
game developers can meet
and exchange their
knowledge and experiences.
ICT for
KTP Partner Companies
Reinforcing the
National &
Arabic Identity
& Culture
Page 4
ITI in a year
Innovation and Creativity
In ITI, a main purpose is to inspire the students to innovate not imitate others work . The whole
environment and teaching staff give the interns all the support that challenges their thinking and
ignites their minds to create new products…. products that are made in ITI .
Egypt Tablet PC (e-pad),
Graduates of the embedded
system program successfully
designed the first Egyptian
tablet PC. They designed,
customized and implemented
the internal circuit boards and
necessary drivers for the
hardware . In addition they
created an arabized version of
Android operating system to be
used on the tablet PC. This
tablet is the first low cost
Egyptian tablet PC that will
take the education system in
Egypt to a new era beside the
capability of customizing the
tablet to be used for facilitating
services through different
governmental agencies.
Arabic E-Content,
Students this year created a
new e-Learning system that
can be considered a step to
revolutionized the whole
educational system in
Egypt .
This e-learning system provides a collaborative interactive learning experience
with all educational stakeholders for preparatory students to enter the new phase
of smart classes. The system includes the first Arab
digital content for the
“science “subject for preparatory schools to be deployed
on the Egypt’s tablet PC. It
consists of activities, simulations, virtual labs, and
games to facilitate students
learning process and help
E-pad …
tailored product for
service compatibility
them master the subject.
adequate quality and
lowest cost
Students this year have a main contribution in promoting gaming industry in Egypt. Games developed in ITI are based on business partnership model for shared revenues between the interns
and the partner company
Flair Game, is a casual
game played on Android
tablets , It is about a paperboy stick figure that wants
to reach his paper girl stick
figure and give her all the
things he collected on the
way, It is a nice game that
challenge player’s thinking
and skills.
play App
Fluffs Game, is a casual
puzzle-based game designed
for mobile platforms.
Through the game, the player get to help fluff solve
various physics bases puzzle. The game is a enjoyable
experience that ignite players thinking and skills.
July 2012
Page 5
Innovation and Creativity
Ble3araby is an arabized
ECO Green home is a web
portal that enables users to
application that provides
upload and download
Egyptians with service for
Gaming Center of excelsoftware source code,
collecting and selling or
exchange their knowledge,
donating recyclable waste
rate each others
software and
materials. It awares them
moreover connect them
about carbon footprint ,
through this social network to
suitable ways of saving
create a collaborative open
energy, and innovative ways
source working environment.
for making business and
earning money.
Bey2ollak plug-in takes
bey2olak services further to a
new level by applying bidirectional communications
through push notification
(SMS). This feature allows
commuters in Cairo and
Alexandria to request before
hand the status of a certain
route to be pushed to their
mobile device at a specific
Fair Trade MIS is a
customized ERP system for
Fair Trade Egyptian
Company to help
disadvantaged producers run
their business effectively
and easily communicate
with their suppliers and
Saaalek is a real time
navigation system providing
the users with a real time
optimum and dynamic route
based on multiple parameters
like route distance, average
speed , average travel time and
congestion route.
Homeland Security MS is a
GIS solution for public
safety. It is composed of a set
of suites streaming safety and
security related operations,
providing instant response at
time of crises.
Fakarny is a mobile native
reminder application that
records events and anniversaries on mobile calendars
and offers sending greetings
through SMS or MMS.
Farm MS (Falla7 Friend) a
management information
system that helps farmers
better manage their farms and
enhance final product quality.
Page 6
ITI in a year
Community Development
ICT for
In the ITI efforts to foster
community development
through supporting the entrepreneurship (and leadership)
skills and capabilities of its
interns, the institute embarks
in a several multitude initiatives in partnership with the
academia and business.
First PPP
Center in
A flourishing example was
the establishment of the first
call center in Assiut by graduates of the EDUEgypt program and in partnership with
the ITI and “ wasla” an
Egyptian company.
Public Private Partnership (PPP) model for creating jobs
and opening new markets
9th International Conference on Information and Communication Technology
For fostering the awareness
about local societal problems
and the use of ICT in tackling
such problems, The ITI under
the theme of ICT4 change, has
launched its annual ICICT
conference this year to focus
the length on the problems of
the slums, and how ICT can
provide the necessary tools,
and services to tackle such
In this regard the forum discussed two main issues; how
ICT can help in enhancing
quality of life and foster good
The forum is attended by diversified audience and public
figures from the media, parliament representatives, and
key delegates from national
and multinational ICT companies, NGOs, public organizations and universities.
Different proposed solutions
were presented and discussed
especially the potentials of
GIS in solving Slums problems and social networking in
enhancing governance.
In addition the forum witnessed the announcement of
the winners in the competition
“competition for Change”
“C4C” sponsored by ITI and
the Technology Innovation
and Entrepreneurship Center
(TIEC ) on the best ten development ideas “to solve the
problems of the poor or underserved” . The ten ideas were
presented by the interns in the
forum and the best three ideas
were selected out of the top
ICT4 Quality of life,
Democracy and good
July 2012
Page 7
ITI for KIDs
Technology is now prevailing all
aspects of life…. communicating, entertaining and doing
business, Success in any field
now requires a good command
of technology. In Egypt, kids
need to be prepared and ready
to meet the challenges created
Center of excelby the fast growing
It was found that learning in
young ages is much better in
building knowledgeable and
conceivable generations that can
learn and progress in much
quicker steps.
Based on that ITI has launched
its first summer school track
for kids . Its objective is to
train kids aging from 6 to 14
years, to increase their technological, personal and social
skills. Courses include: Communication Skills, Presentation Skills, Basic & Conceptual design, Photography & Photoshop, Internet Technology,
Power Point, Internet Navigation, Adobe Illustrator and
Team Building.
ICT for
Global Outreach
Within ITI ‘s strategy for global competitiveness, the institute reach out to other neighboring
countries to exchange knowledge and experience in the ICT field. This year have witnessed a
new opening for cooperation with countries of the Nile basin. This come alongside Egypt political inclination toward furthering political, social and economic cooperation with these countries.
Under the umbrella of bilateral cooperation between both ministries of
communications and information
technology in Egypt and Sudan ,
The ITI developed a series of
prototype programs for
knowledge exchange through an
innovative blended learning system where the ITI expert calibers deliver training from the
institute hub in Giza to distant
trainees in Sudan’s Ahfad University in Um Dorman and in the
Ministry IT departments in
Nile Basin
A number of
trainees from
Burundi and
Eritrea have
been trained
on Business process outsourcing (BOP) in the ITI.
agreed with
the ministry
of communications and information technology and Makerere University in Uganda to
conduct number of training
programs for 160 Ugandan
calibers on Business Process
Outsourcing (BOP). These
graduated calibers will be
trained to be capable of training around 3000 other Ugandan calibers on BOP. The
training program was agreed
to start on September 2012 .
Deeping our
bonding and
Page 8
ITI in a year
ITI Academic Program Extension
An extension of the
collaboration agreement
between Dublin Institute of
Technology (DIT), Ireland and
the ITI was accomplished this
year. Students can get an
internationally accredited Post
Graduate Diploma in
Information Technology
Management and Innovation
from the DIT by attending 2
further courses in Innovation
Management and Technology
NEW Post
Diploma and
from the DIT
Graduates of this
Postgraduate Diploma
can proceed to a
Masters level, either in
Egypt, or Dublin.
Also Graduates will
have the opportunities
to apply for PhD
studies in DIT.
ITI Staff Progress
In ITI , human capacity building is an ongoing process , it is not just for students or interns
but for the trainers and in house staff as well.
Ph.D and masters degree.
This year has witnessed the
acquirement of some of ITI
staff Ph.D. and master degrees
in diversified field work; Engineering, Multimedia, Economics, and Business Administration.
Innovation Management
This year witnessed also the
training of 13 trainers from ITI
staff on innovation management with the cooperation of
University of Paderborn,
Train the Master
This year
1 Ph.D.
12 Masters
20 trainers from ITI were
awarded this year their
international accreditation
as “ Master Trainers” from
IBM Daksh & Infosys,
India . Those ambassadors
will help develop Egypt
local capacities well verse
in international methodologies for instructional
delivery, professional
educational and training
July 2012
Page 9
ITI New Paradigm
Gaming Center of excellence
This year we were able to harvest the fruits of the policy that we
embarked on almost two year ago, and upon which we built our
strength and uniqueness. It is learning to create, learning to innovate,
and learning to produce.
Acquiring academic certificates in information technology was not
anymore the final output interns aspire when joining the ITI. Interns
this year were able to use the knowledge, challenge their thinking and
skills capabilities and produce products that are purely made in ITI,
competitive go-to-market products that solve business problems and
contribute in industry development. This is our new paradigm …
fostering creativity and innovative capabilities of our interns to enable
them best built a career and effectively contribute in developing our
beloved Egypt.
Now while we are on the vantage of embracing a new group of interns
in our branded 9-month training program, we are all looking ahead for
a prosperous new year to bring out future generations determined and
capable of crossing difficulties and borders to achieve their dreams.
Heba Saleh,
Acting Chairman
Information Technology Institute
About ITI
ITI- Head Quarter
Smart Village - 28 Km by
Cairo / Alexandria Desert
Road - 6 October Building B148
1 Mahmoud Said St.,
Shohada Square, Main
Post Office Building,
Tel: +203-3906924/5/6 Fax: +203-3906924
[email protected]
Mansoura University,
Faculty of Computers &
Information Sciences.
Tel: +20502364280 /
[email protected]
Assiut University, Network
Information Building,
Tel: +2088-2374264/5 Fax: +2088-2374264
[email protected]
The Information Technology Institute (ITI) was established by Dr. Hisham El-Sherif,
Dr. Nabil El-Nady, Dr. Nabil Said and H.E. Dr. Mohamed Salem. It has been inspired by
IDSC in 1992, and the startup was in September 1993. The institute affiliation moved in 2005
to the Ministry of Communications and Information Technology as its main arm for IT
capacity building
The basic objective of this institution is the facilitation and Perpetuation of the IT sectors on
the true understanding of technology through all possible means, and augmentation of
student’s knowledge through different learning styles
The Institute operates through 4 branches catering for the North Coast, Delta, and Upper Egypt. ITI
has branches in Cairo, Alexandria , Assiut and Mansoura, later, aiming to spread the institute’s
training and services. The Institute's geographical expansion includes also the affiliation of 62
training centers in 20 of Egypt's governorates, enabling the outreach of its massive capacity building
and industry development programs throughout Egypt from North to South.
Announcement of the 33rd intake of the 9-month Professional
Training Program for the Year 2012/2013
Out of the sincere efforts to
enhance the knowledge society
in Egypt by developing competitive and creative calibers in
the field of information technology.
The ITI announces the availability of scholarships to creative and distinguished graduates to join the 9-month professional training program .
This program will allow you to
work in the following fields:
Software Engineering &
Professional SW Developer
Game Developer
Web Portals Developer Enterprise & Web Application
Open Source Applications
SW Quality Assurance Specialist
Infrastructure, Networks and
Security Services
Computer Networks Administrator
Cyber Security Officer
UNIX Professional
Cloud Architect
 A minimum accumulative
grade of “Good”
 Minimum TOEFL score for
ITI Diploma: 550
 Passing all screening exams
and interviews.
Industrial Systems
Nano Electronics
Mechatronics Engineer
Embedded Systems Engineer
Information Systems
GIS Professional
ERP Consultant
Content Development
3D Artist
Mobile Learning Specialist
UI Design & Development
Learning Technologies & econtent Specialist
 Male candidates should have
their military service exempted or postponed
 The diploma requires fulltime commitment
This diploma qualify graduates
to get a masters degree from
one of these International
Universities :
University of Nottingham, UK
University of Oregon, USA
University of Lund, Sweden
University of Paderborn,
Dublin Institute of Technology
(DIT), Ireland
Conditions for joining the
For further details and the
application visit the website at:
 Hold a Bachelor’s degree
from a recognized University
or its professional equivalent.
Graduate year(2010-20112012)