Wireless Communication Track Intake 35

Ministry of Communications and Information Technology Information Technology Institute Wireless Communication Track Intake 35 Historical Background
Wireless Communication Track one of the newest tracks in
ITI. It uses a problem based learning approach where students
learn the latest Wireless Communication topics not just in
Egypt but worldwide like Wearables, Wireless Sensor
Networks, among other topics.
2 Track Purpose
This track is composed of a good mix of technical courses that
can fulfill the knowledge Gap of postgraduates in the wireless
communications fields. Special care will be applied to the
hand-on projects, that will address real industry problems.
Project ideas and support will be provided by Industry
3 Graduate Profile
The graduates of this track will be a wireless Communications
professional, capable of working in diversified
telecommunications areas. In addition having excellent hands
on experience on
LTE, MIMO and Cognitive radio &
spectrum sensing.
4 Graduate Domain
• Wireless Communications Engineer • Researcher in Open Innovation labs provided by Multinational Companies in Egypt and Worldwide 5 List of Courses
Fundamental Topics
! Operating Systems Fundamentals
! Programming Fundamentals
! Fundamentals of Wireless Communication and
6 List of Courses
Core Topics
• Simulation
• System Administration
• Mobile Networks
• Advanced Radio Related topics
• Other Related Topics
7 List of Courses
Soft skills:
• Effective Communication Skills • Effective Presentation Skills • Interviewing Skills • Creative Thinking • Marketing Management • Time and Stress Management • Leadership and Motivation • Team Building 8 Contact Us
! Contact Suez Canal branch for inquiries
" [email protected]
" https://www.facebook.com/ITISuezCanalBranch
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